1. RED FORD says:

    I'm about getting tired of this foul language coming from corporate. First Regina's cussfest now this.

  2. yesnoyesnookay says:

    Incredible talk.

  3. THIRD MASTER says:


  4. AniishAu says:

    1. Empower your team [8:15] (eg. supercells, no boss, let intuition rise from team and be absolutely unhindered)
    2. Design a service [20:18] (in a world dominated by products, redefine your business as a service)
    3. Build an ecosystem [15:10] (with other businesses and profit on strategic partnership)
    4. Embrace unmet needs [18:45]
    5. Build cognitive diversity [22:05] (put the origami expert in the robot team)
    6. Be agile [24:58] (with small, independant, irreverent teams)
    7. Find your blind spots [27:22] (proactively search where you haven't been looking)
    8. Enable collisions [29:37] (enable cross-fertilization of ideas from diverse elements)
    9. Embrace the tech ([31:50] (how could an app, a smart frypan and digital access to a world-class chef transform learning to cook?)
    10: Exploit a crisis [34:01] (well solved failures can lead to business transformation)

  5. Valerie makumire says:

    I think Ocado is also a good example of a company that has innovated well in their space. They are now the company that other companies come to for automated warehouse systems.

  6. MESA design-ideas says:

    you have to check this out


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