How to Make $30,000/Month Affiliate Marketing with No Experience!

How to Make $30,000/Month Affiliate Marketing with No Experience!

– In this video I’ll show you how to scale from zero to over 30,000 a month profit with affiliate marketing even
if you have no experience. As you guys can see here my PayPal, that’s 30,000 in just a one week period earlier this month in 2017. So this video, what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna show you guys seven steps, seven actual steps which you can take to scale you from zero to the level that I’m at today which
is over a thousand dollars profit per day with affiliate marketing. Stay tuned! Hey, what is up guys? If you’re brand new to my channel, my name is Odi, I go by ODi Productions. Just a brief intro about me. I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur and full-time affiliate
marketer and basically my story, two years ago
I dropped out of UCLA with a 3.5 GPA in my senior year in order to pursue entrepreneurship
and online business and just two short years later, basically living the dream life honestly. I’ve been making well
over a full-time income with affiliate marketing
for well over a year and it’s just basically allowed me to get the freedom to just live the life that I once only dreamed about, you know, getting to wake up every
single day to this view. You guys can see right here. Pretty sick view right there, I mean waking up to
this is pretty inspiring every single day, I
can’t believe it’s been almost one entire year that
I’ve been living here now and you know I used to live on the floor in my apartment in LA
that I shared with three of my roommates so it’s
just kinda crazy to be able to have a place like this to call my own so that’s pretty awesome. Other than that, getting
to wake up and drive this little car right here which
is a Porsche 911 Turbo for those who have never seen
my channel, any of my videos. Maybe we’ll check out later this video. Who knows? But basically that’s my
story and what I try to do in my videos in my YouTube channel is provide value for you guys and the real actual value from someone
who actually does, you know, affiliate marketing full-time
and basically give you guys actual advice that you can take away today and you know, improve your
affiliate marketing efforts or online business or whatever
you know you’re going after, I’m hoping to provide
value so in this video, you know the intro I
hope you guys enjoyed it. A little crazy, you know
30,000 a month profit with affiliate marketing
if you have no experience. So I’ve made videos
before on how I personally you know generate over a
thousand dollars a day, I’ve done over a 45,000 in a
week with 96% profit margin. That video I’ll link to you
somewhere in this screen right here but basically this
video’s a little different. This is, if you were to start from zero, so if I were to start from zero basically, these are the seven
steps that I would take in order to scale to that level. Now that’s an insane level and I have to give you guys a disclaimer, like that kind of earnings is insane because we’re talking a profit here and we’re talking with affiliate marketing which is usually,
generally a larger, a much, much larger profit margin than something like dropshipping or Amazon FBA. Just to give you guys
some comparison numbers so for me I generally have
a 95, 96% profit margin. 90 to 95% profit margin
with affiliate marketing because the only thing I
spend for is advertising fees. With affiliate marketing
if you’re unfamiliar, watch my other videos but
you know a brief overview is you just refer products and
services to other people so if I were to refer something like this which is a book on Amazon by the way which is by one of my boys, Casey Adams, he’s a 17 year old entrepreneur, he’s making moves, he has a book guys. This is crazy, 17 years old,
check him out on Instagram. I think it’s @caseyadams1. I’ll link somewhere here but basically this book’s on personal branding which I’ve been enjoying so much. That guy’s a real
inspiration but if you refer someone to this book on Amazon, you give them an Amazon link from your Amazon Associates account which is the largest you know, affiliate program in the world. You would receive about I think for books, I think you receive like
a seven, 8% commission, something like that so
that’s basically you know, the basic rundown but
this video is if I were to start today so let’s
say I had no skills, I had no skills, I had no experience, I don’t know anything that I know today other that these steps. So basically it’s like let’s
remove all my sales skills, my web development skills, all that. These are the steps that I would take if I were a day one
beginner like a lot of you who contact me everyday
through my Instagram. By the way it’s @odi_productions if you guys, you know
you want to message me, follow me, see more pictures of the car but you guys can see right
there, odi_productions, love cars but basically you guys, a lot of people are asking me questions like you know, I’m just getting started, what is the best way to get started so this video is to answer your question on what is the best way to get started and how I would do it
if I were to start today and you know I want to
jump right into things. There’s seven steps, seven
steps that I would take if I were to start today to scale me from zero to 30,000 a month profit as quickly and as soon as possible. Now the one disclaimer I wanna say is these numbers, 30,000 a
month with affiliate marketing profit is equivalent to
about 150,000 a month with Amazon FBA or dropshipping, why? Because those two methods
or online business models have an average of a 20% profit margin. Now obviously you know that’s not, there’s no hard and fast rule. Some people, maybe they
have a 30% profit margin, maybe some people only
have a 10% profit margin. Maybe some people have as
high as a 40% profit margin which would be amazing but if you subtract the cost of the actual goods, the expenses and then there’s shipping
and then there’s fees and then there’s advertising costs. At the end of the day you’re usually left with about a 20% profit
margin so any number that you see online for you
know, Shopify dropshipping or Amazon FBA, divide that number by five and that’s generally your profit and that’s just what I’ve
personally experienced talking to seven figure Amazon sellers. Those are the numbers that they gave me so obviously you know, this is
just a general rule of thumb, it’s not hard and fast but basically, 30,000 a month with affiliate
marketing with you know a 96% profit margin is
somewhere around 150k a month with Amazon FBA or dropshipping so I just wanna throw that out there, this level that we’re
talking about is high, it’s insane, most people,
most affiliate marketers are never gonna see these kind of numbers in their entire lives. That’s just the fact,
that’s just the truth. I mean 90, 95% are not even
gonna see a single dime. Why do you think they’re gonna be seeing a thousand dollars per day
profit, you know what I mean but that’s besides the point. So basically let’s get
back into this video, let’s get into the seven steps. Before we begin I want to give one warning and disclaimer, you know
aside from the numbers, I want to say that this
video may offend some of you, some of you are not gonna
like some of these steps that I’m gonna take because
you’re gonna disagree with my philosophy but my philosophy is just be willing to
invest, be willing to invest in yourself whether that’s financially, whether that’s time,
whether that’s dedication, whether that’s taking sacrifices but if you’re not willing to do that, if you’re not willing
to invest in yourself, then you might want to
click off this video because you know these are the steps to go from zero to 30,000 a month, okay and not many people are gonna have sort of you know the knowledge
to help you get there. I mean there’s a lot of videos out there, there’s a lot of gurus on YouTube that you have to be
careful for and you know I’ll get to that more in this video but basically this is from my perspective as someone who actually does this and I’ve done these numbers
for well over a year, you know this is the
actual plan and method that I would take if I were starting today so you know with that said,
it may offend some of you and some of you may disagree with it. If you do, then that’s fine. You know keep watching the other videos, click off my videos and don’t watch another one of my videos,
I don’t really care. You know it doesn’t really
matter to me, you know. I’ll be making money
regardless so you know, the people, the 10% of
people who will listen to me are the ones who are gonna succeed and that right there is just you know, it’s just the nature of the game so without further ado, let’s
jump into step number one right now, let’s go. So my first step if I were to start today and I don’t know anything
and I want to get into affiliate marketing, my first step is to find and invest
in a successful mentor who has the lifestyle that you want. Alright so I told you
guys, I warned you guys, you’re not gonna like some of these steps. There’s a lot of people who
they’re gonna hear this, they’re gonna be like aw, you know mentor, you know having to you
know invest and stuff like you know buy courses and read books and stuff like that. I don’t want to do that crap. You know I want to have
a step by step plan on how I can just do this in 15 minutes. Okay, that video doesn’t exist guys. There’s no such thing as a video that step by step by step, teaches you, you know how
to scale up to that level, there’s way too many variables involved, there’s way too much, it’s
way more intricate than that. Alright and anyone who
tries to make it seem easier than that, you know I’m afraid that they may be guiding
you down the wrong path because I’m telling you it’s freaking hard because I’ve been there
and I’ve done it, alright and it’s not easy but if
I were to start today, the one thing that would
actually help me get to my goals sooner you know, as soon as possible would be to invest in a mentor so what I would do is
I would find someone, you know it’d be on YouTube or whatever who does affiliate marketing
and who does it full-time and who has the lifestyle, okay. Because there’s a lot of people online, there’s a lot of gurus
who have these numbers and you know, they show
you the numbers on their computer screen, they
show you the revenue, never show you the expenses now, you know. I wonder why but
basically they always show you the revenue, never show
you any of the expenses, they never talk about profit
margin for a good reason even though I’ve actually
shown that in videos where my video where I made
45,000 with a 96% profit margin, I showed all my advertising expenses, I showed all of the
revenue, I did the math and you know, not many people do that and in fact I’ve never even
seen another affiliate marketer do that and chances are it’s
because their profit margin is usually, usually crap or
maybe the revenue isn’t real but another way to tell is
just look at their lifestyle. So you know if you’re looking to you know, live in apartments like this
and not have to have roommates you know and basically
have the freedom to live wherever you want in the world in whatever apartment you want. If you want to drive you know whatever car you want right here, you know I’m driving my
dream car at 24 years old. If you wanna eat where you want, you know the other night,
just went to RPM Steak which is one of my favorite
steakhouses in Chicago. You know I’m not like a food snob. I love some Taco Bell
just as much as I love a 42 day dry aged ribeye steak but you know, if you
want to have the freedom to do any of those, to
choose any of those, to travel wherever you want. I was able to eat at the Eiffel Tower. I was able to eat dinner at
the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Like if you want to be
able to do these things, you know, this is my life,
this is just my reality. You know what I mean, like nothing here, nothing here is fabricated
like this is just my lifestyle and if you, you know,
you like what I’m saying then you want to pay attention to me, you want to learn from me, alright so you know, listen to people
who have what you want, it’s basically my first rule
and really you need to invest because I have people who message me and they want me to hold their hands and they’re like hey, can you help me? I have no money, you know I
don’t want to pay for anything. Can you help me become
successful and it’s just like, alright first of all, like first of all, I have a life alright and
I already have people, I already have students who I mentor, who pay for me to mentor
and to help them alright. What makes you think that
I’m going to help you out when I have people who
literally pay me for my time which you know is worth quite
a lot based on my earnings, what makes you think that
I’m gonna hold your hand and then just guide you through all this when online business is the
hardest thing out there, you know what I mean,
I’m not gonna do that, I don’t have time for that
and if you don’t provide value for me, how am I supposed to help you? So you know, that right
there, that’s the first tip. Now a lot of people you may,
you know, you may disagree with having to invest. A lot of people would say you know, there’s so much free info, free
info on YouTube, free info. Alright well you know I did
that too, I made zero dollars in my first year in online business so if you got a year to lose, then sure, that works as well but I’m saying, I’m trying to get there
as soon as possible. I get a mentor, I follow a plan. I follow a plan and I don’t, you know, I don’t waste any time on trying to learn all this crap myself when someone else has already made all the mistakes and I can learn from their
mistakes rather than my own. Alright guys so that’s the
first step, invest in a mentor. I’m gonna just give you
guys a quick analogy real quick to cap off
this point right here. So I was at a restaurant called Bavette’s, earlier last week and
Bavette’s, has this dessert, this dessert is a chocolate cream pie, I saved a picture right
here if you guys can see, hopefully this can get in focus but this is a chocolate cream pie. It is the best dessert that
I have ever tasted in my life and I’m usually not really
a big fan of dessert but this thing was absolutely divine. I mean I would get this
every single week if I could. If you know, if it wasn’t that unhealthy but basically this chocolate cream pie is the best tasting thing I’ve ever had. Now my analogy is, if you were to give me all the ingredients to create
this chocolate cream pie, you gave me all the ingredients, all the right ingredients
and then you threw me here in the kitchen and
you know, I’m not a chef, I’m not a professional chef,
I’m not even an amateur chef, honestly I suck at cooking. I don’t really know too much about it, you know I know how to make some chicken, some broccoli, some
potatoes but I definitely wouldn’t know how to
bake something like that so if you were to give
me all the ingredients, you know, give me all the ingredients and then I was to just throw it together in a pan or something
and then I was just gonna pop it in the oven and you
know I don’t know anything about baking so let’s say I do 200 degrees for 35 minutes right and
then I get the cake out and it’s just a pile of goo, alright. So right there is basically
what a lot of people try to do is they try to get the
ingredients together by watching a bunch of
you know, free videos but if you don’t have the recipe, if you’re missing the
award winning recipe, then you’re not gonna get the result that you’re searching for
and it’s as simple as that. You can have all the right
ingredients in the world, you can have the best ingredients however if you don’t know how to put it together, if you don’t know how to to
actually make it all work, you’re not gonna get the results and that’s basically what
I’m trying to show you guys in this first point in
investing in a mentor is you don’t have to fuss around with you know, trial and
error and making mistakes but instead if you just
follow this guy right here who’s already been where you’re at and he can take you to where you wanna go, then you save so much
time, money and effort by you know cutting that
learning curve by half or more. So that’s the first tip
right there honestly. It’s the most important one. If we’re talking about how to get results as soon as possible and save time, money, stress, frustration and headaches, then you’ve got to follow number one. Now the people who don’t believe in this, who are gonna see this and
they’re gonna ignore it, you already lost, you
already lost the game because there are people out there who are going to be willing to invest and the thing is, it’s 2017, affiliate marketing is
starting to get hot right now, it’s been around for ages but it’s just starting to get super popular. The competition is getting
increasingly difficult every single day and the
more competition you have the less chance of success you have ’cause these same people who
are getting into the game today are referring the same
products and services that you’ll be selling and if they have a six, seven figure mentor by their side, you’re not gonna stand a chance and that’s just the way it goes, so number one, invest in a mentor. Let’s move onto the next tip right here. So number is two is going to be, you want to create an
affiliate marketing business, and not a campaign. So I’m just gonna show
you guys right here, excuse the handwriting. You want to create an
affiliate marketing business over a campaign so I get a lot of people who you know they’re new
to affiliate marketing and they think that basically the only way to do affiliate marketing is you know you create
your ClickFunnels account, you know you get some
offers off of Clickbank and then you drive traffic from Facebook to your landing page on ClickFunnels and you hope and pray that people will purchase your 40,
50, hundred dollar product on Clickbank and you get the commission. Now honestly that’s the
way that traditional affiliate marketing has worked for many, many, many years however it’s 2017, things are a little different. People are so skeptical to
buy stuff online these days. The statistic is that it
takes people an average of seven times of encountering your brand or your product before they
make a purchase with real money. So just based on that alone, if you’re sending traffic to
you know, this landing page and they’ve never heard of your product and you know they’ve never seen it before, they’ve never heard of
your website, your brand, the chance of them
actually buying something is close to nil, zero, alright. Basically you want to create an affiliate marketing business instead. Now what is an affiliate
marketing business? It’s a website. It’s a website, it’s a YouTube channel, it’s a platform where you can build trust and you can build an audience much easier than just sending them to some
random, strange landing page that they’ve never seen
before so let me give you guys a real life example, one
of my favorite examples for an affiliate marketing business and this one is one that I actually, personally is I look up to. It’s I’m gonna hop in the computer right here, the
so I’ll show you guys right here what an affiliate
marketing business, a successful one looks like. So check it out, this is Pat Flynn with This is a guy who earns
six figures per month from affiliate marketing
and not only that, he shares his income
reports with the world so these income reports,
they literally show you where he’s earning his
affiliate earnings from. Totally spread out and
he gives you the number for each and every one of these companies so if I scroll down, scroll down, you guys can see here. Income breakdown, gross
income, affiliate earnings. He earned over $50,000 in a single month just from affiliate
earnings so that’s just from these links guys. That’s just from having
a blog that talks about affiliate marketing and then he has links to all of these products and services around like, all over his
page and if you click it as you guys can see, there’s tracking on each of these links
and he earns commission, all these web services and products online so that’s basically in the
affiliate marketing business is he has a blog that gets
million of hits per month, people who are looking to
learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and
learn how to make money online and passively, that’s the
whole of and he happens to share his income reports and shows you all the
products and services that he earns the money from. Alright guys so my second example for another affiliate marketing business is my first company so you
guys can see right here, this is my first business,
it’s, let me just show you guys the website so you guys can see what I’m talking about but basically this is another
affiliate marketing business, it’s actually my first one and you know, not many people online in fact, no other person I know
actually reveals their business in affiliate marketing which you know, you gotta raise some questions at but regardless here is my first affiliate marketing
business, You guys can see it right there. Basically what I do is
I review headphones, if you guys have seen
some of my YouTube videos, so I review headphones and
basically promote these and earn income through Amazon Associates which you guys can see the
link, you know right here so basically it is a review website for home recording equipments
and headphones especially so that right there,
those are two examples of affiliate marketing businesses
as opposed to campaigns. Now there’s nothing wrong with campaigns and in fact you’re gonna
see later in this video that I’m actually a
huge fan of paid traffic however that shouldn’t be
your primary business model because if you’re just trying to you know, create these campaigns, that’s
kinda like get rich quick type stuff and honestly
you know aside from that, it’s also just like you’re working. It’s not passive income anymore if you’re working all the time in order to you know, get
sales, get commissions, I’d rather have something that you know, is a website, that is up online, that doesn’t have to spend for advertising in order to make money. That’s personally how I
do affiliate marketing and that’s how I’ve been so successful but other people, they’re
chasing campaigns, they’re chasing the quick cash and campaigns die all the time. You have to constantly
redo and re-optimize and test campaigns over
and over and over again whereas if you had a real business that gets organic traffic
you know by ranking on Google and getting linked to from all sorts of other websites and stuff like that, then you don’t really have to worry about creating the next new campaign you know every single week. So number two, create a
business, not just a campaign. So number three, let’s move on. Alright guys so number three, my number three tip
would be create content. Create content that sells alright. So this kind of ties in
with the business idea of basically when you’re selling stuff with affiliate marketing
you need to create content that sells and if i were to start today I would invest all of my
efforts, 100% into video, I would invest it into
creating video content so that includes YouTube for example. So wrapping up point number three, create video content
because it converts better than every single other form
of media or medium out there and I’ve tested virtually
every single sort of you know media and video
by far converts the easiest so honestly if you could create videos, if you could start a YouTube channel and just make videos as much as possible, then that right there is a key tip because it’s gonna set you apart from you know I showed
you smart passive income which is a blog right and
he’s doing incredibly well however if you want to
sort of leapfrog in 2017 then you need to go to video and move over to a platform like YouTube
so that you can get more organic views and
it’s just easier to digest, it’s easier to sell. Videos honestly just,
the way of the future, if not already the way
that’s happening right so number three is video. Number four, let’s move on. Number four is going to be paid traffic. So this right here is
the answer to so many of your guys’ questions. One of the number one
questions I get almost every single day is what is the
best way to get traffic, how do I get traffic,
do you need a following to do affiliate marketing
so my answer to all of that is paid traffic and you
don’t need a following to do affiliate marketing. That right there is a fact
that you really don’t need to have thousands upon thousands
of YouTube subscribers, you don’t need a million
Instagram followers to do affiliate marketing. Obviously having a following helps, it helps a lot especially
if your following is extremely targeted in your niche which you’ve created an
affiliate marketing business in however if you don’t have
any of that, don’t worry because paid traffic is a thing, it exists and is the answer to all of your prayers so paid traffic is basically investing in anything like Facebook
advertising and Google AdWords and you know Bing ads,
Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, any sort of advertising that you pay for, that’s you know, known as paid traffic. Basically you gotta pay to play and if you don’t have a following, no one is gonna be watching your videos, they’re not going to be you know, reading your blog articles,
they’re not going to be visiting your website
unless you pay for it and you know, it sucks
because that’s just, you know the way that it
goes when you’re starting out and you don’t have a following. Once you get a following,
you could just start creating content and publishing content on a weekly or daily
basis and you’re gonna be getting views, it’s gonna
keep growing organically however when you’re just starting out, you have to pay for it and even, not just when you’re starting out but when things are rolling,
you want to reinvest in the paid traffic so you can get more and more and more customers to you know, add on to your list of
sales, your email lists etc. So paid traffic is honestly the life blood for your company. Obviously you know sales in the foundation but if you invest in paid traffic, then that’s one way to
continue to get new customers every single day, new
looks, you know new views, new visits every single day
when you don’t have a following so paid traffic you
have to invest in that. It’s the only way to you know, get views when you don’t have a following and also scale up further
and further and further when you keep reinvesting your earnings into paid traffic so you
can gain more customers so paid traffic is something that you know everyone needs to invest
in and honestly like, it’s the way to go so you need to learn how to use that correctly whatever, you know model you choose
whether it’s Facebook ads, AdWords or whatever, you
need to learn how to use that effectively because also
with paid traffic is, if you don’t know how to create a campaign that’s going to you know, be successful, then you’re gonna be wasting
a lot of your money as well but regardless, you
know it’s a numbers game and if you’re getting more numbers, if you’re getting more eyeballs, that should result in more clicks and hopefully more sales at
the end of the day, alright. So number four, paid traffic, done. Let’s move onto number five. Now this is extremely important. It goes hand in hand with the business is you want to rank. Number five is you want
to rank your content on Google and/or YouTube
as much as possible so this is a very important tip. It’s something that you know
there are some videos online but me, I’m actually someone
who does know how to rank, I’m actually an expert in
ranking on YouTube and Google so let me just show you
guys a quick example of what I’m talking about. Let’s hop back into my computer right here and you know I showed you
guys my website right here so let’s just take another gander at that. This review is an
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x review, it’s one of the most popular
headphones being sold online. I actually have my pair right
here as you guys can see, it’s got some skiz on it,
it’s look a little different from when I got it but basically, these are an extremely, extremely popular pair of headphones. Now why do I suggest people to create an affiliate marketing business? Now this is the reason why. So you search up M50x,
those are the headphones I just showed you. You look it up on Google right and you scroll down and
oh what do we have here, we have a video and this video is by none other than ODi Productions so check it out guys, I
created this review video and I created this
review in January of 2016 and just look at the
websites that my video is ranked right next to., it’s ranked
higher than You know you’re ranked with
websites like Guitar Center and Amazon alright and this
right here is all organic. I don’t spend a single dime
for ads for that anymore because I’m already ranked
on Google and on YouTube so if we go back, let’s just
show you guys one last example. Look on YouTube, same thing guys, M50x. Those are the headphones as you can see. As you can see, number two, my video is over 300,000 views. The only video ranked
higher than mine is MKV HD, he has you know, I think he has 10 million subscribers on YouTube. My channel, I just broke I think 37,000 and I’m happy with my 37,000
but as you guys can see, I know how to rank videos
and when you know how to rank your content whether it’s a video, it’s a blog article on Google, on YouTube, you continue to get massive
amounts of organic traffic, traffic that you don’t have to pay for. It’s completely organic
because Google slash YouTube, is rewarding your video or your content by showing it on that first page if not, you know the number
one or number two result on that first page so that
right there is a key tip, is you have to rank your
content so that you can get that organic traffic in addition to getting the paid traffic. Those two together is
what results in basically massive momentum and just
higher numbers for your website, for your content which will
result in more sales ultimately so let’s move onto number
six, let’s keep it going. Alright guys so step six is email marketing. Now if you guys have been
watching videos on YouTube, if you guys have been you know, watching any sort of videos
relating to marketing, internet marketing online,
you know that email marketing is something that’s hyped
up by a lot of people and you know I agree with
them that email marketing is really, it’s a really crucial tool that you can use for your
affiliate marketing business specifically because one of the drawbacks with affiliate marketing is
that you actually, you know, you refer people to products and services however you aren’t selling
your own products and services. Now the problem with this
is that you give customers to companies however you
don’t have the customers yourself unless you capture
them through email marketing or through you know creating a business. Now email marketing again, it’s all a part of having an
affiliate marketing business rather than just a
campaign ’cause a campaign, you know you send people to a landing page and basically you try
and sell them something. You’d be smart to incorporate
some email marketing so include an email often
to capture that email because if someone’s
interested in your product, they’re in your niche,
they’re in that industry and they’re interested in
other products, services etc. So with email marketing what you can do is you can capture your
customers number one but then number is you can
re-market to them in the future. You can send them emails basically promoting other products and services. You can you know promote discounts, sales for let’s say something
like a Black Friday sale. You can create an order responder series where you know you can show people, basically give them like
a free guide or something but then you know put your
affiliate links in that so let me just show you guys
my website one more time so RecordingNow as you guys can see here, the first thing you have on the homepage, is I actually have an email option. So this email right here is to capture, capture my audience so that whether regardless of if they buy something from me or not today,
perhaps in the future I will get a chance to re-market to them and then eventually sell
them something down the line, eventually ’cause again, it takes someone an average of seven times
of encountering your brand or your product or your website before they actually make
a purchase and trust you so you have to build that
rapport and one cool way to do it is through email marketing which is tried and true and it’s something which you can take with
you whatever happens to your business, whatever
happens to let’s say your website, your YouTube channel. If you have your email list, you can still contact those same people who are interested in your business, your product or service and in your niche. So number six is email marketing. Now we got one more step to go. Alright guys so our seventh and final step in this process is let me
just show you guys right here, apologize for the
handwriting but basically, as with any sort of
investments and business, number seven is diversify. So if anyone has studied
you know investments and you know portfolios and stuff, diversification is a great way to not only minimize your risk but you know hopefully,
just basically maximize, maximize profits while mitigating
or minimizing your risks as much as possible
and the same holds true for affiliate marketing
and let me tell you why this is really important aside from providing additional income sources from offering multiple
products and services but there’s one drawback
to affiliate marketing that is you know, it’s really
bad if you think about it and it’s something that
you want to avoid as much as possible and that is basically putting all your eggs in one basket because here’s the thing. With affiliate marketing,
you don’t own the products or services so you don’t actually, you know you don’t own
the products or services, you don’t really own the customers which is why I say as much as possible to you know, capture their
emails and to create a business ’cause the thing is at the end of the day, you actually are not in control in terms of the, who cuts the paychecks and the commissions because
at the end of the day, the company whose products
and services you promote, they’re the ones who are
paying your paychecks and you know this has
happened sometimes in the past where somebody, they just
go all in with a company but overnight the company
just shuts it doors or it, you know, basically decides hey, you know what, we’re
gonna pay you half as much for your commissions as
we did before in the past and they could literally do this overnight and you don’t have any control over it because you don’t own
the products or services, they do so they get to make the rules for the affiliate
program, for the products, for the commissions so number
seven, you know diversify. Not only should you diversify
in terms of you know, the companies that you promote,
the products or services that you promote but at
the same time you know, you want to minimize that
risk as much as possible so you know, as an affiliate marketer, you are basically a
salesman until you become a real company, until you
become a real business because if you’re just
referring all these products and services, you’re
getting these commissions, you know you want to make sure that you’re building assets in the process. Now people who just build campaigns, they don’t build assets. They are just professional salespeople and there’s nothing wrong with that, you can make a lot of money
however you can’t really sell, you can’t really sell a campaign. You can sell a business,
you can sell a website, you know you can sell assets like that but you can’t really just sell a campaign because that’s temporary, it’s short-term, you know you haven’t built any assets, you haven’t built any assets
so number seven, diversify. One way that I really want
to drive this point home and also give you guys the flip side of it is not only are you minimizing your risk but you can maximize your profit. Now this is where the fun begins guys. So basically if you promote one product and it’s doing well, let’s say it’s making 3,000, $5,000 a month. Don’t just stop there. You want to keep
increasing and if you can, I would either offer more
products and services that are you know similar
to the product or service that you promote or I would also do this. I would offer bundles or you know tertiary or secondary products which add-on or can be as accessories
to that first product. Now let’s go down to the
garage and let’s visit the 911 Turbo so I can give you guys a real life example of what I mean by offering multiple products and services and diversification with
affiliate marketing. Alright so let’s go right
now, check this out. Alright guys, one more
look of the view before we head down because it is
just absolutely gorgeous today. Look at that, check that
out, look at those clouds, sun is shining, what a beautiful day. What a time to be alive. Alright let’s head down. Alright guys so here we
are in the parking garage. That right there, ooh, look at that. I did not plan that. Here’s the 911 Turbo as you guys can see. Sitting pretty nice
right now but basically, I’m here to give you guys an analogy for step number seven
which is diversification so with this car as
you can see right here, my advice for you, alright
guys so most people just sell the car itself. Now if you want to diversify,
what you should be doing is in addition to just selling the car, you need to sell the additional
products and services that would go along with
just selling the main product so for example the mods on this car include a full vehicle wrap, you know, including this gray vehicle wrap with the black accents as
you guys can see on the car including HRU wheels right here. Michelin Pilot Super Sport
or Pilot Sport for S tires along with a brand new exhaust, aftermarket exhaust in the back right here so my example for you
guys is to not just sell the main product itself
but sell everything that someone would want with that product in order to maximize your profits. You know through all these
modifications, you know, if you were to just sell
the car itself you know, that would be okay but if you include all of the accessories,
all of the you know, the products or services
that go along with it, then you can really,
really maximize that profit instead of just you know,
selling one product, you should diversify and sell everything that should come along
with it or everything that someone would like
if they were to purchase your main product as well. And we’re back. Alright guys so I hope you guys enjoyed that little example,
little analogy for you. Let’s take one last look at
our list of steps right here. We’ve got the seven steps
as you guys can see now. After looking at all of this game plan, I hope you guys can see that
the importance in number one is that it sets the foundation
for the rest of these simply because you’re gonna have questions about every single step along the way. You’re gonna have
questions about you know, creating your website, about ranking, about what’s the way to
you know do paid traffic, some strategies, also
you know, video content, tips for YouTube, you
know email marketing, how to actually you know
create winning email copy that sells and converts so you’re gonna have questions along the way. You know these are just,
these are just the steps that I would take but there’s so much more that goes into it that
I honestly could not capture that in even an hour long video. It would take literally a day to you know, actually go in depth
into each of these steps but basically this is the
game plan that I would take if I were to start today
but having number one helps with everything
else because if you have any questions at all about any of these, then you know your
mentor or your game plan can easily help guide
you on that right path rather than you having to you know, figure out every single, little thing on your own so hope you guys enjoyed that, hope you guys enjoyed this
video and got value from it. If you did, please thumbs up
and leave a comment below, saying that you know you enjoyed the video or letting me know to make
more videos just like this. You know I take time out of
my day to make these videos and they take me a long time to film and to edit because I do everything myself so if you guys enjoyed it, please it would mean so much to me if you just thumbs up and leave a comment. Also if you are into
affiliate marketing videos and business and online entrepreneurship, then definitely subscribe to my channel, hit that red button and to
turn on post notifications. That right there is the
best way to get my content and I do not release a video
unless it is absolute fire and that it will actually help you today so with that said, last but not least, you guys can leave a comment below if you have any questions,
any questions at all about affiliate marketing, I answer
each and every single one of my comments so leave a comment below or hit me up on Instagram @odi_productions and you know the last thing I wanna say is for this video is if you
are looking for a mentor, and you know that’s step number one, if you’re looking for a mentor, you’re looking for a step
by step proven game plan for affiliate marketing and let’s say you like my video, you like my content and you know you would like
to learn from me personally, then you definitely have
to check out my course which I’ll show you guys right here. The course has been out for
a little over a month now and I’ve actually just added in about over an hour of new lessons and I’m going to be
adding in a few more hours of lessons with email
marketing and all sorts of other stuff in the very near future so if you guys want to
check out my course, it’s at Alright guys, so here’s my
course if you’re interested, this is, this is my video course
and mentorship program for affiliate marketing,
it’s everything you need to get started and succeed
with affiliate marketing which includes mentorship
from me personally and this is 24/7, direct
messaging assistance so if you have any questions
about affiliate marketing, I answer them you know, I
answer them pretty quickly, I’m very responsive. As you guys can see, some of
the lessons that you’ll learn, I basically share, the big
one is my step by step plan on how to start a successful
affiliate marketing business so basically what you saw right now was you know, it was a basic
overview and it was my plan if I were to start today however in this, I actually go in depth in detail on how to perform each plan to the fullest and then I share the
most profitable niches in affiliate marketing,
I teach how to rank on the first page of YouTube and Google so that step where I said ranking would result in massive gain in traffic, I actually teach how
I’ve been able to do that and outrank YouTubers with
10 million subscribers with my relatively small channel. I teach that in the
course, I can’t give that to you guys for free, it’s way too much of a money-making skill
and it’s reserved only for my students who are willing to pay for it and invest in themselves and I also teach paid traffic of course because
if you have no following, paid traffic is the way to go, it’s the way to scale
your business you know, from zero to over that thousand
dollar a day profit mark. I teach how to create
affiliate marketing websites. Again we talked about to
create an affiliate business so you need to make a
website if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. I teach how to create an
affiliate marketing website just like
is less than an hour. You don’t need any coding
experience required, I teach Facebook ads, I teach ClickFunnels and last but not least I
teach my top five mistakes with affiliate marketing that
would have saved me months if not years of frustration. So you guys can actually
scroll down to the page and you guys can actually
read and check out a lot of the testimonials
and reviews of my course if you guys are interested
so just a quick update, I’m actually releasing a
couple hours of new lessons within the next week or so and right now, the course is 50% off for a limited time but I’m going to be increasing that price, I’ve already increased the
price of the course once but I’m going to be
increasing it one more time once those new lessons are up in order to sort of cap the course and keep the course nice and small so that I can you know have enough time to cater to my students especially and give them that number one priority and direct messaging assistance so that wraps up this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it. If there’s anything
else you guys would like to see more of, make
sure you comment below, give me some suggestions but yeah, last but not least, you know hit me up if you have any questions
about affiliate marketing, just leave it below and thumbs up and comment if you can’t but anyways, onto the next video, see
you guys on the flip side. Peace!


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