1. Sarvesh Waran says:

    one like plz Google

  2. sashimeeee says:

    Hello! Before they lock the comment section! 🤣😅

  3. Adem OTCEKEN says:


  4. Vaibhav k says:

    I think, Chrome OS is the future. I'm waiting for the day, when the Chrome OS will replace the Windows OS.

  5. Timur Lekomtsev says:

    I hope my comment will be in the history 🙃

  6. Torrano Bradley says:


  7. prathi sahrudh says:

    wtf ,enterprise and business lol

  8. 김대휘 says:

    Literally EVERYONE : 15" Screen
    Google :

  9. Ketan Pawar says:


  10. No Name says:

    Why, is one video about enterprise and one about business?

  11. Travel Notes by Prasad says:


  12. Ruthvik S S says:

    Come On, Come On, 👀👀👀👀👀
    Show All Products ! 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️

  13. Abaan Syed says:

    yo bois

  14. Primus supreme says:

    Doing it bigger than any one again google.loving every bit of it

  15. Gunz Drawing says:

    guys, you need good material… for real it looks like cheap gadget

  16. Tausif Mulla says:

    This was downgrade from the original Pixelbook

  17. Brian Garman says:

    How is it different than Pixelbook Go?

  18. Shirosa Salamats says:

    Me : I want install Adobe CC !

    Google :👀

  19. DJ Shellingz says:

    wow nice look

  20. Subrata Mondal says:

    Why not windows 10?

  21. Series - The Animated Cinema says:

    Looks uglier now imao

  22. Apostolos Manolopoulos says:


  23. Luka Pešić says:

    you posted the same video twice and called one enterprise and the other business

  24. Christian Robinson says:

    I really wish the hinge let you turn it into a tablet. Otherwise im sticking with my samsung chromebook

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