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– What’s up guys? In today’s episode I’m gonna teach you high ticket offer ideas for your fitness business. ♪ Working on a Wednesday ♪ ♪ Then up again the next day ♪ ♪ So and so is poppin’ ♪ ♪ Man I skip him like he leg day ♪ – So I just got off the phone with one of my clients and we were talking about how to build a high ticket offer for
her fitness business. We came up with a few different things. We’re gonna be doing some
experience and stuff like that, but I thought that I would
shoot a video for you and give you guys ideas
on what else you can do. See, we got a lot of people
on this channel that watch us that you might be doing digital products, you might be doing local, you might be doing some sort of thing on Instagram, bootcamps, whatever it is, but you don’t know how to
take it to the next level, and how to get more revenue
from your customers. Before we get started on
anything with the ideas, I wanna make sure that
you understand the mindset of selling people something
at a higher level. For you to actually sell things in high ticket and high transformation, it’s not so much about the price, it’s about the offer. And so people come to me and they’re like, “Yeah, I’m selling an
ebook for $37 or something “and then I wanna sell it for 3,000.” Like okay but what is
this person receiving? What is this person getting? What is the transformation? What is the shift? What is the change that this person gets for the amount of money? It’s not just about making money. Sure, it is about making money for you but at the same time
it’s easier to make money when you can guarantee people results. And as a trainer, as a
person in the fitness space, as someone who changes people’s body and changes people’s mindset basically, because a lot of fitness is mindset, you will have to have a process and a system that you know can take people from point A to point B. And once you have that system, that is when you can start creating high ticket and higher transformation. And don’t forget to subscribe guys. Join the notification squad, and we will keep you up to
date with the best videos in the fitness space anybody is making. With that said, let’s go into a few different things that you can do besides the typical one-to-one. I don’t love doing one-to-ones, I don’t recommend doing one-to-one. I’ve made videos on that before and you can actually
check it out right here where I talk about how I
don’t really like that. I think a one-to-many approach is more scalable and sustainable for you, and it also connects your
clients with other people who are going through
this journey together, and it actually creates retention for your customers and clients. One of the big things that you can do is you can create an experience. Okay you can create an
experience and have people come, a retreat, a lot of people call it. We live in Florida, so you can come to Miami and you can get pampered, and we can go through a
whole mindset program, and then the day two is working out, and day three is eating
with a private chef. This is a higher ticket experience, higher transformation, you’re gonna get a lot more from that, and you can charge a higher revenue ticket because you’re doing so many more things and you’re creating
this amazing experience that this person is not
gonna be able to forget and is gonna get ingrained with them and they’re gonna come back
out again with a big shift in their mind and their
body and feeling amazing. If you make someone feel amazing, and as a great result to be
able to charge more money. One of the other things that you can do is you can do a sort of
high ticket challenge. You can get a few people together, you can do this online, you can make it a program, and you can charge higher
ticket for a challenge that puts people through
a more rigorous process, almost like an intensive. I recently actually just
paid someone $15,000 to go through an intensive. It’s three months. I’m getting very specific help on my specific thing that I asked for. I actually did it for YouTube. And I’m getting a lot
of help on my YouTube, very specific help on keywording, specific on how to do videos, specific on how to speak, and how to just be better, right? So I have a desired goal and I reached out to them, they have a specific result. So if you can do that
and make it a challenge, it makes it more rewarding
for the people doing it because they know they’re gonna win or they’re gonna have some
sort of good experience, and you’re able to challenge
yourself a little bit more, and you have to take them through that particular experience, so they can see and effect
change within themselves. Quick little things that you can do to build a higher ticket business for your fitness brand in 2019. If you guys wanna see
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