Enterprise Mobility Management: Citrix + CDW

[MUSIC]>>Chris Haupt, CDW Solution Architect: So
you’ve decided to implement a new mobile management solution for your organization. But today, an EMM solution is more than just
managing mobile devices. So you have to ask yourself some questions. “How do I leverage EMM to make my workers
more productive?” “How do I ensure applications and content
are available to whomever it needs it, whenever they need it, without disruption?” Most importantly, “How do I do all of this
securely?” That’s a lot of questions to answer by yourself, but don’t worry. That’s where
we come in. [MUSIC]>>Chris Haupt: I’m Chris Haupt, a Solution
Architect for CDW. Let’s talk Citrix. Citrix takes a unique user
experience approach to EMM, where business, IT and end users are at the core of every
solution. How do they do it? By giving end users the features and functionality
they demand, while also giving you the full security, integration management and granular
controls you’re looking for to get the job done right. It’s all part of the Citrix Workspace Suite.
It provides all your EMM components in one place, simplifying and streamlining an otherwise
complex process. The Citrix Workspace Suite includes XenMobile,
XenApp, GoToMeeting, XenDesktop, NetScaler, ShareFile, CloudBridge and CloudPlatform. By using Citrix Workspace Suite, you can publish
and deliver any Windows application through a private, unified app store. All apps – mobile,
web, SaaS and Windows, all downloadable from a single app store straight to your mobile
device. No other company can offer this. But a Citrix EMM solution doesn’t just stop
at the end user experience. From something as simple on the end user side as being able
to place your company logo within a work store, or on the IT side, by combining MDM and app
servers into one for easier deployment. And when it comes to security, even homegrown,
custom apps can be delivered securely thanks to XenMobile. [MUSIC] At CDW, we have the dedicated experts on hand
to ensure the right decisions are made early on in the planning stage. There’s a relationship management team and system engineer team, all of which are dedicated to Citrix, its clients and EMM solutions. Plus, we work with 85% of all healthcare organizations
in the U.S., so we have the relationships, partnerships and pre-approved procurement
processes to optimize performance. And CDW has been awarded Citrix’s National
LAR Partner of the Year in 2010, 2012 and 2013. [MUSIC] By working together with Citrix, CDW is able
to provide integrated management tools that enable organizations to easily manage and
protect all aspects of their mobile program. From devices to applications to content, CDW
can offer you the custom expertise and solutions you need. Talk to us today. [MUSIC]

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