Getting Clients For Your Software Company

Getting Clients For Your Software Company

Hey this is the daily overpass my name
is Eric and I make apps. Now today let’s talk about getting clients for your
software company. Okay so today I want to answer a
question that came in last week from Aireec Joseph who says ” Hi Eric my name
is Aireec, sounds similar” yeah but it’s spelled differently Aireec, which is a
bad ass a way to spell it. I think I might start spelling my name that way just for
fun. Right he says anywhere I’m a freelance developer and I want to start
a software development company. I want to know which came first the app or th e
customers? That’s a really good question so which came first the app or the
customers the app, I mean I had a few customers before we did our first app,
but hardly anything worth doing. So, I started overpass in 2004 and sometimes I
say it with pride, like you know been around since 2004, but other times I
say it with embarrassment because I wanted to do client work and I couldn’t
get any clients for like a long time. So I set up the company in 2004 because I
needed a limited company to do contracting with and I didn’t want to
just call it like Eric Wroolie enterprises or whatever my initials.
I wanted a really cool name and I spent a little bit of time
thinking about it and I found the name ‘Overpass’ and I really liked the name
and I set it up, and that’s how I’m gonna get some clients, I start my
own thing, be my own man and everything like that, and I did
nothing with it. I did the same thing a lot of people do, I set up a
website, I got some business cards and I waited for the phone to ring, which of
course doesn’t happen. It’s the exact same thing with apps, as a developer, as a
technical technician, you think it’s all about the product, it’s all about the
service, we’ll set everything up we’ll make everything perfect and then we don’t
focus on the marketing, we just expect people will find us and because you’re
better than everybody else they’ll go with you. The truth is they don’t
even know that you exist and they don’t know that the app exists so this is the
problem I had. I would work a contract and the contract would come to an end.
I remember 2006 I left the contract because I wanted to focus a hundred percent
of my time on overpass. I went home and I and I read a bunch of books on
sales, I read a bunch books on cold calling and I made a few
calls. I mean it’s and it was like I was just that was just so not my thing I
hated doing sales I still kind of hate doing sales and so I didn’t do anything.
Like a year passed and I worked on little projects and and I did get a few
little jobs, but hardly anything worth not not worth keeping the money going
but luckily, I had enough saved up from contracting my previous contract that I
was able to survive. Eventually I went back into corporate life and went
back and took on another contract, I kept doing this for about ten years,
leaving those contracts, going back in, leaving those, going back in. I would
do a lot of blogging and social media stuff and try to get the word out there
and get people to notice overpass but it was kind of just
half-assed. I wasn’t fully committed to it and it was a thing that I really
wanted to do but I wasn’t I wasn’t fully committed to it. I was yeah with the oh I
need to learn how this new software works, I need to learn how this new
technology works, but like we talked about the other day, working in on those
projects that I never finished, made me a better developer. because I would go into
these new contracts and I would have a much higher rate of pay, because I’ve
learned say c-sharp on my own or something like that, so that worked
really well. Now the app, the first app that we did was 2012 and that came out
and that was like the first ever thing that I could
call my very own; I mean all these years of being a software developer where I’m
like I worked on that I worked on that and I felt a sense of ownership for it
they didn’t belong to me and my first app was like this is my app on the App
Store and it was just going out there and tried to get people downloading it
and but I was still very timid so I was working I’m still working a contract but
I went from five days a week down to three days a week they were really good
to allow me to do that and then I started getting a little bit more
confidence and more people started contacting me and started thinking how
do I get node how do I get more noticed and all the blogging and and and the SEO
work and everything that we had going on started to pay off
but it’s it was such a slow process it’s embarrassingly slow how timid I was
about the whole thing I should have been jumping up and down and said hey I’m
overpass over here this is me but but I wasn’t in fact when I left one of my
contracts I left a forwarding email address of my overpass address and
somebody says Eric do you have a company he’s like yes I have this company but I
don’t really you know and it was this thing I had this dream but I was almost
like apologetic about the fact that I had this dream because I didn’t want to
tell other people about it and if I could go back I would just you know I
would punch my my younger self in the face because I’ll just snap out of it be
more assertive get out there and tell people about it so the app started to
help because then I started to realize hey we can you know that we could do
this and we started building these things and because I had these own
products of my own it gave me a lot more confidence when I wouldn’t met with
clients because I could say this is what we worked on we’ve done this we’ve done
this this is kind of stuff though that we’ve done you know it really started to
pay off I said I started doing the videos and the videos helped too because
we’re always thinking about how do we get out and meet new people I’m a very
I’m a very shy and introverted person I can sit at the computer all day and not
talk to anybody which is I mean I’ve just always been that way but I’m
getting more used to getting out meeting people and be more personal with people
and everything like that so yeah Rick I know it’s kind of a roundabout way to
answer the question but get the setting up a software company is easy doing the
limited company is easy even hiring developers is easy but getting the
clients is going to be something that that’s the most important thing and in
fact I would even say see if you could get clients first before you set things
up just even if you you know and just reach out there engage their interests
think how can you appeal to those to those people who your clients going to
be what is the niche they’re looking at do the same thing we would do with an
app we think who are the people who are going to be interested in this app what
can I do to make them see this app what kind of things would they be searching
on and the on the on the web how can I reach out to them what kind of
content can I write to do this what kind of demo projects can I make that would
make it very interesting for them so and it’s always something that you know I’m
still working on I’m still still bringing in new clients we’re still
talking to new people and but it’s it’s there’s so many developers out there
setting up their own company there’s doing their own thing and there’s only
so many clients so where we have supply and demand and where I think we’re
getting the point where we have more supply than we have demand and then that
gets a bit dangerous they have to think when that’s the case when there’s more
develop developers out there then you can swing a stick ad then you have to
think how do I stand out from the rest of them and I think Eric that’s that’s
the the question to be asking yourself when you set your stuff up who are who
are your clients gonna be how do you reach out to them how do they make you
how do you make them find you and and don’t just do like I did and and create
some business cards to sit them down and wait by the phone wait for the phone to
ring so hey I hope that’s a little bit helpful I may have talked about some of
this stuff before in the past but it’s a it’s a really good topic and I made so
many mistakes in this area that I that I hope none of you guys out there make if
you start to do your own company so anyway that is it for today I will talk
to you guys again tomorrow


  1. True Dreams says:

    Hi Eric, what kind of user retention in the start of an app actually tell us that we should do marketing for that ? With that I mean how to decide according to user retention that we should further invest on an app ? Eric please answer this !!

  2. aireec joseph says:

    Hi Eric . Its pronounced A-reec but its okay. I really like the video I will get to work on what you said Thank you so much i really appreciate it. I have set up a website if you get the chance I would really like some feedback and tips, your channel motivated me to start my company and as you say "…be my own man!" . Thanks again for the video

  3. Sumit Sharma says:

    Thanks Eric ,for sharing your experience it will really help me to avoid mistakes , keep it up !!!!

  4. Orion Core says:

    Every way of making money with android dev feels closed to me. It sometimes seems amazing that there is really such a thing as someone making money with android OTHER THAN THOSE TWO ABOMINATIONS FLAPPY BIRD AND CANDY CRUSH

  5. Ian Chui says:

    Awesome video! (8 Makes me want to get more out there.

  6. Rıfat Erdem Sahin says:

    Eric overpass is like a hybrid car.2 engines too much work around. Electric And gas engine why can't you go all in ? Also marketing and sales cycle can't complete affectively. Focus on apps or agency not both. What do you think ?

  7. MrNettoon says:

    Hi Eric,
    You said you were struggling with Customers, so why didn't you spend money on Advertising?

  8. abdullah al shahrani says:


    I have an application to deliver food and groceries like postmates in New York city

    I have 2000$ marketing budget

    How do you advise me to spend it

    This is the Android version

  9. Providence Apps says:

    Hi Eric, I'm from Singapore and i just started my own app company.
    I was wondering which is better … to bootstrap or to take a business loan?
    I'll need extra funds for marketing, ads, software, graphics, freelance projects etc. Will need your 2cents 🙂 ….

    Thanks Eric!

  10. Alfredo Barrios says:

    Great advices, thank you!

  11. Dhruv Narayan Singh says:

    Hi Eric, Great video as always. I am iOS Developer and worked DJI phantom iOS app for client of one of my company. Can you tell how is IoT market for mobile developers?

  12. Simanta Parasar nice Goswami says:

    We Indian like ur utube channel bro

  13. Jon Dyason says:

    thanks very much!

  14. Alfredo Barrios says:

    Thanks for the advices, may I add something?…It´s very important to construct a business contact list, don't forget always to do the best in each project, really, it makes that companies call you again, and in my opinion, I think we need to have few clients but constant and large clients (like a multi-national, less 50 km from your location) with some kind of a commercial aggrement or contract, it is very important to have something like that.

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