Enterprise Mobility Management: MobileIron + CDW

[MUSIC]>>Mike Jeffery, CDW Solution Architect: You’ve
decided to become a mobile-first organization, but mobility management is evolving fast. It’s not just about devices anymore. It’s
much more comprehensive. Today, it’s about business transformation. Mobile-first means
building an exceptional user experience. And this means moving fast, adopting new technologies
and giving your people the secure access to critical business applications on the devices
they want. That’s a tall order to fill alone and it’s where we come in. [MUSIC]>>Mike Jeffery: I’m Mike Jeffrey, Solution
Architect for CDW. Let’s talk MobileIron. If you want to go mobile-first, you need to
build around products designed to be mobile-first from the get-go. MobileIron is built to do just that. MobileIron
understands that addressing the rapidly evolving and complex mobile requirements of users,
IT and the mobile IT ecosystem takes a powerful platform that’s purpose-built for mobile IT. Plus, MobileIron is a breeze to work with.
They’ve got global technology support, toolkits, education and online training, all with strategic
account management and flexible deployment options and pricing models. Their technology and service lets you integrate
technology at your own pace, so you can match the technical ability of your users and corporate
resources. An AppConnect storefront provides your employees
with painless distribution of mobile applications. Their AppConnect ecosystem accelerates adoption
of mobile apps thanks to an easy configuration and increased security for data at rest and
in motion. And you can also manage the entire lifecycle
of an app through MobileIron’s robust mobile application management. This makes your mobile
business apps and content available anywhere and anytime. That’s how you go mobile-first. [MUSIC] With CDW, you get a combination of MobileIron
expertise and dedicated resources that reside onsite to make sure your issues get resolved.
And your team has whatever it needs. Our engineers understand MobileIron and they
can walk you through the ins and outs of any solution you decide to implement. And through it all, CDW maintains a tight
partnership and regular communication with MobileIron management. [MUSIC]>>Mike Jeffery: Going mobile-first is a team
game. CDW and MobileIron can help you win. Talk to us today. [MUSIC]

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