Delay, Deny, Defend – Car Insurance Company Tactics

Delay, Deny, Defend – Car Insurance Company Tactics

Car Insurance. Every month you pay a premium
to protect your vehicle, the second biggest investment you’re likely to make, in case
of a loss caused by an accident. If that accident happens, your insurance company
is required by law to make you, their policyholder, whole again. Unfortunately, they don’t always
act in your best interests. In fact, many insurance companies engage in
a well-documented strategy designed to minimize the amount they pay for justified claims.
It’s called “Delay, Deny, Defend.” – Insurance companies first seek to delay
payment of justified claims. They used to come out to look at your vehicle within two
days of an accident. Now it can take two weeks or more, especially when you take your car
to a shop that isn’t on their direct repair program, and therefore hasn’t entered a
contractual agreement to repair your car cheaply. – During that time, they’re looking for
every opportunity to deny your claim, or scare you into the lowest possible settlement.
– Then, if they’re unsuccessful in denying the claim, or getting you to settle for pennies
on the dollar, they underpay the cost of repair, forcing you to either pay out of pocket or
seek legal counsel and defend your claim in court.
Why would an insurance company adopt such an aggressive policy against its own customers?
Because it works. The big insurance companies are seeing record profits.
Think about it. If an insurance company can save a thousand dollars on a million claims,
well… you can buy a lot of Super Bowl commercials with that kind of money.
And despite what they’re telling you in their multi-million dollar ad campaigns, they
don’t have your best interests in mind. It’s all about the bottom line, about keeping
your insurance premiums in their pockets. So, if you’re in an accident, take what
your insurance company tells you with a grain of salt. Understand that they’re using a
strategy designed to intimidate you into accepting a settlement on their terms. And, most importantly,
understand that it’s your legal right to get a repair and a settlement that restores
you to pre-loss condition.


  1. Fix Auto Mesa says:

    100% accurate

  2. Jim Pfau says:

    To our friends at K&M :
    Thank you for all your hard work and the application of pressure.
    Your Pals at Alan's Collision Center in Phila.

  3. Mike Jones says:


  4. conspiracytheoryauto says:

    totally true insurance companies are a cult operating in secretly under masonic lodges in every town across America

  5. Scott Thompson says:

    Although there probably are companies that do that to lump them all together is stupid.  Just as I would not lump you with the cheaters and scammers that are also in the auto body business.

  6. Ray Arsenault says:

    Like to see her tits!!

  7. Kevin Smith says:

    The Hartford Insurance is doing it to me now. So, what are my options?

  8. CyberCheese says:

    That disclaimer at the end makes the whole thing sketchy lol. Are these only opinions, as you suggest? or are they facts?

  9. Sky1 says:

    They are all forcing us to use their paid shill arbitration companies now to settle disputes, this is getting out of hand.

  10. Tonia Gilmore says:

    Insurance companies are devil worshippers

  11. MusicforMe123 says:

    Insurance companies will do their best to get you the settlement you deserve to make you whole again. The better the insurance company the better the payout, if you use a bad insurance company, the payout is little to nothing. Buyer beware.

  12. Brenda Calderon says:

    Pls pls tell me what to do . I’ve been holding them off for a month now and their saying if you don’t take this offer you can go on your own through them we’re only paying actual value $1600 and car replacement their only giving me $320. But the don’t have a 2006 dodge neon they say their giving me 120percent on that bolognie.
    I told them for me to buy a dodge neon that was like mine they start at $2500. Their saying that’s all the other insurance will pay. Let it be known my car was at a auto shop parked when it got hit???????

  13. Cuarajhy Rojayju says:

    How do I request defendant insurance claims numbers from their insurance company? Do I request by letter or by phone?

  14. Tom Ace says:

    Who were the first ppl to agree to car insurance. ? They need to be shot. Who reads a deal that says that if your car is a different colour it cost more. Or deductible? Anyone who drives a old or used vehicle that want the cheapest policy gets 1000 deductible. If something that cost more than 1000 dollars breaks on a used vehicle. Your thinking of just getting a new one. How does that help. They all say the same thing. What if you kill someone? Does money bring ppl back? Does it make you feel any better about killing someone . Or even losing someone. ? No. The fact that the police force . A social system paid for by tax payers are your enforcement. How does that work. ? Insurance should never cost more than 60 bucks a month unless you make a claim. If you have ticket your punishment is paying g the fine. If I never made you pay by making a claim. How am I a higher risk to you? It's bullshit. It's made up hypocritical shit to make you pay. JUST STRAIGHT UP EVIL.

  15. James Last says:

    Most of the profit goes to CEO bonuses.

  16. niall Keen says:

    What if it's an life insurance

  17. Scott Richards says:

    question can california force insurance rates to rise to force people out of their cars for global warming and is it already happening

  18. Quixotepr says:

    Good advice, but in Orlando if you have only a fender bender or bumper breaker, without injuries, NO LAWYER will take your case. I am in one of those and called about 20 lawyers, yes those that appear on tv, radio, billboards, and NONE accepted the case since I had no injuries. And the police report clearly states that the other person was 100% at fault, he ran thru a red light, yet Progressive just offered to pay 80%, since according to them, I was 20% at fault. I questioned their investigation and send them about 15 objections based on timing, Florida statutes and evidence and yet they could not even answer one of them and just sent me a letter stating that I was 20% at fault. I complained thru the Florida Financial Agency and they just tallied one more complain for Progressive and acted as a courier, though, they took the insurance side. I could not believe the claims adjuster was so cynical, and lye so shamelessly just to get a bonus check. So, in the end, and according to the lawyers, it is not about justice, it is all about money. I will try one more thing that will include tv reporters that investigate scams, as I think that people should be aware of the Progressive tactics and lawyers "fight for ju$$$$tice".

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