How to Get Your Business the Most Attention Possible in 2020 | Game Changers Summit Keynote 2019

How to Get Your Business the Most Attention Possible in 2020 | Game Changers Summit Keynote 2019


  1. GaryVee says:

    1:50 – Attention is the variable of success
    3:30 – What I learned at my lemonade stands
    8:00 – I can’t wait to shit on social media
    11:50 – 98% of you won’t take my advice
    15:30 – Here is the punchline
    20:50 – I respect two things
    24:00 – You can’t win without being a practitioner
    27:00 —— Q&A ———
    27:30 – How much should you spend on “testing”
    29:29 – How do you build trust on social media?
    32:50 – What does producing content at scale mean?
    36:30 – Where is the best place to spend $4,000
    38:30 – How to overcome big players in your space
    46:00 – How to stand out against competitors
    49:00 – Why do my ads not work?
    54:05 – I don’t want to share sensitive information
    58:00 – How do we get on trends first
    1:00:00 – How to provide value to end-user
    1:01:00 – How do you translate your content for other languages
    1:03:00 – Platform recommendations to run ads
    1:06:00 – How do I convince people to use these strategies
    1:10:00 – How do I deal with clients that want me?
    1:12:00 – How to handle negative comments

  2. Filip Erkic says:

    The best example of how to take all of attention: Gary Vaynerchuck. You already did it on worldwide scale and many are thanking you (even I), but the problem is most of us will still pay attention to you and don't do anything you say. And that's why we're way behind you. Thanks for that! (I trully mean it)

  3. Last Don says:

    This many people will be successful in 2020


  4. Thelegadu says:

    In case that one person of your team see this, I would really appreciate if you could pass this text to Gary 🙏🏻🙌🏻 thank you very much

    Hey Gary, I care for your time so I’ll go straight to the point! I’m getting into the hustle stuff and all that, but my dad (52 years old) he is soo into his comfort zone, sleeping all day, getting stressed easily, not working out, drinking a lot, I can’t see motivation when he goes to work… I try to help him but It’s not working. What’s your advice for my situation? I’m huge fan off your life’s purpose and it’s impacting lot of people here in Brazil and in all over the world I believe 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  5. Caban Condos Mexico says:

    You’ve helped us tremendously amigo

  6. G Cast says:

    I watched one of your videos for the first time a couple days ago and I’ve been binging on your content. I decided to try your advice to post content on TikTok. I only posted 5 videos. Within 24 hours, I was gaining more views, follows and engagement than I ever would on YouTube. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

  7. Andrew Spencer says:

    Bro is every person in this audience a lawyer???

  8. Aditya singh says:
    money making principles

  9. Chad Godoy says:

    Thank you Gary for your inspiration!

  10. Kidz Zoom says:

    Brilliant:) 👑

  11. Niall Kiddle says:

    It took me over a year of listening to Gary’s content before it really clicked. When I first started consuming the content, it was more for motivation to do something but I never knew what exactly.

    Then all of a sudden one interview, something said really resonated with me and resulted in a shift of how I produce content. And with that, my YouTube channel was born 😆



  13. aqony says:

    This QnA video was great. I can just go in the description and click on the times that I need help with

  14. Amanley Load VGTOW come bitchute says:

    Hear is what i heard – Its all your fault you not on the plantation. Become the strong man. A tax cuck and a sociopath supporter. Become rich enough you get the contacts to avoid Tax.

    As much as i half like what he is saying. It will only be temporary till the system crashies and it will crash. Thats how the rich become rich. control the money supply, crash currency, buy property on the dolla and the middle class support and pay for it all.

  15. J Reynolds says:

    Add that phone number to the title section so that when we click on it, it adds it adds it as a contact to our phones. Otherwise we have to rewind the dam.n video, get a pen and paper, write it down, then add it to our phones contacts!

  16. Alex Taylor says:


  17. Charlie ChillaX says:

    2020 is going to be Awesome!

    Health & Happiness to Everyone!


  18. Krispy Brown says:

    Hello Gary and team, lots to absorb…..working on incorporating these strategies. Thanks for all that you do for us. So refreshing.🦋

  19. BeforeYouGoPro says:

    And Be Out! Love it

  20. Jamar Meadows says:

    You are the truth my man.

  21. John Woolman says:

    Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!! Knock the walls down, & get uncomfortable to pave the way for progress.

  22. Kevin Leach says:

    Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on creating ads. vs creating posts and boosting them. Is there a difference? What do you recommend?

  23. Greenfang Y says:

    Fuck you, you're a ninth place piece of dogshit scam artist

  24. Trev says:

    Not being a douchebag is key.

  25. b1rdkeeper S says:

    I bet there's an Ed in every one of these events.

  26. Don't HMU says:

    i swear gary be weaving some new jutsu thats bout to activate in 2020

  27. Young Chance Pack says:

    Nice Video.

  28. Morningstarmedicine says:

    dude needs to do some liver flushes asap
    lighten up man

  29. Bryan Nettles says:

    COOL game

    yes we have to meet him tomorrow

  30. Araniel Official says:

    Who the Fuck are you to judge society? Thanks a lot.

  31. Akshay KHADKE says:

    when are you coming to india garry ??

  32. Data Is Beautiful says:

    Ethiopia Launches First Satellite Named ETRSS-1 From China

  33. making money tutorials says:

    Garyvee is the mannnn! I have taken all of garrys advice. jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make a million! I've even just created a YouTube to follow my progress my first vlog is due to drop in 10 minutes. I would love some support / feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. peace

  34. EYE QUE says:

    Cheese, eggs, & Potatoes

  35. Jeremy Balizenter says:

    Are lawyers the only ones who can afford his seminars?

  36. Lost Soul says:

    "I'm always putting whats working yesterday, through massive friction of as that behavior is best today" My english is not strong enough to understand this sentence, can anyone please be kind and explain it to me?
    also these lines : 21:55 and 32:00

    Thank you in advance.

  37. Leon Kotze says:

    Ed thinks Colonel Sanders makes the chicken…

  38. Jason Jackson says:

    Hi Gary, really like the content.

    When I discovered you on the back of Amy Landino your brash no nonsense approach really surprised me but I grew to really respect you once I learned more of your background/philosophy.

    I am glad your fighting the good fight and encouraging people to wake up and leave their delusional lives in search of a better life through good old fashioned hardwork.

    If your ever in the UK, I would love the opportunity to meet you.

    Take care.

  39. Enrique Arellano says:

    Who, if any increased their wealth, by listening to this fouled mouth?

  40. Grow YourOwn says:

    Great video!! Thank you. Check my business out… "Grow YourOwn" .. on Amazon…

  41. Dean Haycox says:

    Hey Gary, what's the best way to get attention to my handcrafted candle business. Not sure where to go in terms of social media. My head is exploding with it all. Love the videos by the way

  42. NoYouDidnt :D says:

    I’ll be honest I started my business a year ago because I had the skills and sales drive I listened to the wrong people and gave into the payroll again leaving behind what I started due to insecure minds. I’ve just seen you videos and talk it’s inspired me to try again thank you 🙏

  43. Luis Santos says:

    Hey Gary, I wish I could joint the message community, but I am outside the USA, and by the incompetence of the telecommunication companies, I can't receive those messages. Can you suggest something? Thanks a lot

  44. Grigoriy Gressel says:

    He is the man. Listen to what he says and apply it and most importantly Commit!!!! I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goal on Youtube and be my own Boss in 2020! Set a goal and shoot for it! My first goal is to reach 1000 Subscribers by the end of 2020!!! Never give up!

  45. The Bender Family says:

    He is giving soo much game, sad that people will forget it after the video ends

  46. Janek Beglarjan says:

    Hahah that phone thing

  47. Naomi Austin says:

    Pure Crap

  48. Naomi Austin says:

    Masonic bullshit…..nice hidden hand LOL!

  49. Justin adams says:

    1:09:00–1:12:00 – Old grandpa sounds like the white gangsta Popsmoke

  50. Strive For Excellence says:

    His vocabulary and diction are flawless

  51. Nick Porter says:

    I swear to God after four years of following Gary V I think this is the video that finally clicked with me 😁

  52. Kwisatz Haderach says:

    Another Tony Robbins wannabe.
    Emorional appeal. "You can get it". Lol gtfo

  53. Natalie Clare says:

    I wish I liked wine… any other products I can order from you Gary?

  54. Bessy Hsn says:

    thank you Gary 💙

  55. sabri ritonga says:

    final question, what do i have to do to get selfie with you 😀 😀 😀

  56. sachintha shehan says:

    it"s just only $5guys, @t

  57. sachintha shehan says:

    it"s just only $5guys, @t

  58. sachintha shehan says:

    it"s just only $5guys, @t

  59. sachintha shehan says:

    it"s just only $5guys, @t

  60. MacSmash says:

    You look like you never sleep.

  61. Johnnie B. Wright says:

    Their questions are just corporate… 🤷🏽‍♂️

  62. Johnnie B. Wright says:

    Lots/lost are people in the wrong career…

  63. Nick Nebelsky says:

    Here's a perfect example of why Gary's stuff makes sense and how companies don't understand the customer. My wife and I were recently shopping in Barnes & Noble; which is rare. But I decided to give them some money because I wanted a book right then and there. We noticed the same book on their web site, not Amazon's, was $3 less. I asked the clerk if she would honor the online price at She said, "That's marketplace!" To which we replied, "That's not you?" She says, "Yes, but we can't control what price they use." Lost two customers standing in her store with money in hand, and she turned us away BACK TO AMAZON! How stupid that people don't understand how to make us (the customer) happy.

  64. Danny Figueroa says:

    Blew my mind! New sub. Sorry it took so long. 😛

  65. Tania Origami says:

    great value! thank you!

  66. Shawn Nardi says:

    make them forget even what a dog car is was or meant huh! sucess

  67. Affordable Profitable says:

    find something that works for you!!!

  68. Matthew Alistair says:

    Let’s Give it a sniffy sniff

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  74. Tahkeem Hilton2.0 says:

    Superbowl commercials.

  75. Wanda Serkowska says:

    Loved the ad about Carol!! Genius Gary. And I was one of those who thought he was full of sh* when first saw him …

  76. Underground Traders Alliance says:

    He is 100% correct. I've built my business in the exact same way, and strangely I knew it was the right thing to do. I guess because I'd seen so many direct mail pitches, it became obvious that that game had a shelf life and was far to predictable. I don't have a massive niche, but I'm a player in it due to these concepts Gary talks about. Keep up the great work, and may I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and continued success in 2020 and beyond.

  77. yogev cohen says:

    I really believe this year will be my most successful year! Feel free to press Like if you feel like me too

  78. Jua Jin 진주아 says:

    Great talk

  79. KING SINZ says:

    expendablemoneysolution. Com just added more funds into my PayPal successfully

  80. Fraser Hills says:

    17:32 anyone else's Alexa turned on or just me?

  81. Camilo Almarza says:

    Thank you Gary! I get why you should make content every day. But I need to explain it to my boss. How can I measure the “ROI” of the content? What metrics can I show him? Greetings from Chile 😉

  82. 4465press says:

    Gary Content Lab 101: GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER. Right on!

  83. pattyloof says:

    Hi, loved the video. I particularly liked the part about figuring out how you best like to communicate.

  84. Love Me Natural says:

    Dude, the advice you gave these lawyers is dope asf. I have been on the mock trial team at my college for 4 years and if lawyers were more open about their practice, online, it could've really benefited someone like me

  85. Anjuli Mack says:


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    Amazing as always! 😉👌

  93. Jornsen says:

    I really would want to watch all these vids.. but the day simply does not have enough hours … 🙁

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  95. Powerful U says:

    Really enjoyed this talk Gary! Thank you

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