Baltimore Real Estate Company Surprises Employees With $10M In Bonuses | NBC Nightly News

Baltimore Real Estate Company Surprises Employees With $10M In Bonuses | NBC Nightly News


  1. Sanctum Sanctorum says:

    It had to have been somewhat “uncomfortable” to be standing there opening a $100 bonus next to the guy who got $50,000 much less being in the room knowing someone got $270,000?

    Always next year right?

  2. Chucky •APS• says:

    Boi Doh If I Got 100$ and My Friend Got 100.000$ Some Things Going Down

  3. They Know says:

    Golden handshake everyone.

  4. IamGhost Tv says:


  5. Moscow Mitch says:

    That would never happen at a Trump Owned company that's for sure…he stiffs his contractors and everybody in between

  6. David Ellis says:

    $ 250,000 ! And say bye ! 👋 👋

  7. Pamela Homeyer says:

    Gift taxes may surprise you be wise and enjoy

  8. Ruthie May says:

    Seniority is everything right??? 🤑🤑🤑

  9. Star Light says:

    I bet the owner has cancer ! and want's to be remember in a positive way !

  10. mohamed salama says:

    Big hearts deserve big blessings:)!!!

  11. Dizzy Duke says:

    It's hard not to be happy for these people. Then again, the higher amounts could have been cut back to just a couple thousand and disbursed year after year, so that everyone is happy and that money goes back into the economy, instead of sitting in a garage or a bank account collecting mold.

  12. Ryan Bautista says:

    Been in my company for 3 years and I got $135 holidays bonus yesterday.!! So excited and happy! I’m Always thankful for what I received! That really Filled up my fridge with goodies for my family!!

  13. M2B mluvAndgrace says:

    If this company wasn’t the best place to work…it is now! My 5k bonus now looks shabby lol

  14. Lemi Noh says:

    hope our company too 💙❤️🙏

  15. K Fam Adventures says:

    "I'm buying a new Corvette"

    What in the 1992 is going on here?!

  16. grimey 5.56 says:

    Hey you know what I got this year? Nothing! I actually spent money at my Christmas party lol.

  17. honeybrowne24 says:

    I pray the maintenance tech is one who received a 6 figure bonus. ❤❤❤❤ Bravo to the ones who are becoming debt free!

  18. Ryan Murphy says:

    Didnt realise bonus's exist. Never had one in my life.

  19. J Johnstone says:

    Nice to see a company spread the gain from the trump tax cuts and streamlining of red tape.

  20. Billy Shakes says:

    WTF!!! I resigned from here 2 weeks ago after working 7 years with them!!! 🤬

  21. Dee C. says:

    Wow, amazing!! 😁💪

  22. dgmail1000 says:

    Sorry if i dont give a crap, i cant even pay my electric bill

  23. Solengarugar Subarbengabu says:


  24. Barbara Richardson says:

    The amounts of these bonuses are based on seniority.So only a fool would be upset about a$100 bonus if they were a new employee.Hope that person is grateful and encouraged to stick with that company.

  25. MAGGIE RIVERA says:

    I'm going on 28 years and just get 1500.00! I work alone in which save the company in health insurance and another salary. I don't feel appreciated at all.

  26. Dax Garcia says:

    That is the kind of company and boss that I want bless your heart sir

  27. Amber C. says:

    Screw a Corvette, id save it for my future or put it towards my mortgage. In this day & age you must be careful about being frivilous. Its too expensive to support yourself anymore.

  28. андрей иванов says:

    а дед то коммунист!!!

  29. John Campos says:

    I wonder, what are there insurance rates?, that they can give $50 Million in payouts.

  30. yungmexican32 says:

    I got $500 And am happy with that, but 200k Danm! That is like winning the lottery😅

  31. Orlando407100 says:

    I wish I was multi billionaire owner who could do that for my employees

  32. Melinda Kennedy says:

    This was so awesome. I’m so happy for all those people!

  33. August XIII says:


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