Content Ideas For Small Business Owners

Do you need content ideas for small
businesses? Does coming up with posts for social media stress you out? Today
I’m gonna share 11 proven content ideas for small businesses, alright? Let’s get
into it Hello busy people! Welcome to Five Minute Social Media. If you’ve ever had “figure out my social medi”a on your to do list
but it keeps getting shoved down because you feel overwhelmed or you don’t know
where to start or you don’t have time, you’re in the right place. Every week we
put out a quick video helping you with a different piece of your digital
marketing strategy. My name is Jerry Potter (yes it rhymes with the boy wizard)
and today i’m gonna give you 11 proven content ideas for small businesses. A lot
of times I hear people say, “Oh well I see what other people are doing but it
doesn’t apply to my business.” Pretty much all of these should apply to your
business no matter what your business might be. By the way these are all ideas
that my clients have had proven success with – and make sure you watch until the
end because I’ve got some bonus ideas at the very end for you too. And one more
thing, because I hear this all the time from people, “Oh my business is boring,
nobody cares. Every business is interesting in its own way. It might be
boring to you if you do it every day. I want to give you an example. I worked for
years in radio hosting morning shows on stations and got to interview huge stars
Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks – and even though listeners
were interested in that, they were just as interested in the dumb gray room that
we stood in to do the show every day. So the behind the scenes stuff in your
business, whatever it might be, is more interesting than you think it is to
other people. Alright, eleven proven social media content ideas for small
businesses. Let’s go! Content idea number one: photos, videos, profiles on your team
members, your employees your staff. This is what makes your company human. You don’t want people to relate to your company as a brand, you want your
customers to relate to your people as people so this is what that achieves. Now
if you don’t have people or a team like me – I mostly work on my own – for this
that’s okay! Your pet can be your intern, the FedEx guy or the Amazon delivery guy
or whatever, if you’ve got somebody that shows up every day
delivering packages they’re on your team The barista at your coffee shop can also
be on your team if that’s where you go and work a lot of the time. So be
creative, figure out those people. It makes great content. Number two:
anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations. What is somebody celebrating? Birthdays
are easy and obvious but it could be the an anniversary, you know, their 5th work
anniversary. Or it could be something even more personal like you or somebody
on your staff has been alcohol-free for two years or whatever
it might be People love to rally for celebrations so
it makes great content. Again you have a small team like me? That’s ok. Utilize
other people or utilize your customers or clients. They make great stories as
well. Number three is ask questions. This is everything with Facebook’s algorithm
right now. You want to ask questions that people will want to comment on because
Facebook loves comments. They also love when your audience comments back and
forth with each other. I’ll give you a little trick, and you can’t do this all
the time, it’s really hard in some situations, but ask questions that are so
juicy that if somebody doesn’t have an answer for it they still want to see
what other people are saying. Random example that may not fit in your
business or your brand but if you asked, “What’s the worst first date you’ve ever
been on,” if I see that in my Facebook feed and I see there’s 17 comments I’m
like, “Oh I want to see these stories! I want to see what’s going on there!” Number
four: ask for advice or suggestions People love to help and feel like
they’re part of what you’re doing “Hey guys, thinking about serving our
burger with broccoli instead of fries. Yay or nay?” You’ll probably get some
passionate answers on that if you are a restaurant. I’ve asked people about my
video backgrounds and gotten their opinion on that.
I once crowd-sourced my haircut on Facebook Live because I didn’t know what
to do. It was a little humbling as people pointed out, “Well you are thinning out on the
side there.” Okay let’s slow down, but anything you can do to ask for advice
tied into your personality or more specifically your brand or business
makes great content. Number 5: give tips. You’re an expert in something. How can
you help your audience out. Maybe you sell clothes online – you can give
people tips on how to match things up. I did have a wedding photographer once – I
suggested, “Hey why don’t you give out photography tips?” They said, “Well I’m not gonna give away my secrets!” I’m not talking about your
secrets or whatever gives you your signature style as a photographer, just
help dummies like me take a better picture with my phone the next time I
don’t have a professional wedding photographer following me around. That’s
valuable to me and I appreciate that and your audience will appreciate that too. Number six: before-and-afters. Everybody loves a makeover, whether it’s a person
or a home or whatever it might be. But your before-and-after could also be if
you’re a baker – here’s all the ingredients and here’s what I made with
it. Even for me a before-and-after might be, “Here’s what my recording studio looks
like before I set everything up and here’s what it looks like after I set
everything up. “Whatever your business is there’s probably an interesting before
and after that you might be able to get at least a couple pieces of content out
of. Number seven: local events in your area. If you are a local business you are
probably going to some of the same festivals and activities that people in
your audience are so it could be as simple as, “Hey I’m checking out the taste
of this city this weekend. Never been. Got any tips?” These are all chances to start
conversations with your audience no matter what your business might be. Number eight: local sports. This is the chance to just basically jump on the
bandwagon of something that somebody is already excited about.I have a client in
Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You better bet we post about Alabama football. We have a
client in Nashville and we definitely posted about the Predators when they were in
the playoffs. So you’ve got all these opportunities to jump on the bandwagon
of something else. Don’t fake it if you hate sports – don’t do that – but otherwise
by all means you might as well take advantage of the local scene. Number nine: #ThrowbackThursday. These still work! I know that might sound like a tired old
idea like, “Oh we’ve been doing throwback Thursday since 2009 – hey that’s a
throwback there.” But it works. I developed a content strategy for a
chain of collision centers and we decided on Thursdays we were going to
start posting photos of classic cars This was a Facebook page that was
completely dead, no engagement, no reach. We started doing that – that was the birth
of the page and then we branched out from there with other valuable content.
So throwback Thursday still a viable thing. Number ten: behind the scenes. What
don’t people normally get to see? Maybe you have an immaculate Instagram feed
but occasionally show something where your hair is messy maybe on Instagram
stories or something like that. If you have an immaculate storefront but you
have just a disaster of a storage room, post a picture of the storage room to
show people, “Yeah I’m not perfect. It’s a disaster back there, that’s why I don’t
let you back there!” That makes you relatable as a human. And right after
idea number 11 I’m gonna tell you how to get some bonus ideas but idea number
eleven is to show the bad stuff. This makes people uncomfortable, and I get it, but
you need to show when things go wrong in your business too. Got a bad review?Make
a video, read the review and then address the customer’s concerns. That will mean so
much to the rest of your customers, especially if you made a mistake and you
just say, “Hey we had an off night I’m sorry. We’re working to be better and
I really appreciate the feedback.” That will go a long way for people. If you
work in a restaurant, you drop a tray glasses, snap a photo!” “We’re not
perfect. Boss is gonna be mad about this one.”
That’s all great content that lets people feel like they’re getting inside
your business or your brand. Even though it might feel weird to share the
bad stuff, it’s again what makes you human.
So there you go, eleven content ideas for small businesses – but I’ve actually put
together a longer list of 24 content ideas. You want to get the whole list? Go
to the link in the description of this video. It’s totally free, I’m not selling
anything. This is something that I give out to clients all the time and I want you to
be able to have it too. 24 content ideas – get the link in the description of this
video. Want help adapting one of these ideas to your industry? Let me know down in the
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