Enterprise Square USA, Oklahoma City, OK – Roadside America

Enterprise Square USA, Oklahoma City, OK – Roadside America

At the end of a year, he would have earned
about 15 dollars. But not all of that 15 dollars is his to keep. [Song] Freedom that’s the key, we said freedom
yessiree. F-EE-DO-EM that’s the key, we don’t mean maybe,
freedom, freedom, Free-dom!


  1. RoulinBrooks says:

    Bizarre. Sarah Palin would have enjoyed it.

  2. MizTerry says:

    Singing money. Now I've seen it all. LOL

  3. Trancemaster2052 says:

    I loved this place so much as a kid. Lots of fond memories going to Enterprise Square between kindergarten and 3rd grade (1990-1993). I was disappointed when I heard about it closing down in 2002.

  4. TripleOaks8615 says:

    I worked here as a tour guide when it first opened in the early '80s! A very Reagan-era attraction. When it was all fresh and new it was at least kind of impressive technologically, but it went down hill pretty fast and became quickly outdated. All gone now.

  5. Nicole Wilcox says:

    I remember going here as a kid and I absolutely loved it! I really wished my kids could've been able to go and see all the cool educational stuff! Someone needs to bring it back!!! 🙂

  6. OKC Office Furniture says:

    The question remains: Did Bubbin and Zazzy acquire the gleplie (platinum) needed to fuel their ship's return flight? OR did Bob "Enterprise Square" Hope sell the two aliens to the Feds for experimentation? We may never know the answer.

  7. forjuniorgolfers says:

    I LOVED this place! The very end of the "tour" was my favorite! You got to work with computers & could be an "investor" in things like oil wells during different times in American history! My cousins & I could spend hours at this & I remember the last time my grandpa took us! He "worked it" for us to go straight to that feature, skipping the rest of the tour & we had a blast! I still live within a mile of the building, it's located on the campus of a college who I THINK still uses the building?

  8. prosjeffrey says:

    the building itself is still there, however it has been purchased by Oklahoma Christian university, which sits just west of enetrprise square. they have remodeled the inside, and made it into an office for their alumni association.. I also remember going there on field trips in grade school….

  9. Brenda Carr says:

    I actually ran into George W Bush there when I was about 10. He was governor of Texas then.

  10. Holly Kinkade says:

    I went there on a trip with my Brownies troop as a young girl in 1986.

  11. HisXLNC says:

    It's a crime that this place wasn't better documented. I would have loved to revisit this place and it's ideas as an adult.

  12. StylixDS says:

    I think I was 5 or 6 when I went. The only memory I have of that place is losing some video game because "I died from lack of sleep". I can still remember the music that played on the game over screen. I wish there were videos of those games, or the roms dumped somewhere.

  13. C H says:

    I'd love to time machine back to the meeting of the Republican dunderheads that gave the green light to this idea. "… And we finish with money singing barbershop harmony about freedom. Kids love barbershop quartets."

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