Commander Loskene Attack The USS ENTERPRISE

Commander Loskene Attack The USS ENTERPRISE

being fired renowned solium punctuality
mr. Spock damage control report – structural damage two sections a4 and
c-13 engineering hold power steady and cut off all unnecessary expenditures
Sulu divert all the emergency maintenance power to the shields but Sir
that will reduce our phaser power by 50% mr. Spock understood
lieutenant Uhura open a channel to the Tholian ship listen mister students
walking phaser cracking controls ASIS locked in sir there’s no response on any
frequency sir what’s the use of this battle Spock you’ve lost Jim take the
ship out of here ready mr. Sulu ready mr. Spock let’s just talk engineering status report mr. Scott I
can’t do a thing with the enterprise now can you estimate minimum time required
for repair I don’t even know if she can be repaired are you satisfied Spock why did you join the decision to
fight was logical lack of time prevented any other course of action the Tholian
ship had to be disabled you should have known what could have happened and done
everything in your power to safeguard your crew that is a mark of a starship
captain like Jim doctor I hardly believe this is a time for comparisons please go
at once to your laboratory and search for an antidote to the effects of this
space that is your primary task since we must remain here

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  1. drockjr says:

    Best video ever ever .

    Get us out of here mr. Sulu

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