Dear friends and followers welcome back to my channel today will be a short video about the cockpit windows how to open the sliding window What to do in case one of them breaks during flight, and what makes them so special, so let’s get started The cockpit of an Airbus A320 has six separate windows there are set up into two windshields Two sliding windows and two fixed side windows now each window is made up out of three Hercule glass layers Which is chemically treated to strengthen and to make it lightweight at the same time Now all six windows roughly have the same thickness of one centimeter and all of them are heated electrically to prevent them from Icing and fogging up the windshield is the primary Window for the pilots to get the best view onto the runway or flight path and each windshield is Fitted with a windscreen wiper if you want to learn more about the windscreen wipers look up the video on my channel Or just click right here now on the splitter beam between the two windshields sits this little probe the so called external visual ice Indicator which picks up ice from cold clouds and raindrops ETC to Indicate possible icing on the wings and engine inlets more about wing and engine Anti-icing system in a future video now the electrical heating system works fully automatic meaning as soon as one engine is running the heating comes on and Stays on throughout the flight now in Casey windshield is fully covered in snow and ice now don’t get out your ice scraper or similar tools instead turn on the window heat Manually with this button other than that the windshield comes with polarized sun visors which you can move around and adjust to your needs Next Window is the cockpit sliding window to the left and right of the pilots now the window frame comes with a Clip to retain the cable from your headset a light to illuminate your charts with a switch and dimmer cup holder over Tractable sunvisor A Paperclip a pen pocket a pocket for you Efb and two control handles now Before opening the sliding window make sure it’s clear of any snow and ice because the window will slide Inward and you don’t want melting snow dripping into your Compartments and electronics remove your headset cable from the retainer to reduce the risk of cable bending No drinks in the cup holder and check that nothing is placed on the sliding rail rear of the window a lot of pilots place Yogurts and Drinks back here as the metal is connected to the outer skin of the plane making it very cold and is therefore Misused as a fridge then gently pull on the control handle inwards and Rear words to open the window and as soon as the window unlocks and slides backwards You’ll hear a clicking sound and that’s the locking pin Securing the window from moving forward once the window is fully open don’t put your hands anywhere Near the rail as it is always covered in grease for smooth operation to close the window. You flip the locking pin into the office Make sure that the rail is clear of any unwanted objects And then slide the window Forwards and use both hands on each handle to push and lock the window in its frame Make sure that the control handle shows the red ring around the push-button Which identifies that the window is closed and locked if this shouldn’t be the case And you take off the chances are that the window might open upon takeoff or a possible cabin depressurization? could have serious consequences now you Physically can’t open the window in flight due to the differential cabin pressure But there is a procedure in case of smoke in the cockpit now you should descend to 10,000 feet to equalize the differential pressure and reduce the speed to 200 knots and if all previous smoke removal procedures were Insufficient you would then open the pilot monitoring sliding window to suck out the smoke But I’m not gonna go into more detail about this procedure. I’m sorry but important to know is the sliding window is the pilots Secondary escape route in case of an evacuation after an unfortunate landing primary exit would be through the cockpit door But in case that’s blocked or jammed for some reason the pilots throw out an escape rope which is attached above the window and climb down that rope now the most aft Window is the fixed side window it’s also electrically heated and comes with a sun visor or a curtain you might say and Allows the pilots to get a view onto the airplane wing now you Can’t see the engine intakes therefore You would have had to walk back to a cabin window, but this can vary from aircraft aircraft ok so What happens in case a window gets cracks in Midair like in this picture? In case it got damaged by the impact of foreign objects or electrical arcing of the window heating system Or other reasons the first thing is to identify If the crack is either on the cockpit side or on the outer side By using a pen or your fingernail if it’s on the outer side like shown in this picture There is not much you can really do the inner pane is still strong enough to sustain the Differential pressure up to the maximum flight level more or less meaning fly to your destination airport and then the pilot Flying should be on the side of the window Which is fully intact in case both windshields are damaged and the visibility is severely reduced Consider an Auto land landing at the next suitable airport. Okay. Here’s a side note You’re not going to believe in case auto Land is not available And the visibility is so severely reduced on both windows That pilot flying shall open the side window to get a view onto the runway. This is a procedure I’m serious so that puts a visual approach to a whole nother level in case the window is damaged from the inside of the cockpit the pilot Shall initiate a descent to 23,000 feet to reduce the differential pressure between the cockpit and the outside air pressure down to 5 PSI To reduce the risk of further damage which could lead to a cabin depressurization I would recommend finding the neck suitable airport to land because at lower levels the fuel flow is significantly higher and Unexpected turbulence could damage the window even more, but I have to say cracked Windows are a very rare occasion I’ve only experienced it once and I admit it looks more frightening than it actually is okay We’re just coming to the end of the video, but I have a question for you guys I have unlocked a function that you can send in and add Subtitles to my videos in your language now your work is highly appreciated And your channel name will then be mentioned in the description of the translated video. So thank you very much for your help I’m really looking forward to that. So that’s it for today Make sure to perform a touching go out my instagram account and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and a notification bell So you won’t miss out upcoming videos. See you next week all the best your captain Joe


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    I worked as a crew chief on that model of aircraft when I was in the Air Force, decades ago. One day my assigned tail number got back late on a blazing hot humid afternoon and there was an interesting entry in the pilot's log: "Excessive overspray upon refueling". We'd already known that the sliding valve seal was overdue for a replacement but it kept getting red diagonaled, instead of escalated to red X. (For those reading who are unfamiliar, the maintenance log contains ways to mark a problem that is not enough to ground a flight (red diagonal), to show inspection overdue (red dash) or sufficient to ground a flight (red X).

    We needed to refuel the aircraft, but I was suspicious of the log entry. I learned CYA in the military, and certainly understood chain of command. So I went to the expeditor and explained my concerns. He said, "do it anyway." I said, "I'm not signing off on this refuel. You will have to." He agreed and did so. "It's gotta fly in 3 hours," he remarked. So I got my team together. Man for the firebottle (huge fire extinguisher on a hand truck), a guy I was training in refuel procedure, and last but not least, the POL (petroleum, oil, lubricants) guy with his pit cart and deadman switch (a magnet on a cord attached to his belt). We had a designated area to meet in case of emergency, also.

     So, I went into the cockpit to trim (balance by controlling weight) the aircraft as it refueled. My trainee was at ground level at the ladder up, on the interphone with me so I could talk him through the procedure and he could watch the wings, other possible hazards like vehicles or foot traffic, and see what the POL guy did. I had given him a T.O. (technical orders) manual on procedure (this is how it is done, by the book; this outranks anyone even the base commander). Also had my own. Had explained my concerns but we were going to do it right. So, one of the first things that the manual said was to close and lock the sliding windows, which I did while reading that entry to the trainee. You see, there are electrical panels on either side of the pilot and co-pilot's positions. Safety first! Yes, it was stifling hot in that B-52 with black radar absorbent paint.

    After all that, I had the POL guy start transferring JP4 jet fuel. As soon as it got up to the forward tank, fuel fountained out the top of the aircraft and ran down the windows. I yelled "RUN" to my trainee as I shut off the power (the POL guy ran also, which instantly shut off the fuel). The guy on the firebottle stood there in awe for a few moments, saw the other guys book on past, then finally I climbed out and went over to him and said, "let's clear out in case.'" So we went to the spot and I said to the trainee, "Now do you see why we use the manual and don't take shortcuts?" He agreed that the lesson would stick.

    In that short span, about 300 gallons of jet fuel spilled. If I didn't close the sliding windows, at the very least I would have been in deep trouble. In the worst case, I would have been a crispy critter. Anyhow, folks, those stupid irritating rules can save your life.

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