Chicago’s Best Meal Deals: Stony Sub

Chicago’s Best Meal Deals: Stony Sub

this episode is all about bang for your
buck and we heard about a legendary sandwich on the south side that’s good
for a meal now and the one after that and then the meal after that Mark said
Stoney sub Avalon Park the gym shoe the sandwich I’m never going to forget is it
two shoes all right we’re on the south side we want something substantial to
eat you guys serve something that is so Southside so meal deal and that sandwich
name is the gym shoes gym shoe juice with the energy because what is the gym
shoe it’s a fusion of corn beef sandwich a guy roll sandwich and a roast beef
sandwich I didn’t even know what it was when I ordered it and when I got it on
my plate I was like wow this is incredible that’s a stacked up beauty
right yeah it is it’s a lightest hearty but it’s pretty good all my turf is Nike
Adidas a Reeboks as long as there’s a gym shoes you good what makes the gym
shoe such a perfect meal bill well I like to think of it as the best of three
world getting a roasted corn beef in government which are all Chicago
originals and so on sub-themes like the perfect meal for me this one’s going to
be at first maybe a lot depending on whether i nap off with right yeah go
guys shoes on I like what we’re starting my but what are we doing first the first
thing we’re going to do is cut some government you want to angle the knife a
little bit longer stride like you’re playing the violin we’re making sweet
music right now you guys hear that we mix our gyro meat with corned beef and
roast beef and add Giada Nara sweet peppers and onions to the mix this is
filling up like two-thirds of the grill this is one sandwich what the all right
we have the materials for our shoe now we need to fashion that shoe together
right we have two slices of Swiss cheese some mil and you can go ahead and unload
right now very nice very nice we chopped up with tajiki sauce I like the
technique thank you very much and finish with lettuce and tomato veggies keeping
healthy kids healthy stern words is that perfection I would say it as set that
with straight face the jumbo you can feel like three people
after one sounds definitely can slice it up and share it amongst a friend which
size you get the Jumbo because he do because he does because he’s a small man
what do you like about governmental Dale it works out well for me
and when I become rich I can be booze you come in here you order to mill
Dale’s Mac I mean order everything all right Chicago’s bestest whilst on the
subject I think your name we show we should we should use that what part of
my jaw do i hinge to get into this it was on the top first with a force I’m
just gonna go dive straight in what do you think I think I could be here a
while I already know I love Gumby I love roast beef Jeremy fan of as well it’s a
great combo here’s the important part though mill deal episodes this thing two
foot long with fries and a drink is how much 12 40s and there’s more to go
around talking to which we get some bag I’m going to take this to go
yeah definitely my second and third meal of the day I go yeah you


  1. Arqetech says:

    Halal Guys!

  2. Mike K says:

    A show that promotes food killing millions of people a year. Gotta love that.

  3. hiimacrazyguy says:

    Bring back the colombiana from the steak video! She's the bestttttt

  4. Ismail Omer says:

    fuck that

  5. Алексей Плотников says:


  6. Shawnders22 says:

    Corned beef, pastrami and gyros are all NOT chicago originals

  7. volcano hi says:

    the swiss cheese has no holes either.

  8. Rafa Lol says:

    you guys shoIle check out George's hotdogs on 26th and kedzie in lil village best gyros in Chicago owners greeks

  9. Rafa Lol says:

    sorry Greek

  10. Brian Dobosh says:

    That looks soooooo good.

  11. Mike Murley says:

    my gout pain came back after watching this

  12. dana taylor says:

    Fake meat and frozen fries yum

  13. Perro Pulgoso says:

    Food looks disgusting and Elliott makes it even worst, what a moron.

  14. LossVegas says:

    You know the place is in a great neighborhood when the service counter looks more secure than your average bank teller window.

  15. Auto Young says:

    French Montana makes a damn good looking sammich…

  16. Bob Loblaw says:

    Please, just please, could somebody take that Elliot loser on a long walk off a short pier? AWWWW GAWD- he is awful.

  17. Latria Johnson says:


  18. Latria Johnson says:


  19. amanita333 says:

    healthy sandwich :DDDDDD

  20. trapstarz209 says:

    Fuck the host

  21. lorettasuch lewis says:

    Plus on the southside Chicago there are so many better restaurants than this piece of trash restaurant!! I don't even know why this restaurant without a show.

  22. debbie jones says:

    This place sucks. I know a few spots Out south that are much better!! The food was horrible the fries were hard because he refried old fries. I thought because they was on Chicago's best it was going to be the most fantastic experience. As far eating a gym shoe… horrible customer service well I don't expect the best….but I'll never be back. The place was filthy look like the guy didn't wash his hands for weeks. But you know ….they figure black people will eat anything!!

  23. Harry Dutton says:

    its called donner meat not Euro meat

  24. Dinh Le says:

    the host, director, camera man, all couldnt correct the guy when he mispronounced that?

  25. lancsFrogger says:

    it doesn't look like a sandwich. its like a small bomb exploded in a crowded meat shop

  26. Pennies on a Dollar says:

    People stay away from this Place! Gangs frequent this Place 24/7…A man was just killed here last year. RipOtfChino

  27. Chicago Writer says:

    OTF Chino was killed here

  28. Andrew Jones says:

    Is this gyro retarded?
    It's Euro.

  29. acuna204 says:

    We used that same bread for sandwiches and garlic bread…delicious toasted

  30. Steve Logan says:

    It is pronounced yeero, not guyro, when will people get this right, it's an insult to the greek heritage

  31. Big C says:

    GUYROW??? WTF!!! not going until he can pronounce it right.

  32. KingTrunkzdbz says:

    Damn!, $13 dollar samish.

  33. MakeOutHill says:

    Thats meat is so fcking dry

  34. Aaron Wurtzel says:

    I cant take this seriously guy or sandwich with this guy saying the G in gyro..


    a gighro….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. D C says:

    Guy-Ro Sandwich? Hope this dude doesn't call it that in Greek Town…

  37. Fantomas says:

    Of course, black people and bullet proof glass LOL. Typical.

  38. Tia Artista says:

    Gym shoe sandwich is sooooo good omg😌

  39. ProFett MohaMett says:

    Meat🤔🤔🤔 where??? Koran Pisser.

  40. LittleRedOBS says:

    Its not a fucking guy ro sandwich its a damn euro

  41. Silo G says:

    He had to take it to go cuz it was looking dangerous outside

  42. Alexander K. says:

    Corned Beef, roast and gyros are chicago originals? lol…

  43. LolDarrellLol says:

    $12.40 goddamn

  44. Ian Crawford says:

    You know its not pronounced gyro its called yearo.

  45. Neil Billy bob says:

    Donner meat we call it in the uk
    looks dangerous out on the street I heard this place is in gang territory.

  46. Tyrant says:

    Hehe they have those style windows at the stores down the street by my house. Its because they get robbed.

  47. miguel barajas says:

    looks like bunch shit on a sub. not impressed at all. 12$ wtf you better make the sandwich look better I rather have a sandwich with fries that has quality and looks good this looks like something a homeless man would it out of garbage can .

  48. Spolybad Polobad says:

    Know wander America's high risking heart diseases and strokes…..

  49. Spolybad Polobad says:

    "Thee Almighty God" said a man who desires meat their lives should be shorten…..

  50. Othieno Burton says:

    Americans love heart attacks

  51. NO FREE LAY BACKS says:

    OMG 😀🤗

  52. Franki Folch says:


  53. mubmub mubmub says:

    Garbage quality, meant for people who enjoy Mcdonalds and cafeteria food

  54. aquiariots72 says:

    A "GUYro" sandwich…come on. Pronounce it that way game is over. You lose.

  55. supertarantinooo says:

    döner lan bu amerika bizi giskaniyiiii

  56. L/Crochet love child says:

    If only I wasn't scared to go to Chicago 🙄🙄 🙄😥 😥 😥

  57. L/Crochet love child says:

    Damit pls open in MD I would come

  58. Larry Johnson says:

    Not that place noooooooo…

  59. Dankiel Memer says:

    damn this looks delicious

  60. skirm123 says:

    Why do arabs love to set up shop in black neighborhoods? They making good money in these hoods.

  61. shankleythebest says:

    Did he just try to claim Donna meat as a Chicago original, pretty sure people around the Mediterranean would have something to say about that.

  62. GB3770 says:

    this presenter is good the last one was cringy as fuck

  63. edbtzkhud says:

    Nothing in the ghetto is for the common person. This dump and SO CALLED food is pure poison.

  64. Starguard ! says:

    Every time I go by there its always Closed

  65. Cosi says:

    This euro "kebab" meat is utter crap

  66. Timothy Kernan says:

    Can't stand this dude

  67. Timothy Kernan says:

    Bullet proof glass I'm clownin yo…you got$$ to go here you better keep d car running you gonna get took if your holdn $$ I'm telling you.
    Phone it in ?grub hub? or something !walk up?? negative.

  68. veke Martinez says:

    I want to go there!!!!

  69. camaro Carl says:

    Guy row ?

  70. jabberwolf says:

    Did he call gyro , "guy-roe" ?? 1:08

  71. Jack Tarasar says:

    Too expensive. $12.40 for sub, fries and a fountain drink? NA!

  72. Isaiah Thompson says:

    I got food poisoning from that sandwich. I have never been back.

  73. Quentin Stump says:

    Those look so yummy

  74. cdreyes81 says:

    Oh man, i need to take a trip

  75. Martin Mikkelsen says:

    not enough cheese… it need 4 slices and then 2-3 layers…

  76. Peace Florida says:

    " Guy Row " lol

  77. David Brothers says:

    Security glass everywhere how's that gun control working chicago

  78. Sheree Morgan says:

    You pronounced Gyro wrong!

  79. Wong Sifu says:

    Yuck. No wonder most of Americans are fat

  80. Mario Soto says:

    You know you are in South Side when the glass can stop artillery rounds.

  81. Orish Walker says:


  82. riproar11 says:

    Guy-ro?? If you won't say "yeah-ro" then at least say "ji-ro". The roast beef isn't necessary since the gyro meat will outflavor it. Pastrami is an interesting take, but mustard has no business being on a gyro sandwich.

  83. Fish Mann says:

    If you are looking to commit suicide / get murdered.
    Visit any restaurant in the South Side of Chicago!
    Home of the White Sox and lots and lots of CRIME!!

    Do you want to live when you dine out?
    Then stay in the North Side.
    Home of the Chicago Cubs!!

  84. Allen Goodman says:

    Gym shoe.

  85. Fantomas says:

    Why do all the black restaurants have bulletproof glass? Is there something about blacks that they need protection from them?

  86. J TEE says:

    I definitely associate corned beef more with New York than Chicago.

  87. jamal hayat says:

    Any business in a Black neighborhood that has plexiglass between the customer and server do not give them your money.

  88. daniel lack says:

    Elliot is universally despised……….

  89. Ken Sven says:

    Worth getting shot for that sangwich

  90. Cheryl Farmer says:

    That looks bomb….

  91. timgotta1 says:

    Join the movement to get rid of Elliot! Send him back to England, he has no business commenting on Chicago

  92. Panada Bear says:

    I would be afraid to go to half these places without getting mugged or killed…

  93. Joe Box says:

    The rest of the world looks at Chicago's Best, and thinks 'yep, that's why yanks are disgustingly fat'.

  94. Guy Werbrouck says:

    You actually call this bread in America? I'm gonna throw up if I continue watching this… What a disaster.

  95. Vincent D says:

    Looks ok

  96. Basil V says:

    You know the place is in a great neighborhood when the service counter looks more secure than your average bank teller window.

  97. Big B Kenobi says:

    Its pronounced Hero.

  98. Tony Savath says:

    Yeerow, jairow, AND Guyrow. All in the same video. Which the f one is it ?

  99. adrian williams says:

    They sell them on the west side also. He needs to try a hot Italian beef with added gyro meat and sauce

  100. Adolf Hitler says:

    melly killed here

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