Business Tips: How to improve your business

Business Tips: How to improve your business

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Mahamedhavi YouTube Channel Today I am going to share a simple yet amazing bussiness secret Stay tuned Do you remember during our childhood, we used to go to a trade fair exhibition? There used to be several fun games and rides like gaint wheel, roller coaster One such fun game i really love is If you pay 10 rupees, they will give you a four rings They place several products ranging from a 50paisa match box to an expensive gadget All you have to do is You have to throw your rings accurately on any product, You can take that product home. Its all yours This is the game I have instantly fallen in love with this game. I went running to my dad And asked him for 10 bucks Then my dad told me, He dismissed it and told me it is a fraud. Nobody will win Dont waste money Take this 10bucks, and go get yourself some samosas. Ofcourse, I did not listened to my dad I went ahead to try my luck I have actually won Its a 50paisa match box I spent 10 rupees to get 50paisa match box. While I was still standing there cursing my stupidity, I saw someone who won a bicycle He is carrying the bike I ran to him and asked whats his secret I lost ten bucks He laughed at me and gave a very simple tip I am playing this game for an hour now I lost more than 200 rupees Everytime i failed hitting the target, i learned the mistake i made. And improved my target the next time If I threw it too fast I couldnt hit the target Next time i used little force instead of throwing it too fast But this time i used way less force that needed I improved my throw every single time He told me this principle Think about it for a moment You have sent a product/service to the market there is not much response from your customers It doesnt mean, they didnt like the product. It means they didnt need the product or it lacks features they need Its them telling you they need a product with improved features All you have to do is take that product and improve it based on customer feedback When we throw the ring, Our bring gives us a negative feedback You are throwing it in wrong angle Your speed is not right Everytime we receive negative feedback, we need to improve our attempts That winner improved his threw. But I lost because I never improved my throw I lost all my rings at once In the same way, most people without improving their business/service they keep throwing Zero improvement, No indepth analysis They dont fix the flaws in their business model Due to this, most people fail in their businesses This is not just in business world, same thing happens with students too Lets just say they are studying a theorom or formula If you are not getting it Without analysing the reason They stress themselves intensly and struggle with their studies Stop for a moment and think about it. Why are you not able to understand that subject? You skipped a chapter before, which is why you are struggling with the current topic Or there are complicated terms in that topic Which is why you are having a hardtime mastering it Then narrow your focus on that So everytime, try to narrow down your focus and rectify it every single time Thats how you succeed in business, life or career Most people dont do this Their focus is always on the prize If your focus is always on the profits or revenue How will you improve your product? The moment someone enters a new business, they whine and complain about not being able to generate enough revenue If you improve your product and promote your business to right audience, you will generate more revenue See how i focussed my attention on the prize instead of focussing on my throw You need to constantly take feedback from customers and evolve your product If you dont, you will never generate good revenue Another important thing in the ring game is, you are not supposed to throw all rings at once Imagine I started a fast food center and invested all the money i have in one go Lets just say the investment is somewhere
around INR 1,50,000 I rented a nice place It costed a lot, I was left with no money Means, I am all in. There is no way out I dont even have the money to develop my product Instead of renting a fancy place, what if i rented a small food truck Or one of those ice cream cycle type vehicles Now try to send the product to the market once It will cost you very little to pull this off You can rent everything you need If your customer kicked your product We can take that product, improve on it and send it back to the customer. If your budget is 1 Lakh rupees Take a very small portion of it and start your business Some people blindly invest 20-30lakhs in a business I dont get these people They buy computers, setup fancy offices, build company websites They do all the nonsense and drag themselves into a dark pit I dont know what they were thinking Before you send your product to market, you need to test it right? I totally understand, that you feel really confident about your product Which is why you get yourself in trouble. That blind confidence is the Enemy! They quit their job with no backup plan. So Stop doing this Start by testing your product/service Lets just say you want to develop a mobile app for students Dont jump right into mobile development First off validate the idea If you want to make something for students, dont directly jump into the product development stage Take a piece of paper and draw sketches of your app Roughly explain the interface to them Show your plan to school kids in your neighborhood Ask them if this app idea is useful to them Based on the feedback Do a few more sketches Now rinse and repeat. Go slowly in the start And you have to play the game long enough Some people decide in just 2 or 3 months, that they failed at their business I think i should go back to job I threw just four rings and decided, I was a failure But that winner played the game long enough. And eventually he won the bike which is impossible You need to invest a lot of time and most importantly patience into your game(product) That is when your product evolves into a great product So please keep this in mind


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