4 Secrets for Supermarket Success – JSR Supermarket

4 Secrets for Supermarket Success – JSR Supermarket

Running 2 Supermarkets for last 6 months with GoFrugal Solutions To overcome some of the business challenges we faced initially, GoFrugal software’s features were really useful Reports like Item-wise summary, distributor sales summary helped us a lot to manage our accounts With over 300 suppliers, we could choose suppliers offering high benefits & discounts with Supplier reports. This helped us to find ways to improve our overall sales & profits During rush hours when we even have up to 7 sessions. Session management is very convenient to manage cash shortage & excess With over 30 employees here, the attrition rate is very high. So wherever there is even a slight mismatch in cash or stock, we are able to detect it with GoFrugal. To avoid malpractices like a bill delete during a sales return or a bill edits, GoFrugal has been very useful With the Snapshot feature, we can monitor the billing screens from our admin office server machine While billing around 100 items in a single bill, the human error tends to happen. Snapshot has helped us finding such errors WhatsNow helps me get real-time updates on my sales, purchase etc., when I am not at the store To manage a supermarket’s sales, purchase, accounts, sessions etc., GoFrugal will be really helpful


  1. Venkat esh says:

    Super.. gofrugal….

  2. saravana kanna says:

    Helo mam naanum super market busness pananum but idea kodunga pls mam

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    10lakhs la panna mudiuma.. store ellam readya irukku mam..

  4. Manikandan Ravi says:

    Hello akka naan mini super market read panni erukkam so tips & idea tell me

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    Howmuch is initial investment


    Hello akka tell me Mini super market tips and ideas tell me akka

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    I want discus with you madam how can I contact with you my no.9535753921

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    I going to start a departmendal store please help me….

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    Neega vachuruka super market alvu vaika evolo invest pananum

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    Start grocery shop

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    superb awesome Fentastic superb

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    Which language is that…. I am sure its not Hindi

  14. ameerunnisha begum says:

    Super market vaithaa. Nallaaa pickup aagumaa sis naan padikkala adhaan kekkurean

  15. srishylesh r says:

    Gofrugal is the worst software…. i own a supermarket and i invested more than 56k in this software….. waste of money…..

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    Iam planing to start a supermarket

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