Highmark Health Enterprise – Meet Karen & Kelsey, United Concordia Customer Service

First of all, I like to talk.But I also like knowing that I can
help people. Our department, we’re responsible just for
taking care of the member. Making sure all of their dental needs are
taken care of. Making sure they understand what their benefits
are. Whatever question they have we try – not
try – we’re gonna give them the answer, and if we don’t know the answer, we’re
gonna call them back with the right answer. I personally am close with the military family
and I relate from both sides. So I have the military. I know what it’s like to sacrifice and not
have a loved one home but I also know what it’s like to be a customer service rep,
and if my husband called in, what kind of service do I want him to have? It’s very rewarding because you actually
get to give back. These military members and their families
give so much that it’s nice to be in the position where you’re actually gonna help
them. They’re so appreciative of everything that
we do. We are the heartbeat of health care.

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