Elastic is a Search Company

Elastic is a Search Company

We will always be searching for
something. Why we search remains constant. We’re looking for insight, information,
and answers. But how and what we search changes over time, from the Dewey Decimal
System for libraries… to Google for the World Wide Web… to conversations with
virtual assistants for everyday inquiries. Today, what we search has grown to
include a rapidly increasing amount of structured and unstructured data. From a
multitude of sources such as databases, websites, applications, and mobile and
connected devices. It’s natural to think of search as just
a box where you type in some text and results appear — but search is more than
that. It’s about dragging your finger across the map on your smartphone and
watching it redraw itself as it shows new locations…
It’s about selecting filters to group what you might have for lunch into
specific categories… or visualizing billions of log messages in a histogram
to analyze errors… It’s about forecasting data center
storage capacity two weeks into the future with machine learning jobs… Or
monitoring application performance as the customer goes from “Add to Cart”
to “Order Confirmed” on a retail website… Or even analyzing user sentiment with
natural language processing. All of this is search. Elastic is a search company
that makes it easy to build search experiences that power the use cases and
applications of today and tomorrow. You may not realize it, but you probably use
Elastic every day. When you hail a ride home with Uber, Elastic is what pairs you
with a nearby driver. When you search for groceries on Instacart, Elastic is what
provides relevant results and recommendations. When you swipe left or
right on Tinder, Elastic is what matches you with people you might like — and who
might like you back. At Cisco, it’s Elastic aggregating pricing, quote, and
configuration data to complete every order on their commerce platform. At
Sprint, Elastic is what processes billions of log events a day to monitor
website performance and network outages. And at Indiana University, Elastic is
powering cyber security operations to protect thousands of devices in critical
data. We developed the Elastic Stack which consists of four core products
that serve as building blocks for developers to engineer search powered
solutions. Elasticsearch is the heart of the Stack. It’s what stores, searches, and
analyzes the data and is what everything gets built around. Logstash and Beats are
ways to rapidly ingest data into Elasticsearch from a multitude of
sources simultaneously. Once data is in Elasticsearch, users can
visualize it in Kibana to create and share charts, graphs, and dashboards of
anything from network security logs to spacecraft telemetry metrics or feed
that data into a custom UI or application. Today, we offer the following
solutions which are all vertically integrated into the Stack: App search, Site search, Enterprise search, Logging, Metrics, Application performance monitoring, Business analytics, and Security analytics.
Five years ago if you wanted to search box on your website, two developers had to
roll up their sleeves and start building. Today, it takes you five minutes to
achieve the same thing with our site search solution. Give us a URL, we’ll crawl
your site, and embed snippet of code, and voila, you have site search. As we
continue to expand we are focused on being wherever our users are whether
that’s on a public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, or in hybrid environments.
Historically our users have downloaded and managed our software and deployed it
on their premises. Increasingly, customers have wanted to consume our products
through a SaaS offering. To address this demand we have developed Elastic Cloud,
our family of SaaS offerings available on multiple public cloud providers. Today,
Elastic Cloud includes Elasticsearch Service, Elastic App Search Service, and Elastic Site Search Service. And we will continue investing in offering existing
and new products on Elastic Cloud. Some of our customers have more sophisticated
deployments and need help with centralized provisioning, management, and
monitoring our software so we provide Elastic Cloud Enterprise, a paid for
proprietary product. There are a few more things, well, a lot more than that
actually, that make us special. Building a great company means hiring and retaining
great people. Like how our products are distributed by design, our company is
distributed by intention. Being a distributed company is about harnessing
the inherent strength of diversity. This allows us to
build better products, build a better community, and rapidly grow our business
around the world. We have hubs in multiple cities, remote offices around
the world and many Elasticians who call their office home. Thank you for your
time to hear our story. We hope that you have learned how search is foundational
to solving not just today’s problems, but the more complex challenges
organizations will be faced with in the future.


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