How To Get Started In Business

– How do I get started in business? I know a lot of selling
and marketing techniques. How can I implement them? (energetic music) (engine revving) It doesn’t matter how
many techniques you know. In business, nothing
happens until you make a sale. It’s not about how many
selling techniques you know, You need to go out there and sell something. Sell your product, sell your
service in exchange of money. It’s commerce. That’s what business is. It’s adding value to the marketplace, solving a problem, fulfilling a need in exchange of money, dollars. People vote with their wallets. What you say doesn’t matter. You might say your product’s
the best in the world. If no one is willing to buy
it, it doesn’t mean anything. You gotta pull the trigger. You gotta go ask for the sale. You can’t be weak and afraid and shy. You gotta go out and get it, and ask for the sale. So, you get some rejection. So, people say no to you. Who cares? So, you know all these techniques. So, you know 365 sex position. You cannot get laid on a Friday night. What difference does it make? What, you still go home alone, right? And now you say, “Oh, let me
learn the 388th positions.” Can’t even use one! Can’t even use one! You gotta go out and do it. All the theory you have,
you gotta prove it, to see if it’s valid or not. Not thinking about it,
not reading about it, not watching video about
it, you gotta do it! You got to do it, man.

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