Detained by Militias: Libya’s Migrant Trade (Part 1)

Detained by Militias: Libya’s Migrant Trade (Part 1)


  1. Luis Sousa says:

    With all their plight they still manage to have more and more children to add to their problems.

  2. royal yowhans says:

    libya fakiw

  3. Boqorka Rapka says:

    Omg I see a lot of Somalians in this video n it made me cry

  4. Latia Cook says:

    So the reason why these people are being retained is because Europe is complaining that there are too many people coming over to that land, I thought Russia was inchangé there.

  5. Latia Cook says:

    I pray that the wrong doers are held accountable for their actions

  6. EXTOL ZEBULON says:

    Go to Israel go find God's love.
    The English is good.

  7. Tasha Harris says:

    You African leaders are like fucking gangster squad. Our own people are being beaten raped pimped slaughtered. Still you can't arrange for them to be sent back home inWest Africa. I don't care what anyone says on this post. As a black British based in the UK with Cameroonian parents. Africa is by far better than this hell hole.

  8. RiickJamesBiitch says:

    Thanks obama! You realy deserved that nobel prize!

  9. St Richie Kasoa says:

    this is very sad

  10. St Richie Kasoa says:

    I really love the ascent of the refugee girl ..she speaks good English..I wonder what she is doing there ..she seems to be well educated

  11. Navaid Baksh Khan says:

    These Idiots Arabs deserve this, they thought Gaddaffi was a dictator and supported US. Under the rule of Gaddaffi the Libya was flourishing country and look at now the situation is inhuman and worsening like anything. Please understand your ruler is not a dictator. Look what happened in Iraq after Saddam. What happed in Afghanistan. Please support your leader and don’t get fooled by US.

  12. Som Dood says:

    Why make it look like europe is to blame for this?

  13. mary says:

    What was Libya like when gaddafi was in power? Honestly Europe and the US deserve all the bad in the world for the regime change and subsequent downfall of these nations ..this what they wanted this what y’all got

  14. Kobie Mack says:

    Kill or Be Killed

  15. Joseph Hsu says:

    Thanks, Obama!

  16. Vari Mulongoyi says:

    Why can't they just stay in their own country = =[

  17. Zain Abdi says:

    Where are they now?2019,are they safe?😞

  18. Gregory Berndt says:

    Thanks Obama

  19. tarblacksoul says:

    So this’s what ghaddafi was taking care of

  20. Owl eyes says:

    Love lybians. No one said them to leave their home.

  21. jezebel natty says:

    A country destroyed by the European with the support of Barack Obama and his party.

  22. Nessa Vanwaard says:

    Where is part two

  23. Flawess Grace says:

    I can’t believe people are ok with this. Y’all don’t have a problem with this because you don’t have African coming to Europe. Y’all are okay with slavery for that? I’m soooo done with conservatives. You guys only win by spreading fear

  24. Old dog New tricks says:

    They ruined their continent and now they want to ruin Europe! Instead of fleeing they need to act like men and take their country back! Or, someone run a few phone lines and they can robocall Americans and try to sell us a car warranty (like their cousins do).

  25. Lion Simba says:

    I don’t blame migrants from wars zones like somali but as for west Africans, there is no war. Why are u leaving yo country to go and die a slow death in the hands of these Arabs? U know they don’t like u especially if u r a non-Muslim. Stay in west Africa. Travel to other African countries. Before u insult me or call me a racist, I’m yo fellow Africa and am 100% black. I come in peace 🙏🏾

  26. XxLukeEngland2xX RBLX says:

    Why are they whipping them to go through at the start?

  27. XxLukeEngland2xX RBLX says:

    19:20 How is she speaking such good English?

  28. Angli Angeli says:

    Keep Islamist in their countries, the west can bare them no longer.

  29. Mariam Issa says:

    The Somalis abroad should stop sending money to their relatives to go to Europe instead develop the education and economy through diaspora. What is in Europe that you do not have in your countries. Good governance, humanity and good leaders. Somalis though you have a hundred governments in the eyes of others your are Somali. Get up and stop the teenagers to go to Libya. Good have mercy.

  30. Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh says:

    What if Muslims ( both black and white)unite and solve our problems…..

  31. bitterboi31 says:

    Not sure why is anyone surprised…There was a AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE less than 50 years ago in Lybia. These idiots are coming to their doorsteps to be sold. Africans are so stupid.

  32. Vinoth Kannan says:

    they should have stayed at their home rather being held in this hell

  33. Vinoth Kannan says:

    this place very bad for women i am so sorry for you people

  34. rare L says:

    So libya will turn them to border gaurds?

  35. mcweb says:

    The NATO destroyed the once wealthiest country in africa to get the control over its resources.They give a damn about the people. It was really disgusting how our mainstream media celebrated the war against libya and death of gaddafi while they now try to wash their hands in innocence and wanna make us believe that the migrant crisis and the enslavement of those people fell from the sky.

  36. mcweb says:

    According to the IMF, Libya’s Central Bank was 100% state owned and in 2011, it was estimated to have 144 tons of gold in its vaults. Muammar Gaddafi’s plan was to introduce a gold-backed currency which he hoped African and Muslim nations would adopt. He felt it could rival the euro and the dollar, and rightly so too.
    Was Gaddafi a dictator? Yes! However, he also had a heart for his country and the world conveniently skips that part every time.
    Sidney Blumenthal, in his email to Hillary Clinton confirmed, “Qaddafi's government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011 these stocks were moved to SABHA (south west in the direction of the Libyan border with Niger and Chad); taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli.” << keep in mind what happened to assange while reading the evidence why libya had to fall.

  37. David Romain El Kaim says:

    This disaster is happening because of the western countries

  38. ziaul hasan says:

    this is a business. dirty migrant business. they collect lots of migrants from around the country. they kidnap all the migrants and asking money to UN,IMO and others European union . after that they don't give them enough food ,water,sanitation,free space. and behave with animal. this is Libya after great great Gaddffi .other said he is a world see this happened.

  39. ziaul hasan says:

    hungry Libya

  40. ArmArmy88 says:

    This part of the world is badly missing Gaddafi and Sadam Housain

  41. Dgo pro says:

    Gaddafi told them this will happen if NATO intervenes and he was right..

  42. Adrienne Marini says:

    Strange she speaks English better than native poor people in the urban NYC area of the Bronx.

  43. Darlene Achille says:

    I'm soooooo sick!!!!!

  44. Joe Schmoe says:

    Keep those niggas in Africa where they belong.

  45. Joe Schmoe says:

    The girl at 3:50 is a fake plant just like VICE news is fake propaganda. She speaks perfect English and is trying to push the narrative for Europe to open their borders. Don't take the bait.

  46. bigtunitube says:

    and you are not supposed to call these places shit hole countries………seems very true to me. The NGOs should focus more on establishing governmental structures, not necessarily democracy. It seems those mistreating people today did the same hundreds of years ago, selling of their bounty to slave traders to be shipped to the new world. So what you have today is not the result of colonialism.

  47. brother1ray says:

    Don't go to Libya……….Problem solved………..Simples!

  48. SAY THE 14 WORDS says:

    Maybe these idiots shouldn't be trying to invade Europe

  49. DS Rai says:

    The Libyans are also in a sticky situation trying to prevent illegal migrants from getting to Europe, but not having the money or infrastructure to look after them or send them back. Europe doesn't want them here so they are stuck in limbo, but they should at least be treated with dignity and respect as they are human beings, not animals. The EU should at least provide funding so the Libyans can look after them better until a solution is found.

  50. warren411 says:

    Sad very sad. to those who are comfortable that's been destabilizing government an economy's. Are the root cause of this situation.

  51. warren411 says:

    He said there's no beating now you see a guy hitting them with a stick

  52. margot hilaire says:

    All this is Obama's doing. He wants that third world country people to run over the white world. Those people a child like and have no clue how laws that exist must be obay'. What is guaranteed to happen will be like a night mare. The door is still open by a crack, hurry to get thru. Don't wait to long or you meet the beginning of the end on the other site.Those who have nothing to lose, have no petty.

  53. Limpy Agnon says:

    This happened because West looted resources from their countries with the help of their puppet governments, now people are starved to death and they need to move to some other place, and then their own people are stopping them, beating them to death, because they also take money from west to stop them. A movie called "BLOOD DIAMOND" presents how west loots resources from Africa. The world is going to end soon.

  54. Limpy Agnon says:

    Why dont you let them go where they want to?

  55. Spanish Montana says:

    I'd rather die in my country than this shit

  56. Conot says:

    This atrocity was created by westerners telling lies to these poor Africans about the journey. They have no clue that even if they make this hellish journey Europes boarders are closed. We can’t break the law to help people because these are the issues that ensue. Close the boarders and invest more in legal immigration. Get these people to Europe the right way

  57. ali hadun says:

    let them in their own hell.never help them ,they are devils

  58. Lisa bello says:

    Islamic countries are so cruel… this would never happen in Christian countries

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