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(cheerful music) – [Narrator] This is a flight review of the Finnair A350-900. It’s a new generation aircraft. A competitor to Boeing’s B787 Dreamliner. It’s a long haul aircraft of course and this is only on a short haul route, the Heathrow to Helsinki route, which is less than three
hours in our case – two and a half hours, so
the actual cabin experience is the same as doing
long haul but of course you don’t get some of
the long haul things like an amenity kit and the headphones
aren’t what you’d expect, they’re just sort of
small-ish, short haul ones, earbuds, in effect. The design of the aircraft
is by Finnish design company, dSign Vertti Kivi & Co, and it’s very clean, it’s very white It doesn’t look antiseptic
and I think one of the reasons for that is they also have
table wear and textiles, in Business Class at least,
by the Finnish company Marimekko, they’re the
ones that do those sort of bright cushions with the green touches. In addition, the food and
drink are Finnish as well. The seat’s a comfortable
one, it’s the Cirrus seat, which is common to many
airlines in long haul. It’s a fully-flat seat in
a sort of slightly slanted configuration, heading towards the windows in the case of the window seats and towards one another
in the middle seats. It’s a good seat, it’s
comfortable and it’s been adapted by Finnair, not only to distinguish itself in a Finnish way but also
to make sure that they get the maximum configuration
on the aircraft. The seat has everything that you’d expect from a long haul aircraft
and a new generation one. It has plenty of power,
you can see that there’s a socket there for UK, EU and US plugs. Above that, there’s the USB,
so you can actually power two devices at once, perhaps
a laptop on the lower one and a phone or an Ipad on the upper one. Next to that’s the
control for the in-flight entertainment system, although
that also has a touch screen. It’s a great system, 16-inch screen, very high quality. The aircraft also has in-flight
Wi-Fi courtesy of Panasonic. That’s the system behind it. That’s pretty quick. It’s not as quick as some
systems but it’s quite efficient and as a real bonus for Business Class, you get that for free, complimentary, up to a certain usage. The seat has plenty of
space to spread out in but what it doesn’t have
is much storage space when you’re taking off, so you’ve got a space under your footrest but you can’t stow things there and you can’t stow things
on the footrest itself or in the magazine compartment. There’s a small compartment
to one side under the armrest. You can probably fit a
bottle of water in there but not much else so you
do have to stow everything before take-off and then come
and get it back afterwards. That said, once you are in the
sky there is plenty of room. There’s the side table
and there’s also a table that folds out from the arm. If you’re selecting a
seat in Business Class it’s worth bearing in
mind that some of them only have one window, so for instance, the seat in front of me, in window seats, which is 10L, only has one window. The one I’m at, 11 and
the one behind, 12 – 12L, this is on the right hand
side of the aircraft, have two windows so, you get more of a view and more light. The in-flight entertainment
system also has the option of two different camera angles
and it’s fun watching that take-off from the one
at the top of the tail-fin. One thing you’ll notice
about the aircraft, if you do get a chance to fly it, is just how quiet it is. I mean, we’re in front of the
engines here in business class and that is the quietest end
of the aircraft if you like. It will be noisier behind
in Economy but even so it’s a very very quiet experience and similar only really
to the 787 and the A380. (cheerful music)

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