13-Year-Old Maddox Pritchard Weighs Two Deals – Shark Tank

13-Year-Old Maddox Pritchard Weighs Two Deals – Shark Tank


  1. alex marsico says:

    Follow my Instagram @the717plug

  2. ERNIE GAMBOA says:

    Bull… a real shark would of crushed this kids hope and dreams. In business you destroy people.

  3. Juan Pastor says:

    Ver y god! Thanks

  4. marble455 says:

    Never have I ever seen them ask for more because there’s two of them. Usually the other way around lol

  5. duck says:

    wholesome 🙂

  6. Hussein 5564 says:

    Bring the show to netflix

  7. Zachariah Kim says:

    “I love this shovel and think it is a unique and brilliant idea filling a gap and void in the market that consumers have been needing for quite some time now. I believe this can be bigger than you expect, potentially hitting multi millions in sales once we license it to the correct manufacturer. And for that reason I’m out” -Barbara

  8. Christopher Nima says:

    Am I the only one that finds Robert annoying…

  9. Bob Onit says:

    First scoop of dirt u cant read it anymore lol

  10. jay vier says:

    Quality Video.

  11. ASMR Ross says:

    Barbara: My husband buried my grave with this shovel and for that reason Im out… but I’m going In the grave

  12. randomguy123 says:

    This is so sweet

  13. MoreFirepower says:

    Tha kid had bigger balls than most people do talking to him

  14. Daniel Soto says:

    He looks like the I like turtles kid 😂

  15. John Presnell says:

    Lori is beautiful

  16. TTDKIDS TIM says:

    Go Maddox

  17. TTDKIDS TIM says:

    See ya at school

  18. kepler240 says:

    Sumner Co. boy coming in there!

  19. Andrew England says:

    As a worker. Shovels only dig.

  20. dylansmh says:

    Maddox goes to my school!!

  21. Trish Hart says:

    Mr. Wonderful and Lori could've and should've taken 12.5 percent each. Cute kid.

  22. BS Catcher says:

    A shovel with measuring on it? That's an awful idea.

  23. aircom 26 says:

    They could've easily gave them the extra $10k😏

  24. Rigoberto Hernandez says:

    Kid gets a check at home for $500 a month while the 2 sharks gets $10.000 montg🤣🤣🤣

  25. bsanders113 says:


  26. Gordo Loksta says:

    Thats prolly the easiest and most money the sharks going to make and they know it

  27. EMONEY says:

    He got robbed

  28. camtwan1 says:

    What licensing are they even talking about? A major company is gonna pay him royalties for a tape measure on a shovel?

  29. Mohammad reza Daghagheleh says:

    That was a horrible deal

  30. InternetMunchies says:

    Props to little dude for trying his ass off to hustle the big dogs

  31. doctoroctos says:

    Every shovel used is rusty or covered in dirt. How does this work?

  32. qtblur says:

    I went to school with him he is one of the nicest people I’ve met and sadly his father passed away from cancer a week after this 😭 it’s so saddening and hope the best for him with this deal

  33. Night Hiker says:

    A foot in the door, Well Done presentation.

  34. Hamza Adrees says:

    It was very harsh how Mark treated that doctor later on in this episode.

  35. Landon Vaughn says:

    Let’s go Maddox

  36. Landon Vaughn says:

    He goes to my friends school

  37. Justin Chen says:

    He goes to my school

  38. Drew W says:

    anyone else cringe when Robert gets this excited?

  39. Jacob Hawkins says:

    He goes to my school so I’m cool 😎

    Fun fact-strong culture maximizes success

  40. Wahn Cologne says:

    Any bozo can mark a ruler on his shovel.

  41. Jacob Hawkins says:


  42. reggp1 says:

    They really took advantage I’m not feeling 30% f*** thieves

  43. Cassie Cass says:

    I hate to say this, but I often find Robert's over the top exuberance a bit annoying

    He would be the last shark I'd wish to have dinner with

  44. Elephant Trunk says:

    Laurie &Kevin? They don’t do any hard working labor!!! Why didn’t he go with the other dude!!!

  45. Brady Ryan says:

    Not gonna hate but idk if that was really worth 3:28 of my life like this will never make millions.

  46. C Smith says:

    This kid goes to a school in United States, I'm somehow connected to him now

  47. Xx BigBoss xX says:

    No offense but Don't think this kid has used a shovel in his life

  48. Damon Fryer's Nose says:

    Useless product, should've invested in Ring when you could've.

  49. Jordan Russo says:

    The shovel only works once 😂

  50. Trevor Slenders says:

    They gotta show a loss somewhere for taxes I imagine

  51. Justice Boss says:

    This is why kids get bullied. Get their hopes high for stupidity 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. David Overcash says:

    This is nuts "plants die because of" measurements ridiculous ive worked landscaping never needed to measure a hole

  53. DaminionC says:

    2:42 yay…….

  54. Chase Kozelka says:

    I honestly don’t really think that shovel is a good idea

  55. Diego Ramirez says:

    Who’s the new person?

  56. Chace Bonanno says:

    Matt Ox vs. Maddox

  57. Unique Concept says:

    Proud of this kid !👏

  58. SKULL CRUSHER says:

    A young money maker now that's what's up

  59. Roberto Hernandez says:

    I would like all shark's on my deal. Team work and Mana mana . …

  60. Jon Edmondson says:

    I know him he goes to my school

  61. Amber Lim says:

    Gold diggers would love this with the money they got to dig more gold for themselves😉😒😂

  62. Christopher Ingrassia says:

    Does this kid have any clue what he's talking about or am I getting played and it's all television theatrics?

  63. Josue Hernandez says:

    Baby Shark Tank

  64. Anthony G says:

    Let's put numbers on a shovel, so I can measure my hole 😂

  65. Caveman_VEVO says:

    HEY GIVE ME JUST A SECOND. I am a upcoming rapper I would really appreciate it if you would go check out one or two songs and maybe drop a subscribe I really want to move my family to the hills THANKS FOR READING THIS HOPE YOU HAVE A AMAZING DAY

  66. LauraNYC says:

    Mr Wonderful is always wonderful ♥️👍🏻🇺🇸

  67. lostintime86 says:


  68. Ravioli 23 says:

    By 14……he'll be a Millionaire !!! WOW 😯

  69. Maddox Gaskill says:

    That’s my name

  70. Raul Duke says:

    I watch this show to give me the munchies. This and about anything on spike TV give me munchies

  71. jimmy youngblood says:

    whos the new shark sounds like a tard

  72. SlimyTacoMonster says:

    I’m inventing a measuring sword so you can see how far it goes through the target

  73. Google User says:

    That kid totally ignored Daniel. He needs to learn how to graciously turn down someone who appreciates his ideas.

  74. will corona says:

    Or sharpie the measurements onto the shovel.

  75. 456 123 says:

    Easy idea

  76. Mark Warrington says:

    No harm but if this was an adult pitched this product they would laugh them out of the tank.

  77. John Doe says:

    I literally saw a gold digger

  78. Oscar A says:

    With a couple uses, the numbers will hard to read. Then it will be a plain shovel. It mostly for home users, not in the professional use.

  79. busiest Nebula says:

    Hopefully they end up makin this kid a lot of money

  80. HeadEnterprise says:

    I need an expert Mexican opinion on this if its really good are not

  81. Mark Lance says:

    🙄🙄 seriously

  82. leoisalion says:

    little hillbilly fuck

  83. itsGuy says:

    I made my own version of this, years ago.. It doesn't work. The numbers get scratched off, and gets dirty too. I think the sharks were just being nice here. It's good the kid has the right mind set, but this does not work.

  84. Killer Boy Snap says:

    30%? Thats robbery. 20% he should have asked.

  85. Cbeddoe19 says:

    Don't see the utility in that, but at least the kid cashed in.

  86. Don Carvalo says:

    These sharks have never used shovel in their life’s or have done any manual labor with dirt or excavation . No wonder they love the idea . Wait till you bring this idea to big bob site superintendent he will use it as a scarecrow with a pumpkin in it during Halloween .

  87. dudewheresmyjunk says:

    Soooo…this is the producers kid?

  88. Jurassic Park says:

    I'm going to up all night trying to figure out why you have to measure digging dirt 🤪

  89. Austin Eyler says:

    Give him the extra 10k??? Fucking assholes lol 5k each is nothing for these people.

  90. Sarah C says:

    Well it might not be that good of an idea but he pulled 2 sharks! So he is definitely going to make some money. And for being his age and doing that good job kid!!👍

  91. wertytrewqa says:

    theres nothing proprietary about this

  92. smokey9mm 707 elite says:

    Make money easy and fast


  93. Lucas Hemlani says:

    Baby shark doo doo doo doo oooo

  94. Second Power says:

    I don't know what reasons I would buy a measuring shovel unless it was to make huge pots of crack and cocaine

  95. Ready Now says:

    Can you dig it! 😂

  96. Ryan Duong says:

    I feel like they were pressuring him.

  97. Andrew Cowles says:

    Great idea

  98. Jessi Morans says:

    I know people that know this family and the dad actually was diagnosed with cancer shortly after filming and passed away before the show aired. They had a huge viewing party in their town with hundreds of people supporting him so ya gotta love that!

  99. Natania Orellana says:

    He might know my teachers daughter they go to the same school

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