EFactor Tips: Business Ideas with Jurriaan Kamp

Well, let me go even a few more steps back.
The whole concept of the entrepreneur is a rather new concept. But over time, not that
long ago, if you back a 100 years or more, than just about everyone in society was an
entrepreneur. It just what we did, we did our jobs and we didn’t call that being an
entrepreneurs- we just did our thing. We were bakers or butchers or farmers- whatever we
were. And then suddenly it happened, the industrial revolution, we automating processes and we
had all these new opportunities open for us. And suddenly we had these companies hiring
people to be employees. And only the people that really started these businesses were
being called “entrepreneurs”. So, I feel like we’re nearing the end of that cycle, we’re
here in the San Francisco Bay Area near Silicon Valley (incorporating San Jose) and the whole
new world of the internet is breaking down these big entities we use to see generating
the most employment. Even where you still see big initiatives like Google or Facebook,
they way they are organized is very different, far more loose, people are far more able to
follow their passions inside these larger entities. And I think that’s important for
where we want to go, what it is, how did I get to that idea…I think ultimately, there
is an entrepreneur in 7 billion people on this planet. And the question is- why? what
makes an entrepreneur? And I think what really makes you an entrepreneur is discovering that
one thing you can really contribute better than anyone else, that is your passion, what
you really love to do, and that is what inspires your life and the people around you.

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