Biometric API, TensorFlow Enterprise, Chrome 79 Beta, & more!

Biometric API, TensorFlow Enterprise, Chrome 79 Beta, & more!


  1. Deven Chavda says:

    Amazing updates…

  2. Emmet Fanatic 2019 says:


  3. تطوير اونلاين says:

    Cool 👍🏼

  4. Hamed Kshiem says:

    VR on Chrome! just take my RAMs 🙂

  5. Bigo Live Video call Live Chat says:


  6. Fun Tech says:


  7. Rodrigo Alves Mesquita says:

    Angular ❤️

  8. arJun says:

    Awesome 😊😇

  9. Ahmad Haruman says:

    Almost to Chrome 80 wow time fly's fast.

  10. Marwan Dhiaur Rahman says:


  11. Suhail Saifi says:

    I want help.

  12. Prateek Maru says:

    I'm using Android since Android kitkat 4.4. And currently using Android 10 but in Android i trouble in file transfer coz. Google Never made app for sharing photo, video etc to other Android using

    Very disappointed when i see ios have airdrop for its own platform

    I hope google developer make new API for sharing!

    Love♥️ Android

  13. scotty K says:

    hey devs you guys are banning peoples google accounts because of live stream spam. do you really think thats a good google idea?

  14. Kris B says:

    I wonder if everyone who works at Google give thanks that the Internet was created.

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