Final 5 minutes: 911 Call in World Trade Center, while tower collapses

Final 5 minutes: 911 Call in World Trade Center, while tower collapses

DP: Alright sir, what’s
the telephone number


  1. ChrisTheGamerSubaruDude says:

    Ugh this is soooo heartbreaking the rescue responders probably feel so helpless,cause they wish they could help this man out soo bad..Did you hear when the man says what the hell happened? That’s just soo heartbreaking hasn’t have the silentest clue what’s going on…#NeverForget We will always stand with the 9/11 families! 😢🙏

  2. Watch and Comment says:

    This is very chilling

  3. Korekiyo Shinguji says:

    we watched this in my reading class for 7th grade and his “oh god” at the end made my heart stop.

  4. Storm Kelly says:

    As bad as I feel for the dispatch and guy on the phone…. that Fireman who took over the call? Yeah either him or his guys were on the stairs marching to their deaths to come save em. That’s just devastating to me. That folks were on their way up to help and it was death waiting for them.

  5. SavagePanda845 says:

    Rest In Peace.

  6. matthew C says:

    The building collapsed . Silence from him and me….

  7. Henry harry Junior says:

    this man it was about to die he had that bad feelling, when the dispatcher lady said the fire department is trying to get for you he said, it doesn't seems it come on man, the entire call its so sad and painfull to hear ,you was a brave man Mr Kevin cosgrove RIP
    We never forget …

  8. Oh Crazy! says:


  9. Skyrilla says:

    Ah jesus.

  10. yikess nctzen says:

    r.i.p to all the people that died in that tragic day

  11. Inah Baxter says:


  12. Inah Baxter says:

    The lady taking her sweet time like wtf they needed help she keep asking questions like u see the guy is begging for help

  13. La Bella Gherkin says:

    Celebrate the life of A genuine 100% all American corporate whore and coward: take a dump on this loser's grave as a protest against globalist white collar crime, and all insurance companies like AON who routinely defraud ordinary Americans, deny their claims, shatter their dreams, betray their countrymen.

  14. La Bella Gherkin says:


    I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No one can see Cosgrove except through me. Cosgrove was a pathetic panicky idiotic who could not behave as a Man, Fight like an American, or DIE like a true patriot. As a true patriot, I know this guy shamed us with his cowardice.

    This Fag was the type of hysterical loser who would have elbowed old ladies aside had he got to a fire escape in time. A selfish trader who fleeced people of their funds. He lived like a thief, but He died like a coward.

  15. Dio says:

    This is just so horrifying

  16. Pyro Z says:

    I don’t think any of the 911 dispatchers knew exactly how hopeless the situation was because they didn’t have a visual. They knew it was very bad. Am going wrong?

  17. Mary Trossi says:

    This just hurts my soul in so many different ways….

  18. George Fisher says:

    He's in the northwest corner of the South Tower (the corner nearest the North Tower). You can't even see that corner through the thick smoke! How bad would it have been up there. Dark, hot and barely breathable air. And then the whole building starts giving away underneath you, roof caving in. Can't imagine ho terrific that would have been, even for a few seconds.

  19. George Fisher says:

    The firefighter he spoke to at around 1:30, one of many trying to climb the stairs to save people, would have died in the collapse also.

  20. Phil Drake says:

    What a hero

  21. Rever says:

    Am from thailand, I'm sorry about this😭

  22. Finnish Nationalist says:

    The 911 lady proably sees nightmares about these calls from the towers…. R.I.P all the victims of 9/11, i wish all the terrorist would burn….

  23. LC72 says:

    Hearing the screams of this man and the tower collapsing in the background is absolutely *terrifying and harrowing*. Not only that, but seeing the tower collapse right there. I didn’t live through it, so I don’t know well how people felt or what people went through. I’ll never understand the fear these people felt unless another attack like this occurs in my lifetime, which I hope it never does.
    Hearing a person’s final moments in chaos is heatbreaking, because you know they’re scared and they’re not ready to die most of the time. Even if they’re not crying, screaming, or trembling, you know at least a part of them scared and not ready to die.
    People can say all they want about how rude this man was before his death, but let’s be honest, how would you act if you knew you were gonna die but you didn’t want to? Some people might cry or scream, but others are angry.
    Angry that they won’t be able to live.
    Angry that they won’t be able to see their children live.
    Angry that they’ll leave their whole family behind.
    Angry that they have to die so terribly.

  24. Jackie Lendel says:

    Why weren’t helicopters spraying water on the towers is it because they weren’t allowed to fly at that point?

  25. Eisof Truth says:

    If this poor doomed man's tragic end does one thing, it's to COMPLETELY DISPROVE Dr. Judy Wood's cockamamie DEW weapon theory of the collapse. Here we have a human life speaking until the moment of the collapse, if DEW weapons were being used this man would have been incinerated long before the building collapsed, as the temperature and duration for "human failure" (death) would be far shorter/less than it would be for the building to fail.

  26. Alexander Edward Pytko says:

    He was near the top of the building. His remains were found and he was buried not too long after. This really affected 2 of his 3 kids. His oldest son started causing trouble in school and even got in trouble with the law. His daughter started self mutilating herself. They needed to get serious help. Something like this can traumatize young kids and make them act out in strange ways.

  27. Autumn Lininger says:

    I’ve heard this several times. It’s so chilling.

  28. MarzIsfraud says:

    The people should went to the very top and there may be a chance the helicopters would come.

  29. David Houghton says:

    So fucking sad man.

  30. cali penguin says:


  31. Paper says:

    The scream, god the scream

  32. Cochopper says:

    I really hope there is some place for all the victims, of all backgrounds nobody deserves this. Even though he probably knew he wasn’t going to make it out he wanted to care for his family first. 😭

  33. Lucy Whisper says:

    That poor dispatch lady, she did her best. I’d have broken protocol and told him I was so sorry this was happening. She will have been watching it on tv while talking to him, she knew he wouldn’t get out. Just so sad all round. Her heart must have been breaking

  34. penny singlehurst says:

    This broke my heart truly

  35. obl1v1ous says:

    the last
    "OH GOD!!! OOOOO-"
    gave me goosebumps…

  36. lorr4bs7777 says:

    Kevin wasn’t being mean, he was terrified! My heart breaks for all those lost!

  37. ᄃCams says:

    Addressing the rude people on here, I’m a really nice person. Not a lot of things get me mad and make me snap on people. But a few years ago I was trapped in a movie theater in South America that got caught on fire and that fear I felt plus the adrenaline… I turned into person I had never been before, to this day I’m surprised I even had that in me. I was angry and panicking and I can tell you first hand that my nice calm demeanor changed so fast as the fire got worse and it got hotter and harder to breathe. He wasn’t being rude. He was just fearful for his life. So many thoughts are flashing through your mind. Realizing you might not make it out and thinking about all the people you love… Seriously, have some compassion. Keep your rude comments to yourself.

  38. Pat C says:

    Rip Kevin Cosgrove and Doug Cherry. And everyone who sadly died in this heinous attack on America. The composure of Mr Cosgrove here whilst on the phone is amazing. Yes he must have been so scared but his strength not to show it was unbelieveable. My sincerest condoleneces to his wife and children. Kevin may you rest in peace eternally.

  39. S M says:

    ‘My wife thinks im alright’

    ‘I just called my wife told her im leaving the building then BANG!!!’

    Wow man so sad. May You all rest in Peace InshAllah 😞

  40. Oortcloud67 says:


  41. Supreme Taco84 says:

    Aww Fuckk… that fucks me up. Rest In Peace my guy

  42. Chan Baird says:

    The fear in that mans voice as that tower fell is a fear very few have felt

  43. Random loser says:

    Jesus the ending is terrifying ;(

  44. Conner of Dill Creek says:

    1:25 It sounded like he said “Thank you so much” to the firefighter. Not “They keep saying that”.

  45. Chris Metcalf says:

    God that's so fucked up.

  46. Amanda Riso says:

    4:37 LMAO

  47. BMW R1200GS Adventure says:

    Well… it would have been instant, no pain.

  48. Hayley Wise says:

    18 years after the horrific tragedy of 9/11 we have heard countless phone calls from people within the WTC, to loved ones, that knew their chances of them making it out alive were almost impossible. Some of those phones calls were frantic, but most were calm, almost resigned…resigned that they knew they were not going to make it. I admire, and am in awe of, those people… those calming voices that reached out to reassure their families that, despite their obvious fates, they were "ok". I would hope that if I were put into a life or death situation I would react as calmly as these people did. BUT, I know me…I WANT TO LIVE… and I would be terrified/panicked, desperate and ANGRY as hell that my life was ending! I am Kevin Cosgrove! I want answers! I want help! All sense of fairplay, civility and composure is gone! Don't tell me help is coming…GET HELP HERE NOW! I don't want to calm down. I don't want to understand. I don't want someone who is inhaling oxygen telling me to take a deep breath… of jet fuel, human remains, my desk… where I was just sitting, doing my work! I would be cussing, I would be praying to my Heavenly Father, I would be crying over time lost and lungs burning, I would be rude, I would be inconsolable. I would be Kevin Cosgrove. I AM Kevin Cosgrove. I want to live. HE wanted to live!!! This 5 minute recording remains one of THE most gutting, honest, horrific, heartbreakingly sad and tragic events of that day. Mr. Cosgrove's final minutes are REAL. God Bless the surviving family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances of Mr. Cosgrove and all persons taken on 9/11/2001… and God Bless all First Responders- they are every day Heroes, every day!!!

  49. Gabriel Flores says:


  50. SpetZemas says:

    He was on floor 105? The saddest thing about that is that he could have survived if he went to the right stairwell since one of them remained intact.

  51. Chris Metcalf says:

    He fell 30 floors in seconds – the material that made up the floor he was on crushed him immediately.

  52. Steven Smith says:

    That’s really hard to listen to i can’t begin to imagine how that guy felt if even he had time to feel anything such a shame

  53. Aaron Liranzo says:


  54. AnBe CalMon says:

    Don’t Judge…

  55. Toby Leigh says:

    So there was 3 people including him in that office?

  56. wahaj hussen says:

    منو جاي من فيديو شهد عماد

  57. SimMaster says:

    Fuck Israel and Saudi Arabia

  58. NotOnlyY0URS says:

    I think theres many people inside the building

  59. Jake Kent says:

    Can't believe the amount of people on here accusing this man of being "rude". The internet really is a breeding ground for assholes.

  60. chrissy says:

    the silence is the worst part of this video, because you KNOW. and it *hurts*.

  61. ANonym0o says:

    I really ever Year in September i feel bad for everyone that was in New York anywhere in New York on the 11 September 2001 i can‘t describe my feelings in words for this and poor Dispatch lady, having to hear this man crying for help and hearing him falling with the building where she exactly knew from the moment he called there was nothing they could do for him because he was on a floor over the fire. RIP to every single Hero that lost its life on that Day. RIP to every Firemen, Paramedic and Police Officer that saved as many People possible. And a dear thank you to every Police officer, Paramedic and Firemen that worked on the Day

  62. rammingtime says:

    So did most people die in the north tower since it got hit lower?

  63. AHealthyHorseWithExplosiveDiarrhea says:

    Well done Mr. al-Shehhi.

  64. wowthatsbs says:

    “Some people did something” fuck you

  65. Buckboyking says:

    I can Imagine being him saying “two broken windows”, and the next thing he sees is the tower collapsing and falling apart. Very sad.

  66. Alex Rivera says:

    R.I.P. bit he should of not tounted God by saying “tell God to blow wind from the west”.. we don’t give orders to God

  67. Tornadodude96 lol says:

    Ok let me describe this he was on the 105th floor when it collapsed so that means he was on the top the last thing you hear is the rumble the reason why he sayed oh god is cause the building must have tilt meaning he was thrown to the side and than crushed when the building hit another floor

    Rest In piece kevin

  68. Drew Owings says:

    This is my 3rd time listening to this. So horrible listening to him. I can't even imagine his fear and hearing the building start to fall. Makes me cringe. RIP to all who perished

  69. 1996 says:

    OH GOD! OH- Death*
    I never heard such Horror……

  70. Bruh Moment says:

    Just watching this and knowing when they are going to die haunts me so badly and I hate it

  71. Bruh Moment says:

    Just watching this and knowing when they are going to die haunts me so badly

  72. Tim R says:

    Right before he screams you can hear the rumble in the background

  73. FNAF PLUSHIES says:

    OH GOD OH!!! POOR GUY 😭😭

  74. Pastor Rick Stevenson says:

    Kevin was rude and surly with the operator and then he bawled his eyes out at the end screaming like a little girl. God hates cowards!

  75. FBI says:

    stop saying it was an inside job

  76. Krimson Klutter says:

    He predicted what was going to happen, kind of.
    3 of us
    2 windows
    1 second of silence
    Then the unbelievable happens

  77. AndyArmstrong88 says:

    This absolutely breaks my heart that these innocent people lost their lives for no reason whatsoever 😭

  78. Metal Cat says:

    I can't really believe this happened…All the thousand's of innocent people's lives…gone. It must've been very horrifying to see and be in this event. I'm lucky I wasn't even fetus when this happened.

  79. Ded0099 says:

    "Some people did something"

  80. nao_ says:

    4:45 what's that blinking light hovering?

  81. Michael Vukovic says:

    I know the elevator shafts acted like a vent to the upper floors but I don't understand how that office on the 105th floor got that bad. Some survived pretty much a direct impact and still made it down in time. Guess we'll never know, really sad day with a lot of sad stories.

  82. Marty Not th says:

    His soundtrack was used in trials against the terrorist. To not only show death but human suffering. Thank you cosogovie family!

  83. Alejandra Limas says:

    So next time this happens, because inevitably will happen again, we get our assess down and ignore the "everything is under control, you may come back to your offices" stupid moron speaking. I still cannot believe some people went back literally seeing a freaking burning airplane in the building above them.

  84. jin kazuya says:

    I think he knew he could possible die, but by the fire or smoke, but never from the collapsing tower 🙁

  85. El Ávila says:

    qué en paz descanse toda esa gente 😞

  86. miguelito says:

    Man I can’t listen to this max volume I’m getting PTSD and this was recorded but everyone in that building had this same reaction obviously just pure highest panic a human can have a hurricane of inside the building all the walls and ceilings just a blur a thunderous blurr imagine how loud it was below and above man fuck this is so sick to hear and comprehend he was in that building I’m watching right now in the comfort of my room its just not fair I shouldn’t even
    Be allowed to listen to this no human should have ever gone through this . The fear these poor souls felt. To actually realize your death in such a HORRIBLE these buildings r so majestic and huge such icons of America it must’ve been the end of the world to them it’s so fucking sad god man

  87. Franco Baleani says:

    They see how ugly it is that they kill innocent people. You Americans always do it for oil. after September 9 they fell into the real world, to the world that you plunder. before that day they lived in a cloud of colors

  88. Coel said nein says:

    *two broken windows, OH GOD! AH-

  89. Dantedijon1 says:

    Mannnn my chest is tight and eyes watery…this day still breaks my heart.
    Then you have fucking dumbasses who make memes and shit of 911, thinking its OK to laugh at that shit….

  90. Vrati se u Tavelića dvere says:

    Terrible, just terrible

  91. Blind Fold YT says:

    I don;t even live antwhere near the USA but this still hurts. It's so fascinating but not in a positive way. RIP to all the people who didnt survive it.

  92. Ishmael Lunsford says:


  93. sorcerykid says:

    This is seriously screwed up, esp. since he was stuck in the worst possible location on that day, at the top of the South Tower with an east-blowing wind. And no doubt part of the reason he was still up there is because they had told everyone to go back to their offices.

  94. bel gastelum says:

    Whoever is criticizing over his rudeness ..Shame on you. This man was in a living hell. He just wanted to live so he can make it back to his family. Smoke , heat , chaos , panic, and frustration had set in. Unless you were their that day in that building in those circumstances plz don’t talk because your negative opinion is irrelevant. Let’s be honest how many of the same people that criticize him for his rudeness are rude themselves over minor inconveniences of life , it’s sad that people have the luxury of criticizing a man who died fighting to make it home to his loved ones. It’s sickening .

  95. StuUngar says:

    Weird…Ive heard this recording before. But in my head, I hear the “OH” lasting 2-3 seconds

  96. bella2019 says:

    Anyone here watching this on oct 15

  97. bella2019 says:

    So sad but am surprised that the phone calls lasted as it did – god rest his soul

  98. Ugandan Knuckles says:

    OMG poor guy WTF are those guy doing they haven't done nothing

  99. Beta Sword says:

    Keep in mind that the floors above the impact zone were crumbling one second after the initial lean. What Cosgrove felt was himself being tossed to the other side of the office, followed by everything surrounding him breaking apart as the collapse progressed. I can’t even imagine how his final seconds were like. He must’ve had at least five more seconds of life after the call cut off.

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