About GORUCK, The Rucking Company

[MUSIC PLAYING] My timing couldn’t
have been worse. I was transitioning
out of the military, going through a divorce, and
had no business experience. I heard so many reasons
why this would never work. The backpack
market’s too crowded, the GORUCK Challenge
is too extreme, nobody’s that crazy,
rucking will never happen outside the military. Never, they said. Two things kept me going. The first was my dog, Java. My life in 2008 felt like some
sad country song, where a man’s got a dog and a broken heart. And he has to figure out what
to do with his own ruins. One path is to bury yourself
in a bottle of whiskey. The other path is to do
more of what you love. Java forced me to stay active,
and he kept me smiling. Without him, there
would be no GORUCK. The second was my commitment to
the Special Forces way of life. The rules of business, they
never really mattered to me. My goal was to honor my
roots in Special Forces. This journey started with
a napkin sketch of GR1. And a couple years later, we
started proudly building them in the United States of America
and offering our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. [WHIRRING] GORUCK is very personal to me. My buddies take our gear to
war, they lead our events, they pay attention to
what we do as a brand. And they all know
how to find me. So I’m accountable to them. My nightmare would be
if our gear failed them when they needed it most or if
we let them down in any way. So Green Berets are judge
and jury of GORUCK quality. And Green Beret values
remain our true north. Special Forces is a
people-first organization. You train others. You work by, with,
and through them. And you never quit
until the job is done. It’s not about you. In 2010, when nobody
wanted to buy our gear and I had every dollar and
then some sunk into inventory, I fell back on what I knew
and started building teams at the GORUCK Challenge. Unknown distance, unknown
time, unpublished route, details not forthcoming. Just bring a rucksack, and
welcome to a day in the life of Special Forces training. The surprising thing for me
was that people– you know, all these crazy people
that don’t exist– kept showing up and
asking for more. And more. And more. Some things in life
are not for sale. You have to earn them. And sometimes you just have
to know where to start. Rucking has always been
the foundation of GORUCK, because it’s the foundation
of Special Forces training. Put some weight on your
back and start walking. That’s it. These are our roots. And our focus at
GORUCK is clear– we’re The Rucking Company
supporting an active community of ruckers all over the world. So of course we build
rucking gear, and apparel, and footwear. And of course we
lead rucking events. The magic of GORUCK is
our global community. Ruckers on sidewalks and
trails the world over. Ruckers forming ruck clubs
and inviting any and everyone to join them for group
rucks free of charge. Millions of people out there
are looking for something more, something like this. Many say the bridge is too far,
that the military and civilian worlds are too far apart. We see bridges everywhere,
one mile at a time. Many say America is soft. I think they’re looking
in the wrong places. Our Special Forces
cadre have pushed over 180,000
participants through some of the most grueling
events on planet Earth. You’ve shown us the human
spirit is alive and well and burning brighter than ever. Sometimes you just have
to know where to start. Welcome to GORUCK. We’re ready when you are.

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