Breaking Down The Trade War With China | NBC News Now

Breaking Down The Trade War With China | NBC News Now


  1. Terry Young says:

    company like Google and Facebook,put many countries' national security under US control,that's why China setup a fire wall.

  2. Nickson Sic nawab says:

    Epstien is raping young girl with trump, how is that'. is that a normal think in U. S,' school shooting, church shooting, concert. Racist. It is a broken country.

  3. Nickson Sic nawab says:

    U. S, love wars.

  4. Pohaku Mana says:

    You're there with a war criminal drinking on blood money, nice.

  5. Pohaku Mana says:

    Those big organizations and companies can PAY THEIR TAXES!

  6. Comrad Cheng says:

    yay it broke down, I'm happy and thank Trump for forcing china to develop so quick

  7. Yvonne Tomenga says:

    👍@Stephanie-You do such a good job of presenting the issues and the pros and cons in a brief video. Thanks. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Burntburgers says:

    Fake news

  9. Ashford Marrero says:

    Checkout these unfiltered and unbiased media outlets. 100% factual
    The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk, Status Coup, Democracy Now, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, Kim Iverson, Abby Martin's show, MCSC, The Tim Black Show, Redacted Tonight, Real News Network and many more…. Trust that we need change & if you're tired of being lied to by these networks like fox news, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, the view…ect they're the sheep herders leading this 🌎 to destruction #GETINFORMED #REVOLUTION

  10. 漢仔 says:

    Allies again?

  11. Thorny Dig8 says:


  12. KiTT FOXXE says:

    China makes scrap products anyway

  13. Franky Alferado says:

    Short Summary: We USA want China's money, but we do not want to make friend with them.

  14. Captain America says:

    China has been stealing from America thank God we have a president that stands up to them. Big win for president Trump 2020.

  15. LuckyE says:

    so many china internet trolls here!!!!!

  16. Lawrence Sullivan says:

    "integrity and honesty" from this administration?? ha. China is unstoppable and any attempt to block its emergence will fail, and fail badly.

  17. Powerage Scott says:

    I love how republicans have changed the focus and demonized socialism . In the 1950s communism was the republicans worst enemy. Today there is money to be made in China so communism is not so bad so now socialism is the evil power.

  18. den dadadoe says:

    huawei risk? hahaha! 1: US not like that they are already much more advanced than them on AI and 5G
    2: with huawei the US cannot spy on 3/4 of the world!

  19. Efren Plaza says:

    What did we gain in more 30 years of constant trade deficit with China? Cheap toys, cheap clothes, cheap shoes, cheap appliances, etc. In return we lost a lot of Mom and pops jobs, stolen some of our technology, …. Why trade when China is potential adversary. Why can we not treat them like Soviet union?

  20. michael douglas says:


  21. Luckyplate Goodies Channel says:

    Trump is taking china for a ride .there is of course no intention to reduce tariffs .trump wants free money at the cost of harming world economy .

  22. T Bala says:

    China is using their economic powers to destroy the world economy

  23. Joe Burns says:

    Best trade policy with China is no trade policy.

  24. -SFA北美分局233号 says:


  25. Henry L says:

    Huawei is helping the world with 5G. And helping the world is a threat to the US.

  26. Ryan Ramos says:

    Cannot wait Trump to step down on 2020

  27. Josh Tep says:

    The only threats that China and Chinese companies present is that their competitiveness and innovation is surpassing us. Americans have lost their edge in the playing field they created. You can't just adjust and scramble the rules when you're loosing

  28. 沈洪 says:

    What American media usually do is putting purely theoretical statements out there and expecting people from the rest of world buy it, what’s more ironic but totally understandable is that some of them actually believe them. So, why are companies like huawei and ZTE putting you at risk ? Give me some concrete stuff not a nebulous theory like you delivered in the video.

  29. Jeffrey Ogden says:

    shes not even saying anything. no actual reporting. Just summarizing how she felt about what experts said and the things she thought were important. For all we know they could have said that they love the trade war with china, but of course NBC hides the actually interviews from us. FAKE NEWS

  30. Mepose says:

    The world would be a better place if China didn't exist.

  31. A P says:

    Chinese Actor stabbed on stage:

  32. xpsgamer says:

    China and Russia should put sanctions on America

  33. Sun Louis says:

    Trump's sanctions against China's 325 billion levy tariffs are absolutely correct. The United States is more benevolent than the 100% tariff of the US-Japan Plaza agreement. China is secretly hostile to the US is a long-term national policy. When a friend gets killed need to put the snake in his arms.The United States only has to force foreign-invested American companies to go out of China. It only takes another year and a half to wait for the foreign-invested foreign companies in China to withdraw from China. The tooths is pulled out from the China snake, and the United States will be safe and secure.

  34. Oliver Phippen says:

    This is another reason why the left should never lead again ???
    The left calls this a WAR
    The Chinese call it an adjustment ????
    Dims are stupid
    and they are pushing the green deal ?????
    Another deception of the left ????

  35. Hp Nguyen says:

    Bring down China economically is the best way to avoid the third World War. if not, China will bring down the US in a decade. Trump and his advisers are aware of this fact. Those who are not should read “Death by China” ASAP.

  36. Elizabeth Gordon says:

    People on this earth dont take a lesson during world war if bigger countries relations had restraints and the economic crisis had begun in this word wtf there is no way out of that except war . Put that in your head guys so stop this stupidity of humans because the story of ww1 will be repeat again.

  37. Jagdish Biradar says:

    China will be the strong reason for world war 3.

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