How Bad is China Eastern Airlines? – Airline Review BUSINESS CLASS

How Bad is China Eastern Airlines? – Airline Review BUSINESS CLASS


  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    I reviewed ANA Airlines Economy from Tokyo to Manila ( Similar duration flight as China Eastern from Tokyo to Shanghai. 3-4 hour duration for both flights. Based on my experience on these 2 flights, I would much rather fly ANA ECONOMY Class over China Eastern BUSINESS Class any day of the week. For those of you who think I've been unfair on this China Eastern review, check out the ANA Economy class review to see the difference first-hand.

    If you'd like to see more airline reviews, let me know by hitting that THUMBS-UP button. Thanks again for watching!

  2. Calvin Huang says:

    I just took the flight from Shanghai to Tokyo by ANA business and I also very disappointed that they didn’t provide me the travel kit and I don’t feel very special. Btw, if you have chance to take China eastern business from Shanghai to New York operate by the new flagship 777-300er and I promise you that is the best in the world

  3. Rui Dong Li says:

    No correlation between the fact and the conclusion

  4. John Ferguson says:

    He’s Japanese. What do you expect?

  5. chel suk says:

    business class…… having a second thought traveling therr

  6. 御风wings says:

    I just searched the ticket from shanghai to tokyo.For business class,the ANA is even cheaper than CEAIR,and it is no doubt that the ANA's service is much better than CEAIR.

  7. りんらぴの2号車 says:



  8. Neil PlaysGuitar_YT says:

    Warning*: *butthurt triggered Chinese people's comment incoming

  9. John Tran says:

    All Chinese airlines are very bad, ( not Taiwan ) those Chinese flight attendants are underclass, I never flight with any china airlines again Bad bad bad bad bad

  10. David says:

    that was brutally honest but they do suck

  11. Enoch Clark Zhao says:

    Why didn't you take the more expensive Japanese ones if you are such in favor of them? Usually Chinese airlines are fraction cheaper, hence maybe less quality makes sense?

  12. Daniel Hjelle says:

    I’m a Chinese, and I think you should shut up because you are racist and a disgrace to you country

  13. Kay Lou says:

    Only bro wearing sunglasses on the flight LMAO! You think your the Asian Casey Neistat? 😋🤣

  14. lu raymond says:


  15. Janayah says:

    ive read horror stories about this company and the pudong airport but everything youre giving them bad ratings on is fine… and pretty normal for all cheap airlines.

  16. H S says:

    Filipino……. one word says it all…….

  17. Z Melody says:

    You act as the most horrible Japanese and make people have misunderstanding towards other polite Japanese people. Love Japan. But you are trash.

  18. Shining Gamer 2 says:

    You have to try long haul flights on China Eastern

  19. Tricky2logizt says:

    So as a Chinese and someone who would often fly on China Eastern, Air China and United in order to get skygteam or star alliance miles, I would say that China Eastern is still better these years as they are upgrading their fleet and … yeah.
    TBH I will never fly with Air China again as they treated passengers badly on domestic/international flights. I recall I flew with them from Pudong to Kansai and a return trip in 2013, and the on board meal was just a sandwich in the Economy class. While on the return trip, the crew was arrogant and irritated me as they pass me a sandwich with calling me motherf**ker in Chinese.
    In conclusion, folks, don't fly with Air China and think twice when flying with China Eastern as it might not be the best choice.
    (CES is better than most LCCs tho )

  20. Shanghai Emergency says:

    How argont you are

  21. Chen Yang- Piano says:

    You paolo from Tokyo you cannot judge China eastern because it must be better than all your:
    JAL etc.

    And I fly from Melbourne to Shanghai yearly and China eastern is a good airline

  22. G MAN says:

    you are crazy

  23. Austrian Simplicity says:

    That's business class?!! Thought it was economy! Looks like the economy class of a lot of other airlines. Love Cathay Pacific and Air China. Those are really awesome, you should try!

  24. zida niu says:


  25. Ryan Breaker says:

    I don't think you really took into account how much less you pay on this vs the others though.

  26. Ahahahaha says:

    Chinese tourist are the worst! No manners.. pls stay in china! Taiwanese are cool! Be like Taiwanese🤪

  27. ikinglet says:

    I just realized that mainland Chinese are easily triggered snowflakes.

  28. dtto100 says:

    Funny this Filipino dude is so ghetto yet feels so entitled

  29. Chang Huang says:

    The lounge is not China Eastern Airline , it is China airline.

  30. Asmodeus beezlebub says:

    this guy's face is so annoying. it made me root for China Eastern

  31. Richard Chodorowski says:

    China Eastern is offering New York to the Philippines for $382 I guess I will eat bad food for that money …

  32. cascisa22 says:

    The worst ran business I have ever experienced

  33. Pedro Pitoyko says:

    Compared to Chinese airlines, PAL could be a bit better.

  34. Z H says:

    a totally no value clip. so mean, so picky and so pointless

  35. King says:

    The best airlines I've ever flown with is EVA Air from Taiwan. I thought Qantas would be good since it's a pretty luxury airline here in Australia, but honestly the service and food was terrible. If you're going to fly a Chinese airline, choose Hainan. Apparently they are pretty highly rated. Otherwise just save your money and sleep on the flight using some pills.

    P.s. lowkey pretty sure some of the Chinese commenters are what's known as the 50 cent brigade.

  36. faithlessx says:

    Cheapo Filipino

  37. 好奇婆婆PoPoCurious says:

    Long flight is better, try it next time

  38. kang wei jie says:

    i know why it sucks, because it dont serve adobo right hehe

  39. Andy Shen says:

    fuck you

  40. 沈天昊 says:

    Funny, you are only on a narrow body plane, what else do you want? And the comparison with the ANA wide body jet is not fair. You can't make review videos without knowing this basic stuff. No one professional will compare this 2 things.

  41. K Hayes says:

    I had a short flight from Narita to Taipei with this airline. Even though it was only a few hours, it was miserable. Filthy, hot, rock hard seats, people coughing/sneezing openly, my drink tasted like toilet water. I got sick immediately after flying with them. NEVER getting on one of their planes again.

  42. amatrice band says:

    This is worst than other airlines economy. God knows how they maintain their planes. no thank you

  43. Roger didit says:

    I refuse to fly communist airlines. Even if I pay more.

  44. trystan lam says:

    u are so dumb and so stupid … its a fucking 2 hour flight so you are trying to compare it as if its an 12 hours flight, and its an kind of domestic flight too cause in Shanghai hongqiao domestic airport there is Shanghai to Tokyo flight, and after all u really need to try to put videos about big time flight and not some small ones, so stop this ytb channel if u can't do…

  45. Yue Lu says:

    trash review

  46. Dominic says:

    Love your VLogs, pretty darn accurate. I love Japan! Even as Gaijin, I get homesick for Japan and the Japanese people!
    Regarding China Eastern Airlines, I personally think it rates a few more stars. Definitely NOT A BAD airline, especially for the price points, but not bad.
    It's not Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, ANA, Asiana, Thai, Cathay Pacific or Emirates which are also usually double the price, unless they are running a special deal…. but compared to other options going to China, I think it fares a little above the rest.
    Maybe they will one day fare by learning from their brothers and sisters at Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific, or the others mentioned.
    But for the budget minded (unlike you YouTube Stars 😉 China Eastern Airlines Ain't that bad!

  47. Erick Cisneros says:

    Wow reading through the comments, on ANYTHING slightly critical of China/Chinese you will have the world most populous comment section

  48. stolen nimbus says:

    The lounge at 0:55 is China Airlines, it's based in Taiwan. China Eastern is based in mainland China. Are they sharing lounges now?

  49. Zintilyaspin says:

    fuck you

  50. Richard Kung says:

    Lol all narrow body aircrafts are like that.

  51. S W says:

    I saw one of your videos where you video taped people in China and then judged the culture without any respect (such a despicable thing) – Did you delete it? – Clearly you are very judgmental about China/Chinese culture.

    Well, In regards to your previous video where you videotaped random Chinese people privately and then judged them in public without any respect : RIGHT! THAT IS SO POLITE OF YOU. CERTAINLY NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH YOUR MANNERS AND EAGER TO BE A JAPANESE.

    But let me tell you, there are so many different cultures in the world and if you cannot respect that, please just stay in Japan and keep up with your "I think I am a Japanese and I do everything in Japanese ways" game – just don't let me ever see you in China. You are NOT WELCOMED.

  52. RANDEEP SINGH says:

    China eastern is requested to kindly fly direct to ( ATQ ) Amritsar , Punjab , India . Amritsar is FASTEST GROWING AIRPORT IN INDIA .

  53. Joon Kai says:


  54. Tony Wu says:

    You know no one American Airlines company became the member of Top 20 of the world. China southern and Hainan airlines are one of them, you can try next time ,of course I know ANA is the target still.

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