Enabling Telcos unleash the power of 5G

In 4G we connected everyone. And in 5G we connect everything. 5G is going to be the first network which is almost entirely deployed on what we consider IT technologies. But that transition into buying in a layered model, where traditionally they have been buying vertical solution, means that complexity is sneaking in, risk is sneaking in about how does these layers work together. If you look at 4G, the service provider had a centralized core. So you had this very hierarchical network. 5G, that hierarchy gets collapsed. The network gets flattened and everything possible that you can compute, the storage, the network access, gets pushed out to the edges. We have some huge storage networks that can be deployed in any environment, right from the edge of the network, right out into the industrial environment. Very rich portfolio. But they all have common management layers across the portfolio, which gives this simplicity, so they can get that innovation into their network and differentiate themselves against other players. (gentle music) Carriers are thinking, “Okay, I will have this connectivity “for my customers.” And that means updates to the core of the network, updates to the business processes. Introduction of cloud technology for innovation, from the outside that could be brought in, ready for 5G connectivity. This is not just a new radio technology. Back behind the radio there’s this whole service-based architecture. And they need to take advantage of that service-based architecture and expose it to their customers, so that they can start charging people for services versus charging people for consumption of network access. (gentle music) It’s an entry-way conversation into enterprises in a different way. Just kind of like, tell me about 5G, and then in reality some of the solutions can be solved by 4G LTD, some of them can be solved by wifi. And what those carriers want to do is have that managed-service relationship with the enterprise. (uplifting music) Telco is under tremendous financial pressure right now. We have IT depreciation cycles, where you used to have 10 year depreciation cycles. And the operational processes has to be updated to do that. And our job is to help minimize that disruption so the telcos can take advantage of all this technology that we provide them. But minimize the cost, because there is a cost when you want that agility and that speed of innovation. We can help carriers get ready for 5G through green lake. We buy back the existing infrastructure, we install new infrastructure that they can consume as they need it. At the same time they get money back on their balance sheet that they can invest elsewhere. We spend a lot of time and money to make sure that our customers can take HP technology and know that it’s ready for use in the telco environment. And that’s another key differentiator. (upbeat music)

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