DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise – Reach Where Help is Needed

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise – Reach Where Help is Needed

Delta Copter One We have a missing person
who may have been stranded by the incoming tide. Can you attend and conduct
a search of the cliffs? We’ve been using drones in Devon and Cornwall and Dorset Police for around about the last three years. Across the UK, I think
there is over half of UK police forces are now
actively deploying drones. One of the biggest advantages of the new Mavic 2 Enterprise is its
small dimensions for carriage, short setup time, and
its simplicity to use. The new zoom camera is a
really helpful feature for us. By using the two times
optical zoom, we can gain detailed knowledge about
the situation that we might have missed in a wider frame image while still operating at a safe distance. The new accessories of
the Mavic 2 Enterprise have opened up the door
for multiple new uses. The attachable speaker allows
us, for the first time, to be able to communicate with people and send verbal messages. In the case of a rescue
mission, we’re able to reassure a victim and keep them up
to date on their rescue. This is a police drone. Please wave your arms if you are okay. Try to stay calm and do not move. Help is on the way. We now offer a greater
range of search operations. The Mavic 2 Enterprise’s
flight batteries provide up to 31 minutes of flight time. During a rescue mission, flight
time is absolutely critical. Adding to this, the self-heating batteries that allow the Mavic 2 Enterprise to operate in sub-zero temperatures. The Mavic 2 Enterprise is
equipped with an omni-directional obstacle sensing system
that helps the drone to keep a safe distance from buildings, trees, cliffs, and other objects. The ability to illuminate an
area during a rescue operation will really improve the
safety of those within the rescue environment, and it will help the Incident Commander to
make much better decisions. Drones are having a real
impact on policing in the UK. It’s given us much better
situational awareness incidents and it’s making things a
lot safer for our officers. The innovative features
are an exciting development and as a team, we are
really looking forward to working with the Mavic 2
Enterprise in the future.


  1. Bost One says:

    Nice 👍

  2. dsada aa says:

    Nice drone!

  3. zz z says:

    Is it just the Mavic zoom with some accessories? LOL

  4. Steven So says:

    Das wäre was cooles/praktisches für die Bergwacht!

  5. Paulo Lobo says:

    Its necessary to overcome the time on the battery, a drone like this need´s to have the freedrom on the battery time of flight, to serve, to rescue, to save, to locate, to spy, its necessary minimal 1hour battery flight, 20 to 27 minutes its not enough, dji must work in the time of flight and build a drone for this services with long time of flight !

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  7. Tyler h says:

    Can you make the Mavic Air cheaper😂 I want one so bad.

  8. Siv Richi says:

    I❤ Mavic 2 pro

  9. Kawasaki Team 241 says:

    What's the background music on this video

  10. Emaad Dar says:

    "short setup time" Not when there is a firmware update.

  11. Shibli Khan says:

    praice Banglades BTD

  12. Himal Sharma says:

    Why not delivering all around the world?

  13. DRONENCIO says:

    Este mundo del Dron es tan Espectacular, ojala pueda ayudar en alguna búsqueda importante o desastre , que obviamente ojala no pasara, pero si pasa , poder ayudar con mi dron .

  14. blue280485 says:

    This was a great video 👍 DJI please upload more videos like this showing different use cases for drones🙏

  15. Andre Qualls says:

    People are waiting on the long awaited phantom 5 dji please try to release the phantom 5 this year. But if it ain't ready to be released don't release it.

  16. Andre Qualls says:

    People waiting on the phantom 5 like people waiting on the playstation 5

  17. Duytan Nguyen says:

    phantom 4 enterprise please

  18. Andrew Siahaan says:

    Really want this drone so badly. I want to find my lost dog. Last time i saw it 10 years aga. Can i still find it???

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    Awesome usage!

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    What a scam…

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    Yeah…. this is awesome.

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    Loved it. Watch my Chanel I chased deers at night.

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    Ive been dronin since deonin been dronin!

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