Breathe Life Back Into Your Business IN LESS Than 30 Mins a Day!

Breathe Life Back Into Your Business IN LESS Than 30 Mins a Day!

hey everybody Martha Krejci here what
we’re going to talk about today is how to breathe life back into your business
in less than 30 minutes a day okay so that is what the video is going to be
about real quick if you’re watching this on Facebook live in the gold getters
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things okay so that being said let’s get at it
so how are we going to be able to breathe life back into our business in
30 minutes or less here’s the deal you guys I am a systems girl I figure out
things that work and then I and I streamline them and then I make them
work for everyone so in Young Living specifically we talk
a lot about different personality colors right so there’s yellow there’s green
there’s red there’s blue yellow would be more of the the loving and the introvert
and the people that are least likely right to to be geared toward business
okay what they are geared toward is loving on people and sharing and things
like that you guys those are the best business people in history all right
what what what I do is I Mike I make everything work for those people where
they can do it without feeling like they’re selling anything and then it by
nature by proxy works for everybody else so this system that I do every single
day myself anybody on the planet is going to be able to do
it and they’re going to be able to find success the only trick you guys’ you
have to do it you can’t think okay that would be a
good idea to do and then like not do it so um if somebody at one point I can’t
even remember who it was but somebody at one point said if you want to get in
shape and you want to do push-ups right to get in shape you can’t just read a
book about doing push-ups that’s not gonna do it for you right you have to
get on the floor and you have to push your body up and down you have to do the
thing right do the thing and then once you start doing that then you’re going
to see your results start coming in you’re not going to get it just by
reading the books same deal here you’re not going to get the results by just
watching the video it might make you feel really good and it might get you
amped up and ready to go and God bless it I hope it does right but here’s a
deal from that energy that you get with this video you need to move forward and
do the thing here’s why people are waiting for you people are waiting for
you to step out and help them okay period that’s it so here’s the system
this is also if you are in the gold getters group this is the first three
days of the 90 days to silver so I do have a 90 days to silver thing it’s a
free thing that you can go through every single day you have a post um of video
yada yada yada this is the first three days of it okay
so the very first thing that you’re going to do is you are going to get your
list together right don’t freak out don’t glaze over on me so what your list
is is your Facebook friends list also I’ve heard other people put people on
their phone on that list and people in their email list on that list as well I
personally just do the Facebook friends list okay you can print out your
Facebook friends list if you want to you can go ahead and Google how to print out
your Facebook friends list very very easy you guys what you’re going to do at
that point is you are going to go through and you are going to cross out
everybody that is already on Young Living okay everybody that is already in
Young Living because we don’t play that and then we don’t do
that here okay they’re already in Young Living they’re already being taken care
of we’re not looking to get people on our team that are on other teams alright
so what we’re going to do is we’re going to make that list now if you’re anything
like me I have I have darn near I’m like five away I think from five thousand
friends okay and it goes back and forth whatever but I have about five thousand
friends on there so if you would have told me two years ago go ahead and print
out all of your Facebook friends and then put make a list out of those people
and and reach out to them I would have been like you’re insane that’s 5,000
people and no because I am a mom and I don’t have time for that I don’t have
time to be messing around with a 5,000 names and getting them organized here’s
the deal here’s what you’re gonna do you’re going to chunk it out okay so
whenever you print out that list you’re gonna basically as you go through it
you’re going to cross off the Young Living people and then what you’re going
to do is you’re going to reach out to and I say ten people a day all right now
we’re gonna get into this here in a second but reach out to ten people a day
and then just stop at that point on your list and you draw a line and then you
hit it up the next day and then you draw a line and you clean it up the next day
moving on right so the the ten people a day let’s talk quickly about that so for
ten people a day a lot of people when you’re first starting might think oh my
goodness first of all what am I saying to them which we’re gonna get to in a
second and so you don’t need to worry about that and then second thing is how
can I handle ten conversations in a day whatever that number is for you is
totally fine so if it’s only five people a day that you can comfortably reach out
to then just reach out to five people a day what we’re looking for here you guys
is consistency we are looking for whatever you can do consistently okay so
if you can reach out to ten people a day consistently that’s awesome if you can
reach out to five people a day consistently that’s also awesome just
understand that your results are scalable okay
so the results that you’re gonna have with five people are obviously going to
be less than the results that you’re going to have with ten people right so
just understand that but neither is wrong and neither is bad it’s just
different but you need to manage your expectations because of course it’s
different right it’s Matt right so um we talked to however many people you’re
gonna reach out to a day here’s what you’re gonna say to those people you
aren’t gonna say hey I have this premium starter kit and I want you to buy it
it’s the best thing in the world and it helps all these people and yada yada
yada does it yes absolutely do we need to lead with that not ever
once don’t do that at all okay you guys what we need to do is we need to lead
with just asking people how they are we’re making connections with people
we’re building relationships with people here’s the deal you guys while we live
in a world that is very like uber ultra connected via social media we’re not
connected in a real authentic way all right we’re connected in a way that
people it’s almost fake people feel like they have to project themselves as a
certain kind of way maybe either to make other people around them feel better
maybe to make themselves feel better it doesn’t matter you guys what we’re doing
is we are coming in authentic we are coming in transparent we are coming in
real and trustworthy okay so what we do is we message people and we just say hey
how are things hey I just saw that you you know went here how are things how
are you doing what’s you know I saw that I saw that you had a you know a parent
that just had surgery how are things going with that you are just being real
you’re just having an actual conversation with them and while I
talked to many many people on the internet every single day I do not have
that many people that reach out to me and just ask me how I’m doing you’re
going to also start to hear different things very real things from people
letting you know truly how they are doing because they
are willing to open up to anybody right because that’s what we need in our
culture we are showing up as exactly what is necessary in this world at this
point in time right now we need to be these people okay and is it is it
talking about yeah I need to sell my kid daddy that I know because that’s not
what we should be doing we should be showing up as a friend first and then if
something makes sense for them yeah we address that but that’s not how we show
up okay you guys and this is the system all right that’s the second part of this
second part of the system all right first part is getting your list second
part is messaging five ten however many people you can message consistently
messaging that many people consistently a day okay third part of that system
third and final part of that system is that you are going to make one to two
curiosity posts on your personal page every single week now do you do more
than two curiosity posts no do you’ll do less than one curiosity post No okay
here’s why it’s because if you do more than two curiosity posts and I’ll go
into what that is here in a second if you go in if you do more than two
curiosity posts a week you start to look deceptive you start to look like you’re
hiding something because the curiosity post is kind of like an accident
it’s kind of like I accidentally forgot I accidentally covered up the label I
accidentally forgot to say well what it actually was right so here’s what a
curiosity post is basically and I go more into it in my golden six course or
my go for gold of course are the same thing now so what a curiosity post
basically is is talking about the end results of what a product gave you what
you’ve got out of that product and then and sort of just glazing over what it
actually is so you’re going to here’s a deal you’re going to pique the interest
of somebody that wants that result also so they’re a qualified lead right so
they want that result also and they need to know how you got it so they’re going
to ask you and sometimes they’ll ask you right away
sometimes they’ll ask you after a month sometimes they’ll ask her ask you after
you message them because here’s the deal whenever you message people on Facebook
specifically the algorithm is this it’s very heavy on that so whenever you
message people they will start to see more of what you do on your feed and
vice versa you’re gonna see more of what they’re doing on their feet as well okay
so if you were just talking to them about something then what they’re going
to do naturally is they’re going to get curious and they’re gonna pop over to
your feet and say wonder what’s going on with them because they didn’t try to
sell me anything and they just asked how I was doing and now I’m just curious
about them well now they’re gonna scroll through your feed and they’re going to
see like these different curiosity posts and then they’ll also see your life and
the stuff the other things that you’re posting because that’s the other thing
you guys do not just post curiosity posts on your profile make sure that
you’re filling it in with what’s going on in your life if you want to go over
to my own personal page feel free go go over there and scroll through it you’ll
see what I’m talking about so that is that’s the last thing that
you do so you have the one to two curiosity posts per week and those we go
into very heavily and go for gold and gold in six so if you haven’t taken that
make sure that you do and the last thing that I wanted to say this isn’t part of
the system but it does help you okay so after 90 days of doing this okay after
every single week you’re going to want to write down your steps you’re gonna
want to write down how many conversations you had and how many
signups you got okay and then the next weekend it’s okay if at zero it’s fine
this is a numbers game the next week you say how many
conversations you had and then how many signups you got so on and so forth do
that for 90 days what we’re going to have from that is a pretty big number
and a pretty good idea of what you actually need to do everybody’s numbers
are different okay that’s why I’m not gonna say message ten people a day
you’re gonna get thirty signups a month that’s why I’m not saying that is
because everybody’s numbers are different but this is how you
you’re number okay so after 90 days of getting all of those numbers you will
have your end of 90 day how many conversations you had and how many
signups you got divide that number you’re going to know exactly how many
conversations lead to a sign up now with that data you can determine do you want
to have that many conversations a day do you want to get one sign up a day do you
want to get thirty sign ups a month right you can do whatever you want with
that data but until you have that data you got nothing you’re really just kind
of like you know you’ve got a blindfold on and you’re making your way through
this business and you’re like I don’t know I feel like I should do this no you
need data you need data so go ahead and get those numbers put together you’ll
know exactly what you need to do and there it is my friends it is how you
breathe life back into your business in 30 minutes a day or less I will see you
next time bye-bye

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