7 Essentials to Start a Photography Business in 2020

7 Essentials to Start a Photography Business in 2020


  1. John Branch IV Photography says:

    Who's starting their business in 2020? Good luck to you all make it amazing!

  2. CrxftLad says:

    Wait so your telling new starters to spend £1000+ on there first camera and claim that's cheap

  3. Miguel Christian says:

    + a lot of batteries
    + lense
    + computer



  5. ImSllllleeeep says:

    I decided to skip on upgrading my iPhone and bought a Sony 6400 with sigma 16mm 1.4 lens. Never realized how much I loved photography.

  6. Alpha_Red_Panda says:

    This is a horrible listing… Just selling out affiliates… Background is too distracting and audio is kinda bad

  7. Capture Project One says:

    This title should’ve had part 1 of 3 starting a photography business. Everything in this video is part 1 which has good info but missing 2 and 3 with a final estimating startup cost $5K+ and a monthly cost of $200+. (Example, (2) body’s, (4) lens, lighting, flashes, filters, SD cards, batteries, bags, cables, computer, internet, cell phone, gimbal, etc…… Not to mention good transportation, insurance (auto and equipment) gas, maintenance, food, rent, utilities. You want to own your own company, work for yourself, be the boss, it all adds up. This video talks about a fraction of what it takes to be the boss. Let’s talk about the knowledge side of photography, how to use the equipment, customer service, scheduling, editing, pricing, hiring help or a second shooters, managing your bills, managing your time and getting some sleep.

    Yes, I’m the owner of part 1 or 3

  8. TeXaSKiD4 says:

    Fantastic video, very thorough and not bloated with vlog stuff. I have subscribed and am looking forward to more stuff!

  9. Murph.tv says:

    What he doesn't tell you is the amount of knowledge and practice it takes to learn and perfect your craft, the education and time you will have to invest. and the communication skill you will need to build relationships. and also you will most definitely need to pay wayyyyy more then $1200 for the Fujifilm system and the lens to have good quality more like a smooth $2000 dollar to get started. Also, Fujifilm is one of the hardest camera systems to use. BTW NEVER USE LIGHTROOM WITH FUJI. Only use Capture one.

  10. Akula XDD says:

    Твоя кожа такая мягкая, что кажется что ты это 3D рендер


    Hey John how much on average do you charge for photo sessions or weddings?

  12. Namukolo Siyumbwa says:

    An alternative to Pic Time is Pixieset. You get a gallery, mobile apps and a website. I've used it for 3 years and it's amazing.

  13. Michel H says:

    The gallery option is a big help as it’s been the main issue I’ve been having, a seamless way to get photos to those I’ve worked with. Im towards the end of my first year starting photography on a part time pro basis and have primarily been building a portfolio to advertise.
    I’m def gonna given pic-time a look. Thanks for the advice.

  14. abstractions says:

    Quite proud of myself that I just bought a fujifilm xt-30 and stumbled across this video :)) i absolutely love the camera!

  15. Simple things says:

    Great audio

  16. Fond Recollections says:

    I did weddings years ago and I found it very stressful having the responsibility for capturing such an important day. How do you deal with the stress aspect of it? And on a practical note, do you have a back-up photographer that you can call on in an emergency or if you're sick?

  17. Adam Talic says:

    I see dat TAKU vinyl fam 10/10

  18. Claudia Reyes-Fernandez says:

    I'm trying to get it started question what's better to register as an LLC or sol proprietorship to begin. I live in maryland its kinda confusing to me.

  19. Angel Campbell says:

    What about the legalities? How's that work

  20. the1stfallenangel94 says:

    business cards camera and photoshop and a website I already though about. the business management is what I was looking for and I didn't even think about a website that would sell photos for me. all I really thought about was seeing thank you letters in black envelops to catch their attention and have a pleasant "thank you for choosing my business and adding sentimental and personal things that happened during the shoot"

  21. James Marks says:

    Thanks for the video.✊🏾

  22. Karla D. says:

    Thanks for this video!! So awesome!!

  23. Tiran A Taylor says:

    Hello John. I ran across your video while looking for skills on photography. My son and I want to start our own photography business. Me on my DSLR and my son learning his MAVIC drone for aerial photos. We are trying to come up with a catchy name that includes us both and your content gives us some guide lines for some essentials that we may not have. Thanks for the content and keep it up.

  24. gift 77 says:

    love how you edited this video
    you have a very nice voice
    love how you explained in simple relevant detail
    you reflect efficiency
    thank you for sharing your wisdom

  25. Jaylana Carter says:

    This was an amazing video!!!!

  26. Marcelus Brown says:

    This is how many times he said easily

  27. Bob Shawe says:


  28. CAROL JACKSON says:

    I love your "7 Essentials to Start a Photography Business in 2020. My question I'm only a landscape photographer and still photographer who would I sell my photography to? I know wedding photography is where it's at but my interest is elsewhere. Last, I have been entering contests to get my work out there is there other places I can get my work to be seen? I do have photos on Adobe, FineArt.com, and Viewbug which as you know I'm paying premiums? Thanks for your feedback.

  29. Bob Lee says:

    This is great. Ou have a wonderful camera presence and super advice. I stumbled on your channel and am happy to find this treasure.

  30. Snooper71 says:

    Excellent info… HOWEVER, if you're going with a Fujifilm camera I would avoid adobe products. I highly recommend Capture One which is miles ahead of lightroom for processing X-Trans files. Bonus, Capture One express Fuji is FREE!!! Also, you can use Affinity photo instead of photoshop, it's a one time purchase of 69.99$ so not only do you save 49.89$ the first year compared to Adobe's subscription, but you save 119.88$ the second, third…. and so on! You could also use GIMP as a Photoshop alternative and it is completely free!!!!

    Affinity photo is available on Mac and PC for 69.99 and iPad for 27.99$

    The rest is all good!

    Note that Capture One express Fuji will only process Fuji files, so that's a drawback if you have old none fuji files.

  31. Anthony Benjamin says:

    He forgot one of the biggest essentials next to a camera, and editing were the laptop or desktop

  32. Kelly Trudersheim says:

    Great tips!

  33. Wolf Gvming says:

    What do you think about the fujifilm xt100?

  34. Marcelo Alejandro says:

    you're so wrong!

  35. Yameenah O says:

    Thanks!! Extremely helpful!! Taking my tax refund and starting my photography biz!!!

  36. 1 2 says:

    Oof $1050 is still a lot for a 16 year old student haha. I’m currently shooting with my canon 60D, which I will be upgrading soon to a 70D

  37. Chris Whitten says:

    Lenses, SD cards, portable drives, lights/flash? Also, I think you should total the first year, not just the first month. It might take someone a year to get their business financially functioning.

  38. Richard Barley says:

    Excellent video inspiring a new generation of wedding photographers. It looks like you have a great workflow with all the software you use. My route to starting my wedding photography business fifteen years ago was slightly different but I agree with the approach you are making here. I sold all my camera equipment to fund the marketing required to book 26 weddings in my first year, then purchased a 5D mk1 (or classic as everyone now calls it
    ), a few days before the first wedding (using the deposits from the 26 brides to fund it). I think that everyone needs to focus on acquiring customers first before spending money on equipment and software. I will keep watching your excellent channel with interest. Have a great 2020 season

  39. Deron Gordon says:

    Bro this is great. Thank you

  40. amcclain44 says:

    I am so glad I came across your page. You have just given me inspiration to really start my photography business in 2020. You where professional with a personality.For that I Thank You .

  41. Bk Heart says:

    First of all I didn't like your attitude
    Second you ignored many stuff like SD cards ,a PC , and stuff

  42. Chaena Lorenzo says:

    THIS WAS INCREDIBLY HELPFUL !! Thanks John seriously !

  43. Kristina Nsuangani says:

    hello I’m a high school student and I sort of had a little business taking school dance photos and stuff but I’ve just moved to a new city and I haven’t had any bookings so do you have any advice on how to gain exposure?

  44. Gaimz says:

    Man I appreciate the ideas for storage and other things but I cannot believe your telling people who may literally just be starting to spend $1100 on a camera when there are so many options for cheaper cameras that have good quality and getting an extra lens.

  45. Maja Levander says:

    Great video! It gave me much value!

  46. Andre Felix Studio says:

    The truth about getting into photography as a business is that there is no work and no money any more thanks to the internet and digital cameras. People will not pay and magazines have gone away plus websites want images for free, But if you can network your way to having a fun time with a camera and get paid for it all the best.

  47. Resham Neupane says:

    Thanks for ur lesson John

  48. Isam Ar says:

    Awesome tip n the advice,especially beginner like me,recently i got a basic camera canon eos 2000d,for my practising n try to build up a skills,maybe you can give advice for being weddings photographer,thanks

  49. Abbiyah Deason says:

    Super helpful!! Thank you!

  50. Axley 865 says:

    Thanks for these tips. I'm going to use these I already jave half of it. I just need to figure out how to get more clients for wedding photography.

  51. firdauzART studios says:

    hey John, how are you? this is a great video. As in 2020, i am still unemployed, but i already registered myself a business name, but i have no concrete idea on what i should do. I am from Malaysia, and if u could give me some advice, it would mean the world to me. Also please do check out my YouTube channel for some ideas on what I am doing, thanks!

  52. Isam Ar says:

    Thank you sir, looking forward your review tips advice,n your awesome video,👍👍👍👍👍

  53. Γιώργος Μαυρίδης says:

    You rock men! i enjoy watching photographers rocking Fuji primarly. way to go and looking forward for the best! happy 2020

  54. WhosJmc Gaming says:

    It's almost midnight and I'm sat here thinking about what I actually want to do in life.
    This lead me to this video, very informative, well presented, nicely documented and calculated.

    Thank you for your help.

  55. Ivan Francia says:

    that ta ku record in the back 😏

  56. Bernard Woods jr says:

    Definitely enjoyed this video man! Backblaze was a huge help!! I’m gonna hop on that ASAP

  57. Marcia Frame says:

    How long did it take to really be having a client base?

  58. Teo Lopez says:

    Nice video!! Keep it up

  59. Ryselle Dolon says:

    It’s 2020 guys, let’s get this bread

  60. Rebel06 Films says:

    Another great investment for photo editor is a free site that rivals Photoshop is call gimp 2.10👍

  61. IglooShinn says:

    1k+ to get started? LOL

  62. Rebel06 Films says:

    I’m only 14 years old but I’m really wanting to make my own film company. When do recommend I start making my business?

  63. Chiqui Barlow says:

    what type of computer do you use for editing? and what program to buy if i dont want to do monthly on editing programs.

  64. _heyimbritt says:

    I just started in Photography and I'm nervous and excited. I have a Mac computer, Lightroom and Photoshop and a Canon DSLR with a 50mm 1.8 lens. So I think I'm good to get going my question is how does one find their editing style. I'm editing for the first time to day in Lightroom and I'm just sliding along with no real thought about "why" or how I want my images to look. Any tips? Thank you so much the video was helpful =)

  65. Olivia Clark says:

    You just gave me the courage to REALLY start! Thank you!

  66. smack daddy says:

    Where's a good place to start with creating one's own presets for a photography business? How did you develop yours?

  67. Ace Hardy says:


  68. Timmy Gregson says:

    Thank you! So many useful apps on here

  69. Brad MacMillan says:

    I like what you're going for here, but it's not just $1200. It's $1200 for just your first month and $100/month after that as it's all prescriptions. Then when you add another $40 for the pic-time upgrade after a couple of sessions, unless you delete the sessions. That's $140/month. For a new photographer, with a zero client base. Having a part-time job to start would definitely help though. Then you could still pay your bills, while marketing and searching out new clients. I love all the suggestions and they are great tips. Very useful tips too.

  70. Yous Uck says:

    there are arguably better options than adobe, without having ongoing payments/lower long term cost being the main factor.
    capture one, luminar.
    realistically, supporting adobe is garbage tier

  71. Orlando Drift says:

    Is that a Ta-ku record????????????

  72. Lucas Mas says:

    Hi, why You don't use Xpro2 or Xpro3?

  73. Working Man says:

    That laugh😁

  74. Jarrod Clark says:

    iPads aren’t cheap!!! I just spent 1400 on an iPad Pro with keyboard and pencil!!!!

  75. WCC World of Champions Church says:

    Great video. I love it.

  76. Jose the Hobbyist says:

    Awesome video great info, like many in the comments i'd also like to see a vid that continues this topic. you know what it takes after gaining traction, insurance, redundancy etc. Also if there is a nice way to transition from hobby side business to serious business.
    Either way great vid. SUBSCRIBED!

  77. Ishijah1 says:

    How do you go about getting your first appointment? Maybe you can do video on that

  78. Bikechanic says:

    1.) CAMERA
    3.) WEBSITE

  79. rick beck says:

    sd card extra battery tripod all kinds of stuff you didnt mention, but thanks for the vid ummmmm team canon

  80. JG1G1 says:

    you forgot lens lol… xD

  81. Resort Originals says:

    If you're trying to start a business, but don't even know what camera to buy, don't start a business lol gotta at least have full knowledge of photography before you're even credible to be a photographer

  82. Gunz2k7 says:

    Thank you so much for this info, making it
    Official this year, this really helps a bunch!

  83. Pablo says:

    This boi living the dream

  84. Tapiwa V. says:

    Adobe Portfolio? Include with the lightroom cc subscription.

  85. Stefan Reijgwart says:

    Hoi John, thank you for this post, great tips. The thing for me is that I want to do more with my photography and maybe even earn some money with it but I don't feel like doing weddings 🙂 suggestions?

  86. Robert Finau says:

    Nicely done and said, decent video man love it 🤩

  87. Ela Repczak says:

    You left out probably the most important part, education on how to take good pictures. You can't just but a camera, set up a website and be successful. You have to be good. And realistically you're not gonna break 6 figures your first year.

  88. Flexi Nutrition says:

    Amazing video…could you please make a video about stock photography business…there is company in India named IMAGE BAZAAR and they sell photos to businesses online

  89. 2 chicks and a babe says:

    I have a new photography business, and I just moved to a new area. How can I build some clients quickly? I have watched so many videos and am working on advertising. I have a website and social media. This area is a wedding hotspot and I really want some wedding clients too, but mostly I need exposure so people know I'm here. Thanks

  90. Devita Paschell says:

    Thank you – it's been the stopper for me as I have 4 out of the 7 things you have mentioned so I think this breakdown is great.

  91. Simeon Zane Chambers says:

    Appreciate this bro 🙏🏾

  92. Dreams Art says:

    I love it bro thank you

  93. Tenisha Nicole Battle says:

    I just got a canon eos rebel t6 camara. I really want to start my own business, would you have any idea what would be the best lens to shoot head shots or just people in general?

  94. Christopher Davi says:

    Cannon T7i with the 18-55 STM, 73-30 III plus an SD card, and a camera case is under $799 for all.

  95. Charlotte H says:

    you the besssssssssssst thanks for all the info shared !

  96. Blueprints For Headaches says:

    Dope, I appreciate this content, I just launched my business this month so this really helps me. Keep up the good work man

  97. Simon Milligan says:

    Thank you, this was a very useful video with useful links!
    I also love the Ta-Ku album in the background 😉

  98. Cierra Janai says:

    This was so phenomenal to watch! Currently growing my photography business & this helped a ton!

  99. Sotiris Kaloterakis says:

    Very helpful thank you! I am just starting out and I would be honored to check my instagram account: sotiris_kaloterakis

  100. Michael castellano says:

    What are your opinions on starting photography business with a Nikon D7200?

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