ETSU Emerald Enterprise Car Rental

to begin the process of bringing a
vehicle through your Emerald Club account scroll down to the enterprise
section and click the Select button next to official state business direct bill
only if you are traveling for each issue related business know if your rental is
not work related please click the Select button next to personal use customer pay
as choosing this payment method will bypass the direct bill option note if
you will be picking your rental up from an airport location using the airport
reynolds official state business credit card pay option under the National
section located below is recommended however airport reynolds incur higher
fees so please choose the enterprise official state business direct bill only
option when picking your rental up from an airport location is not necessary on
the following web page scroll down and click the Select button next to East
Tennessee State University click the Emerald Club in the upper right section
of the web page titled make a car rental reservation and then enter your Emerald
Club I D and your last name and click Go if you have not received an email or
packet from emerald please contact the office of the vice president for finance
and administration then inner zip code for your pick up
location such as 37614 for ETSU’s main campus in your pick up date and time as
well as your drop off date and time you will also need to choose vehicle you would like to rent the next page displays the nears pick-up
locations based on the criteria you have entered please be aware if you choose
the tri-cities airport as your pick-up and drop-off location additional charges
will be applied to your rental please choose your preferred location by
clicking the Select button next to the location note please disregard the sales
tax shown here and also placed through the direct bill option are for ETSU
related purposes only and not subject to sales text the sales tax will be removed
when invoice is paid please be sure to verify all of your rental information
before clicking Select and continued confirm that your name is appearing in
the Fields labelled winner’s name and choose your credit card type note the
credit card type field is not required if you choose Yes to the corporate
account question below simply leave this field unanswered and then enter your
email address for rental confirmation purposes in this example the official state
business direct bill only payment method is being utilized and as a result the
question are you traveling on behalf of East Tennessee State University for this
rental must be marked yes in order for you to have the opportunity to enter
your departmental index code know your departmental index code is six
characters long and will typically began with an E for most departments or in
some cases an F for foundation related departments if you do not know your
departmental index code please check with your department’s main office click continue to process your rental

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