3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux

3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux


  1. Truth Johnson says:

    Only take trades when you have an edge ( a set up where you win more than you lose) otherwise you are simply gambling however an edge without risk management means nothing.

  2. Truth Johnson says:

    I suggest anyone aspiring to make it in trading learn the basics from Tim and other great traders on Profitly like Grittani, Dux, Wolfe etc, but at the end of the day you have to trade your own personality we are all different as humans, read books like "The little book of Market wizards", "Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques" etc. Experiment build on what you like doing best if it is dip buying, shorting, breakouts etc, learn to build key one or two patterns from whatever strategy you like best as you work on becoming consistent then you can always add from there as Grittani stated.

    Trading is a marathon not a sprint enjoy the journey instead of trying to get rich overnight in the end that journey despite the money will be what you remember most, I keep learning on my journey i can feel myself evolving like one of Ash Pokemon's . I learned in the beginning from Tim Sykes lots of great lessons and i still watch his videos to this day as he is a great teacher never stop learning, as traders you gotta take everything you have learned and make it your own. That is the key to success.

  3. Arix says:

    Simple, short, sharp & sweet vid! THANKS!!!

  4. Damian Masztalerz says:

    Knowledge is POTENTIAL power! Invest in your knowledge

  5. bnoblephoto says:

    Love it tim. Your the man. Thanks for uploading this and keeping me motivated to keep trading

  6. otieno daniel says:

    What's tim sykes and team ?how much cash exactly do i need to start with trading penny stocks? How can a Kenyan understand the penny stocks and reading of the charts of usa markets @tim sykes

  7. JOSS ORT1Z says:

    great, great tips. thank you so much!!!

  8. Michael Mwakazi says:



    I hope I can learn this stock market

  10. Katherine Crawford says:

    Still studying…always appreciating all the information available. Thank you

  11. Kirill Like says:

    steaven i want you to Loock better.!

  12. MEXICANO CABRON777 says:

    Where ia tim he's going to trade live today isn't he? Im wobdering if he will do it on youtube as well or where?

  13. Mido Dido says:


  14. Pawlik says:

    guy makes so much money and he can't even make couple easy lessons on youtube

  15. Drew Pacer says:

    just to put things in perspective dux almost blow up his account in the beginning. he had a 60k account all invested in stocks and his unrealized loss would have put him under. Just believe in your self and you will succeed

  16. shadfurman says:

    Watching this while I try and make my first trade, hovering just below the breakout…
    …anxious. Was hard not to chase a breakout this morning, kept telling myself there will be other opportunities. Would have been an ok trade, but then it dropped, now its returned, and is sitting right below today's previous high. If it doesn't break out, there's tomorrow.

    Well that was pretty much a minor disaster for a first trade. 7.1% loss. I waited to make sure it broke out, soon as I bought it it dipped down quite a eats below the line for 20 mins, I panicked and sold just before it went back up to just above my buy in. Sigh. Not the worst learning experience.

    Got another week before I can trade again, more studying.

  17. Shahzain Kureishy says:

    i love your interviews! especially w dux!

  18. JMaia Trader says:

    Here is the deal, I've been paying this one game only for about 6 months now and going back and analysing my progress I realized that the more you do and the more you get involved with that one thing the more you will get better and better at it, the more you will learn to control emotions and you will with effort become able to discipline yourself. For as good as I am i still lose but my wins are much higher. I believe the same can be applied in this and any other task you fully apply yourself in.

  19. Tim man789 says:

    Amazing info. Thanks. .

  20. Chia Lor says:

    Need to be able to trade through stockstotrade.

  21. Ash says:

    Thanks Dux and Tim,

  22. Mustafa Baris says:

    This video could have been a lot more useful for the trading community if it were done more professionally with better , more specific questions aimed at getting more practical , in-depth answers and tactics from the Korean guy .. It doesn’t deliver anything different than the cliche stuff that we all hear about like be patient , learn from others , don’t let emotions get in the way , study , study and more study … I mean really ? If there is anyone who would have the audacity to give advice on trading , I think a young 21 year old guy who turned 25K into 1.7 million should come pretty close to it ! Yet , in the 13 minute video , all I hear is the cliche that I’ve always heard .. It would be a lot more useful if this whole interview were focused more on specifics about what it is that he does differently than the rest of then 99 % of the traders don’t do .. What types of stocks is he trading ? At what price range ? At what sector ? Pharmaceuticals ? Techs ? Financials ? Or trade anything that moves ? At what time frame ? Only trade in the mornings ? Or the last two hours ? Or the whole session ? How does he handle losses ? How does he decide how many shares to buy ? Does he use stop limits ? Is there any specific chart patters he uses ? Or is he like Warren Buffet even when you turn the charts upside down they look the same .. Does he turn on the TV while trading ? Does he talk to other traders in the chat rooms ? Does he exercise regularly ? What kind of a life- style does he have ? On and on …. all the questions that could have provided some practical advice to other traders if asked and answered … it is a pity they weren’t …

  23. Christian Vilela says:

    Great vid! What is the name of his favorite trading platform? Didnt hear it well. Thanks

  24. tony spilatro says:

    Thanks Tim, I might not be your next millionaire student, but I will be one for sure

  25. ADHAVAN AVR says:

    Do you guys cut losses with bracket stop loss of manually hit the sell button when it drops negative…?

  26. Mateen Bhutto says:

    Tim! I don't have enough money to buy your dvds and to start what should I do.

  27. Ryan Fausnaugh says:

    Emotion is your enemy..i agree 2000000000percent

  28. Juliano Solorza says:

    Great Video! Completely agree fighting yourself has to be one of the biggest and hardest lessons to completely understand, but one that you must master if you want to succeed! Love these type of videos!

  29. Ra8az says:

    When he said big percent gainers is that from stocks to trade or a separate scanner? Thank you.

  30. DelPasand says:

    Solid !
    1- Cut losses quick
    2- Don't trade with emotion . DO not PUSH it when there is no opportunity
    3- Study hard and learn from Gurus. Excellent tips

  31. Insurance Casino says:

    That room is creepy. Like the opening to a serial killer film. But then they are talking about making money so it is scary-exciting to watch. Brilliant.

  32. Henry Liao says:

    Can't agree more.

  33. Pied Piper says:

    Hi…stockstotrade it seems too expensive..$179.95/month…bloomberg software is $200/year i believe. Someone could recommend another platform? How is Charles Schwab? it seems more accessible…

  34. George DeBravo says:

    Charts? Think or swim scans? Vol change?

  35. Consistent King says:

    lmao Duxs face when sykes says you came out with your own DVD

  36. day chen says:

    people knows never talk, people know a little always Marketing

  37. Little Cute Things says:

    Tim Tim Tim… why are you ONLY interested in selling? this is a one time opportunity to hear Dux say his words, but you still manage to steal the show and try to sell your products. please let them talk? please.

  38. Jonathan Oliva says:

    how do you find these penny stocks to invest your money??

  39. King Delamuela says:

    Thank You Duxinator and Sykes for another great interview. I promise i will study everyday to be prepared for when my opportunities come.

  40. John Truong says:

    I bought and watched Steven Dux's DVD but didn't understand his overall strategy. Maybe did I miss something or he needs to re-clarify exactly what worked for him. Sykes donated a lot of his money towards charities for better causes.

  41. Kevin Calderon says:


  42. Bryan Peralta says:

    Dux is not human lol, great video!

  43. Joppert Harkema says:

    4:10 yo dux You Is Legend

  44. Nadine turnbull says:

    Dux comes across like a genuine and honest down to earth guy, well done on your success 👍

  45. The Italian Guy says:

    Hey Tim, I don't live in the US, which broker to use? Thanks.

  46. timothy danelle says:

    Tim i think not only you should be focusing on the millionires, but also the number of people making six figures. Or even 50k, now 50k might not seem like alot but the average American makes 40k or less. The fact you become your own boss and can travel is what motivates most the usd per say in bali is a thousand times more then the currency over there 50k you can live like a god in most countries, but even in your chat room you have multiple people making 70k or more

  47. J Sz says:

    This video is a perfect sample that no matter how good you are, there's always gonna be an Asian who's better than you.

  48. Scott Huskie says:

    How about studying 1 hour every night Tim is that ok?

  49. Boreneo man says:

    you can't grow bigger account when you can't grow small account..very true.. there a saying that 'how you do anything is how you do everything'..

  50. J. Porter says:

    Study, practice, trade. Be patient, start small. I will work on it.

  51. Preston Madrigal says:

    I wonder how much of his account he trades at once, anyone have a idea

  52. Giancarlo Navarro says:

    dude you need to "invest" in microphones. audio on most of your videos is trassh

  53. ha says:

    I began day trading with 5200 im now at 7250 in a month and 2 weeks. I believe losses are minimal if you have a stragedy from the get go. Idk why they say you lose money…at least in my own perspective as long as you dont sell a stock when it dips technically its still not a loss unless you sell. If a stock that I buy dips a bit I wait a day or 2 to rebound upside or sell and break even. Just my 2 cents from a future millionare

  54. xxyy zz says:

    Guys believe me if these guys would teach you their strategies, the strategy would not work anymore, can you imagine hundreds of thousands even millions of people makes the same thing and everyone makes money, then who is going to lose money ? they would never teach you exact points of their strategies. You should try to find a strategy for yourself that works or simply quit and find yourself another job.

  55. Wavemaker says:

    Are there any videos of Dux making money in the stock market?

  56. Future Wei says:

    haha, well i bought bitcoin low. before it booms. 🙂

  57. RideQuebec says:


  58. Ali Mirza says:

    Tim I need help !!!

  59. Gauhar Singh says:

    Execution is the hardest part about trading

  60. Jeffrey Neubauer says:

    Sweet. Thanks Steven and Tim. Learn from many people! CUT LOSES QUICKLY—- BE PATIENT DON'T BE EMOTIONAL Follow your plan! Don't think this will come fast! Patience! BE PREPARED – KISS You have to work harder than other traders who have had success! Prepare and be disciplined. Every trade MUST HAVE A PLAN!

  61. Ikääntynyt lapsi says:

    man im patient havent made a single play in 3 months of having my account open except 3 small loses xd

  62. Scott Anderson says:

    What exactly is stocks to trade? Is it like trade ideas or something?

  63. Philip Tooley says:

    It's a good thing you keep interviewing this guy, good info. " how are you so good?" I just learned from the other guys. "Ok, we will interview again in a week." Lol

  64. Mike Mike says:

    Great Advice!

  65. Patrick Couturier says:

    Good video, but the sound was not the best


    You guys rock! Positive energy, two millionaires, talk about WIN! ))

  67. James Edmister says:

    Stay out of rooms that echo…please!

  68. justin carl says:

    Love you guys. Thank you for endless knowledge. Truly.

  69. hegoifp says:

    Started trading last month. You two guys are great inspiration! Thanks for the great content!

  70. june OAP says:

    @Timothy Sykes, I'm really interested in learning on how to trade stocks. I just opened an account with etrade and did my first deposit. I feel as if I'm ahead of myself. I only heard of the dip pattern but don't really know it. Can you point me in the right direction? What videos can I buy to show me how to understand the market, rules and patterns? There are so many videos that I don't know where to start.

  71. Chong Xie says:

    When you waiting, you need to pull up Hyperarch Fascia Training videos and be elite. 😀

  72. bob916 says:

    This game is like poker. It’s all about skills and patience!

  73. damm son martial art champion says:

    Hi can you lower the price

  74. m clark says:

    Today I tried my first day trading session at the bell with a paper account. Waited 2 hours for the perfect play .. to dip buy srne for a sweet 10% gain . Never understood how much patience it takes but was totally worth it. Be a sniper . Thanks for all the lessons guys . I'll take all the content I can get !

  75. Flip2 Futures Trading Company says:

    Got nothing but respect for this guy! I hope I can make our trading room as big as this trader is. Thanks for providing great content as always!

  76. Jdado04 says:

    All i want to know for now is what app to use see chart. I don't know what they called.
    And also how to spot a stock that will goes up.
    I'm a beginner and use Robinhood.

  77. David Eaton says:

    Start my investing when I get
    Tax return but I’ve done 1 trade that was LBAI 10% in a day then I pulled out 😂

  78. David Eaton says:

    Always been good with numbers and graphs just never devoted
    The time.. catching up
    On all the different types of graphs and figuring out the numbers..literally a game for people with money to play …

  79. David Eaton says:

    Make a series where you teach me 😂

  80. Achilles says:

    Nice video.

  81. Nevil93 says:

    One thing I wouldn't do is paper trade. Everything else is valid though. The biggest issue people have to get over is trading on emotions, and paper trading just doesnt help fix that

  82. Braden Clark says:

    Lol this looks like an interrogation room

  83. KaptainBasketball says:

    This is the first video ive watched on your channel, time to binge watch

  84. luis amaury says:

    cool video dam echo is annoying. next time put the microphone down your throat 🤣😆😂

  85. multi millionaire says:

    59sec. by learning from other people you can speed up your own learning curve .

  86. FrozenDoberman says:

    Small position size is important. I use 5% for smaller caps and 10% of total available trading capital for larger caps. If the stock starts to fall more than 7 to 10% after purchase, it is sold. No emotional loyalty to any stock. No averaging down. No FOMO buying for excessively extended stocks high above their EMAs. Patience is required when scanning or manually looking through the stock universe (e.g. S&P 500). The printed trading plan is always on the desk for determining the checklist criteria required before buying a stock.

  87. Aug24th says:

    Here is a question:
    Why the hell would a successful Trader who makes Millions!!! do Workshops and take peoples money?

  88. D'Angelo Ziy says:

    I will be your next millionaire student. I am going to screenshot this to remind us when I get there. This may elude brashness and haste but, I say all that standing on the foundation of humility and passion. See you soon Tim.

  89. Marco Terzuoli says:

    He's Asian …. jk

  90. EYES IN UR EYES says:

    Scammers …….

  91. Colin Maharaj says:

    Tim, I am looking to study with Dux.

  92. Mikhaili Toney says:

    How do you go about trading for a prop firm or institution. Please share a video on this!

  93. JT H says:

    So many video lessons and web gurus to learn from and I want to search more profiles to learn from but they seem to all be pretty consistent. Cut losses quick is taught by both. Emotion and mindset needs to be in check. Keep learning and you do better

  94. andino bourgois says:

    Great lessons

  95. James Watt says:

    What was the software he recommended? 7:32

  96. Pertama Trading says:

    Studying this and tyring to be present in all the webinars and live trades halfway across the globe is tough, but doable.

  97. Jenna G. says:

    Sooo you have to buy his course for $300 to learn this stuff right?

  98. TJ Paymard says:

    Good Lesson✔︎ Y.N.M♛

  99. Elyor Vafoev says:

    Even if you are Tim Sykes, there is an asian guy better than you

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