Economic Update: Democratize the Enterprise [CLIP]

So tell me what particularly that your
organization Democratize The Enterprise, what is it focusing it on as a way to
move this forward this part, this plan, this program? Right, well it’s focusing on
right now, we have a website which is basically a place where we’re storing a
bill, it’s a model bill, similar to we’ve all heard about ALEC, American
Legislative Exchange Council, where corporations write these model bills
that benefit them and them only, and then they get a lot of lobbyists to go around
the 50 states and pass it. We’re actually trying to do that with just regular old
citizens, you know. We’ve written a bill, it’s a hundred percent capital gains tax
exemption for all retiring business owners that sell to their employees, with
a loan guarantee, because another problem is the loan money is hard to find for
purchasing these businesses, or transferring the shares, exactly. So those
two things need to happen: we need to make to have a huge, not a huge wealth
transfer in the wrong direction, we want it to go back down to the bottom, to the
community, to revitalized economies that really need help, the best way to do it
is to sell off the existing businesses to employees, so that they can start this
model for themselves. Tell me the website where people can see this bill, and see
if they can get involved. What’s, which on it is? It’s called And all one
word?, you can find us on social
media at @democratizeit, it’s a little bit shorter and easier to remember, but
you go on, you sign up to be involved, and you download the bill, it will come to
you in an email, and then what you do is, you take it to your own legislator in
your own state, because nobody really should be lobbying your representative
but you, so if you want to get a couple friends together that live in your area,
and you know, hand them the bill, tell them it’s gonna help the economy, that’s
gonna help revitalize the economy, everybody, every politician likes that,
and then they like to take credit for it, so just give them credit, like go in
there, help to lobby for it, and hopefully it will be passed. It’s been passed in, in
a forum in New Jersey, it was recently passed in New York, it’s been
introduced into the Wisconsin Legislature, so it’s actually gaining a
little traction without even having been formally launched, so, and Democratize The
Enterprise, your organization wants to inform people about all that’s involved in
all of this. Right, exactly. Tell me, have you gotten any pushback,
have you had any kind of criticism, you might say, about what you’re doing, or
have people basically been supportive? Well the pushback that I’ve received is
basically from a populace which is unsurprisingly a little bit discouraged about the whole system in general. They say you know politicians are too
corrupt, and the system is too rigged, and nobody really, you know, there’s no way to
get it back, it’s just too far gone, and I have to say, I disagree, because if we
don’t present the idea to politicians to to champion, it won’t be presented. Nobody will do it except for us.

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