How Ireland Alloys got started in China | Scottish Enterprise

How Ireland Alloys got started in China | Scottish Enterprise

We decided when the market took a nosedive, with oil and gas, that we didn’t want the risk of lower volumes so we had to look at new emerging markets and China was obviously an established market that we wanted to look into. We were very fortunate, Ireland Alloys that we were account managed by Scottish Enterprise who introduced us to Scottish Development International and helped us look at our strategy and how we wanted to enter into the market in China. The first thing that really concerned us about the Chinese market was the language barrier. This is why we spoke to ScotGrad and he helped us employ a Mandarin speaking student to do our basic research. This helped us, actually, with our business trip. We had an interpreter on hand who knew about the business, who’d worked with us previously. Our product is very particular to each individual customer. It’s not new for us to adapt our product. We have had to adapt our services, effectively dealing with China, everything takes a little bit longer. You have to be in much more communication contact with the customers, potential customers and build the relationship and it takes a little
bit longer than what we’re used to. But, that’s what we’re going to have to do.

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  1. ScotGrad says:

    We were delighted to help Ireland Alloys take on a student through our International Business Explorer programme. Thank you for the feedback – this is a great video.

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