Barebottle Brewing Company: Growing Their Business with Bank of America

What inspires me are flavors and being able
to integrate them in ways that hopefully no one’s ever experienced before. At Barebottle, every beer that we brew has
a new idea, and it’s always fun seeing people’s reactions. We brew to share. Title: Lester Koga
Co-founder and Head Brewer Barebottle Brewing Company I’m Lester Koga, and I co-founded Barebottle
Brewing Company with my friend, Mike Seitz. Title: Michael Seitz
Co-founder and President Barebottle Brewing Company Lester is one of my oldest and best friends. He and I started as homebrewers. We decided we want to do this because we love
it. Barebottle Brewing Company is a craft brewery
located in San Francisco. We focus on innovation and coming out with
new beers all the time. This is such a community-based business. So on the back of every label, we actually
include the home brew recipe. It’s all about sharing information and creativity. We want to make sure that we never lose sight
of that passion. Running your own business, it’s just a huge
responsibility. That’s your livelihood. Bank of America has been a great partner with
us basically since the beginning. Bank of America has done a really good job
of demystifying the whole process of small business banking, small things like automatic
check deposits, but also on the large side of access to capital, access to loans. They’re always finding ways to help us understand
our financial needs and plan for them. Bank of America has been essential to our
growth. We’re going to be opening our second location
down in Santa Clara. The positive vibe that people have being here
is just so rewarding and I’m really excited to bring that to more places. We would like the power to make an idea a
reality and add to the community. Endcard:
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