Flower Business in India | Minimum Investment Higher Profits

Flower Business in India | Minimum Investment Higher Profits

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  1. Vinita Nandanwar says:

    Hello sir, can I start my business with you, I mean can I give you product and you export them

  2. santosh tikone says:

    Is there any course program arrange in Pune?

  3. NAKIZA CHAVDA says:

    Phul murja jayege nahi?

  4. Bharat Tidke says:

    Please Tell Us About Rose And Jarbera flowers and his market


    You r great sir


    I like the way you explain ' within a year you will cross 1 M suscriber


    I like the way you explain ' within a year you will cross 1 M suscriber

  8. ashish londhe says:

    Thanks sir god bless you

  9. Jsp Singh says:

    Sar training lena hai per aapka koi Sathi phone Nahin uthata Hai

  10. Careerguru Export Experts says:

    Please share your contact number in Comments for joining our IMPORT EXPORT PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM or call and Whatsapp on 9899250252 for more details

  11. music 24&7 says:

    Hi sir please video banao makhane ke upar

  12. rohan Chougule says:

    Kisiko rose chahie to batyi hamari kheti he

  13. Mahendra Patil says:

    श्रीराम समर्थ लकडी तेल घाणी वाघडु चाळीसगांव जळगांव महाराष्ट्र ( होम डिलीव्हरी ) महेंद्र पाटील.9850634879

  14. tan mo says:

    What is the fees of the course please contact via email. [email protected]

  15. praharsh choudhary says:

    sir, may you please make a video on recycled aluminium and copper ingots with highlighting the industries

  16. Ashu Tyagi says:

    Hi sir good

  17. Deep Nahar says:

    sir product kwonledge v tuc hi dedo ge

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