Career Advice: Should You Work for a Big or Small Company

Career Advice: Should You Work for a Big or Small Company

Hi there, everybody. I got a question recently from a viewer and
it’s, “Which is better to take? A big job in a little company or a small job
in a big company?” Great question. I love that, from a career development standpoint. It really depends on your tolerance for risk
and how much you want to take control over your career moving forward. There’s positives and negatives to both sides
of things. A big job in a smaller company usually gives
you more experience. You’re exposed to different things because
things aren’t as segmented as they are in larger companies, but your advancement rests
on the ability of the organization to grow, or you to create a job for yourself moving
forward, or for you to find a job in another small company. You have to take a little bit more of your
own career development on yourself in those smaller companies. Taking a small job … and it can be a similar
job, but in a larger organization, it is a smaller job, gives you more of a clear path
forward. You have the safety of a large organization
that is going to have opportunities for you to grow. Whether it is within your own department moving
up, or whether it is in a neighboring department moving up. What you are is you’re constrained in your
development and that path can be slow, depending on the growth of the organization and just
the mindset of the organization moving forward. Truthfully, to get right down to it, I recommend
bouncing between the two. I think it’s a great opportunity for you to
have the security and the understanding of how a large organization works. Don’t get me wrong, both of these organizations,
small and large, value the experience from the other side. Small companies love that you worked for a
large company and you can help them, you can move procedures and everything else in the
culture of a large company, because all small companies usually want to be larger. The large companies love the broad-based experience
that you had in a smaller company. A lot of times what can happen is, is you
can move up the ladder by bouncing between the ladders, and you can actually do that
faster than if you just move up one particular type of ladder. If you’re looking for that experience or that
advancement, that can be an option for you. That’s kind of the as the negatives and it
really is a personal decision as to whether you want to work in a large company, have
that security and that clear path forward, or whether you’re a little bit more of a risk
taker and like those smaller companies where you can have more impact and more control
over your own career advancement. That’s a fantastic question for us. Thanks so much.

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  1. Preston Thomas says:

    I went from a big nice company where I felt like a intern, a year and a half later at a small company where they have issues finding talent I'm a key player in their IT department and pretty much a project manager. My growth has been significant and now as he said I'm hoping to go back to a big company next year. I def feel the risks at this smaller company but I needed to take my growth into my own hands I felt. Any one else in similar spot?

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