Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals (Top 50 – Updated Hourly!)

Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals (Top 50 – Updated Hourly!)


  1. Cassandra Smith says:

    Thanks again for a great video!

  2. Merri Barlow says:

    Thanks Matt! Much appreciated!

  3. c r says:

    Thanks Matt!

  4. Nancy Watson says:

    I give electric toothbrushes to my grandkids for Christmas.need the lap top

  5. Cathi Clark says:

    I've been weighting for a weighted blanket (yes, I went there).

  6. Javon Gatewood says:

    Thank you, Matt

  7. W M says:

    My grandpappy always said “if you can’t make money, you have to save money”

    Thanks Deal Guy

  8. daniel maffo says:

    thanks a bunch!

  9. Illyse Sheaffer says:

    Matt & Team I’m looking for a good sound bar. I need to replace what I have. Got any suggestions?

  10. Jose Marroquin says:

    You are amazing

  11. PEGGYANN MOORE says:

    Thanks for tracking down these deals. Any DYI deals?

  12. Hal says:

    I'm disappointed this year on the sales. I was expecting higher discounts. Everything I'm interested in are just 20% off

  13. Bobby Joe Campbell says:


  14. bigboi jay says:


  15. Joe West says:

    Any good prime deals on portable battery pack to charge phones and tech on the road?

  16. Greg Hubbard says:

    Thank you for your efforts.

  17. Sara Leekley says:

    Don't ever stop using your hands when you talk! It is part of what makes you, YOU!

  18. RobotPorter says:

    "Italian designer 'inspired' bed sheets." In other words, they're from China.

  19. Judy Krawczyk says:

    Love the TVs

  20. Jackie McMillen says:

    Awhile ago you showed a deal on TrebLab wireless headphones. Do you if or when these will go back on sale? They have been my favorite by far!

  21. mg lh says:

    deal guy where are the prizes?

  22. Angela Fenn says:

    Thanks again!

  23. Laura Amador says:

    Saved me a lot of hours of searching. Thank you!!!

  24. Roman Felsted says:

    What happened to top 50?

  25. DORIS M says:

    Matt, you are definitely PRIME!

  26. Dan Shaller says:

    I totally agree with you about weighed blankets. If I need something to weight me down at night, I'll cuddle with my wife.

  27. Byron Bordelon says:

    Hi Matt – I was waiting to buy the pillows but they are the same price as before?

  28. ETRawr -o- says:

    good stuff

  29. Need less says:

    Haven't watched this channel in ages

  30. ****Country Boys Outdoors **** says:

    No link for the Lenovo. And as for the rest of the deals, they are forgettable at best. Some of these products you are “mentioning” are sold by the same company and have NO reviews. Coincidence? I wouldn’t think so.

  31. Alexandra Kulig says:

    I saw you on Amazon too😀

  32. Sandra Gallagher says:

    Lotta deals!!

  33. Tina Wilson says:

    Looking for a good deal on a high mAh power bank. Any suggestions?

  34. purna karanam says:

    Top deals

  35. Diana Nash says:

    Hi Matt. Hope you are your family is doing well.

  36. vacationboyvideos says:

    U save the MOST not buying anything! U save 100% and most"things" u don't need and later u realise they are just more JUNK

  37. Gamingforpride2005 says:

    The title says top 50

  38. Josh Lee says:


  39. Double DotP says:


  40. Rescue Lady46 says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful deals you share with us. Keep up the good work.

  41. Daphne Brandley says:

    Thank you Matt!!

  42. Not Me says:

    Keep speaking with your hands👐 I do😁

  43. vegangal1 says:

    Great deals!

  44. Daniel munger says:

    Thank you for the great information and your hard work.

  45. lyvonh says:

    Truly enjoy listening to u! How is that baby doing?

  46. Penny of4 says:

    Matt the man with the best deals!

  47. manny light says:

    Thanks, man. Huge help.

  48. Poochie Jones says:

    TY Matt!

  49. NativeKyd Gaming says:

    Let your inner Italian out! Talk with your hands lol

  50. Kristina West says:

    Thanks! Glad to know someone is as excited for Prime Day as I am

  51. Dan Alliance says:

    Deal states $299 for ipad, but when link opens price shoots up to over $400!  Yikes

  52. Beata Calvy says:

    Cool video!

  53. tobree2009 says:

    thank you matt

  54. Lisa Griffin says:

    you're the best!!

  55. Jose Gonzalez says:

    Thank you so much for the top ten deals

  56. Lindsay Emerson says:

    Great work Matt!

  57. Cristal Magbag says:


  58. Joyeux Irashubije says:

    Have good day

  59. James-dee R says:

    Thank you sir!!! You ROCK!!!!  Thanks for the recommendations!!!!  Keep it com'n!

  60. spafro101 says:

    I hit the link but nothing on the beats

  61. Urban Legend405 says:

    You guys really consider these deals? Seems like paid advertisement to me. Like seriously who is ever going to buy a 1 piece “5 star chef knife” retail 59.99 discounted $30 for (prime day)? Bunch of bologna deals to me!🤦‍♂️

  62. Joel Alcazar says:

    Where do I find the Lenovo laptop deal

  63. k dean says:

    $40 Off Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset 64GB

    Was: $249.00

    Now: $240.00

  64. David Stokes says:

    Matt, you R the BEST!!!!!!

  65. Creative Media says:

    I’ve been watching you since the beginning but just subscribed. Whops, sorry about that…

  66. Shawn M says:

    great job finding us the deals

  67. Myya Johnson says:

    Thanks Matt – these are some of the deals I was looking for.

  68. باسل الدوسري says:

    apparently things get out of stock, So if you are like 90% sure you want something buy it now and set the delivery to five days so that you can cancel it later before it’s shipped and you won't have to deal with the return if you change your mind later

  69. Victor Rivas says:

    Thank you for the all the great work!

  70. Dragonwing007 says:

    Prime Day Granite deals!
    Cheers! ~Mike

  71. Pricklypear says:

    Thanks Matt! You are the 💣❗

  72. Korozzz says:


  73. Titty Skillet says:

    This is the second of Matt's videos talking about this Lenovo laptop, but NO LINK to it.

  74. discodoug55 says:

    Priming the pump ….

  75. MdVidZ says:

    Thank you for giving us the best deals

  76. Chris Hill says:

    Thanks Matt! The irony is I put a phone I wanted on a Honey Drop List, got a notification it was on sale on PrimeDay, told my coworker about it….and he hooked me up w/coupon code and got it for LESS! 😀

  77. Karen Pratt says:

    Thanks, Matt!

  78. Holly M says:

    Thanks for the top 50 Prime day deals

  79. shadlemon says:

    Thank you very excited

  80. Debi Gibson says:

    Thanks for the Prime Day info!!!!

  81. Redonna Leckie says:

    Have a blessed day!

  82. The Silver Mongoose Project says:

    Make sure you follow the links so the unbiased review guy can get commissioned on the referrals…. again totally unbiased I’m sure…. right

  83. Michelle Adams says:

    Hey I saw you on the live on amazon and I got so excited. I was like why that’s my deal dude 🤣🤣🤣 My boys asked “Is that your friend mommy” lol.

  84. S Mazz says:

    Where is the list? No Lenovo anywhere?

  85. guiseppe00 says:

    Thanks man

  86. Scott F. says:

    Good stuff….

  87. Eric Rosario says:

    Good video

  88. Jonathan Peterson says:

    Thanks Matt. You Rock

  89. UkuleleAngela says:

    you're awesome!

  90. Juan Medina says:

    It has me cryinggg that the majority of these deals are with BOOTLEG brands 😂💀🤣. Give me 30% off on Apple products and I’m in.

  91. RabidMonkeyOnCrack says:

    This guy has to be a paid shill for Pur-Well Living. Look at how many products from that brand he recommends and none of them have reviews. Got to be kidding me…

  92. carla stouder says:

    I work at Amazon, enough said.

  93. Barb Foss says:

    Lots of great deals, thanks Matt!

  94. Mr that's just your opinion man says:

    Only deal that I’ve seen worth it is the PS4 Pro with red dead and a controller for just 300. That is an all time low and the 15 month PSN subscription. Haven’t see n anything else for me personally

  95. kevin Bernadette says:

    Hi im kevin,
    So yesterday i was able to let everyone know at a preshift meeting that Eco dots were gonna be trending up alot for Monday that morning. I musta picked like no kidding a thousand of those yesterday (including my own) lol😆 thanx to your work. My Area mngrs didnt even know yet till i announced it
    Got bigg Upssss for that dawg ty

  96. Lori Sly says:

    Thanks for the tips, Matt!

  97. Mr. Deertay says:

    Dude wtf cares about ur hands.. just b urself bro!!

  98. cornell 749 says:

    Great video

  99. KingLord says:

    When will echo show 5 go back ok n sale

  100. Hayley S. says:

    Labor Day?

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