How to Find a Profitable Business Idea: The Definitive Answer

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions from
readers this week about asking something related to, “what type of business should I start?”
or, “is this idea right for me?” And they’re wanting me to tell them if they
have a great idea, if it’s unique, if it’s novel, if it’s something that has a chance
to be profitable, and to be honest I really don’t have a clear answer for anyone when
it comes to this. It depends upon a lot of different variables,
right? And so from that standpoint, the first question
I always need to ask someone who is considering a particular business idea, is “what are you
already doing to make progress towards that business?” “What are you waiting for?” If this is something you haven’t already started
on—if you’re not trying to bring it to life in some way, shape or form, I’m going to say
that’s probably not the right business for you to start. You can’t just start tomorrow and expect to
amazingly be interested in it—to start making progress instantly. It doesn’t work that way. So, what are you already working on? What is something that you’re already working
towards in some small way? That’s the question for the day.

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