100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money

100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money



    Thanks for this ultimate information. I am following your points and getting success

  2. Sahil Baviskar says:

    I just realized that you look like Ronald from Startup.

  3. Uncle Bear's Rodeo says:

    thank you for this video. I'm just beginning to market my work, myself and your input was really helpful and easy to utilize. It's been rough starting and you made it just that much easier.

  4. Mad Collector says:

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  5. Joseph Park says:

    Bro let's go frugal business.

  6. KIDMUNCH says:

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  7. me ro says:

    Always good to help others. K.P.

  8. Black Artisans says:

    Great tips! Thank you Roberto

  9. Num Uno Pat says:

    From 9k to 309k in 2 years, DEEZAM! That should be a video unto itself. Good for you!!!

  10. Bernard Mills says:

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  12. Mink's Miracle Medicine says:

    very helpful, thank you!!

  13. Ayana Sioux Art says:

    My problem isn't knowing what tools/platforms to use, I know what I can use, my issues is knowing what to post to make people want to grab. What content, good ideas. That's my issue. Plus efficient ways because it takes me so long to make graphic design posts, and even longer to come up with an idea.

  14. alex cantlow says:

    I live in the uk and looking for a pay as you go sim with like 30g data

  15. Azure Leila says:

    I want to thank you for your videos! Very helpful!

  16. Daniel Chivu says:

    Dude you're the first person i can not only stand, but actually get useful info from about marketing a business. you're genuine and know how to explain stuff! You earned yourself a subscriber sir 🙂

  17. vududawg says:

    I found that you can cut your email budget to a single payment with the new platforms that has come out. This day my goal is to fix my email platform

  18. Drak says:

    Always be creating,
    market yourself in experiments only!!,
    people wants experiments and verification and validation for (not who you are) but what you got for them (product or services testing and exemplifying)

  19. Chris Galancci says:

    @galancci_909 on Instagram

  20. Eloise Joubert says:

    Thanks for the tips Roberto 🙏

  21. J Dupree Services says:

    Great video young man, I'm going to follow up. I really needed to hear this.

  22. Manda Berg says:

    But what's your yearly income with this so called $0 marketing?

  23. Dankmeme 47 says:

    When you have a mac with a microsoft keyboard

  24. YaYa Creationsz says:

    Thank you so much for this information. Didn’t realize how important marketing was. Now I see it’s a key point to your business.

  25. Dennis Schultz says:

    I know your super busy I love your videos and tips and advice

  26. The Pine Dock Dot Com says:

    Lots and lots of persistence and hard work but it pays off if your hearts truly there!

  27. Penelope S says:

    What are the free apps for Android? I have been paying people on Fiverr to make videos for me. I would rather learn to do things for myself.

  28. जय श्री कृष्ण जय भेरुनाथ says:

    Nice clipart at the corner sweet

  29. Evolution Hotline says:

    i very much enjoyed this video and the way you talk. well put together. thank you.

  30. Matilda Oppan says:

    Please what was the second tool you mentioned for Instagram aside word swag? was it W post? can hear it well

  31. Ted Education says:

    Love your channel..info from years ago still valuable 😁😂😊😉

  32. White Wolf says:

    dude you doing a lot of talk about you ain't saying nothing the only thing amped-up is your voice

  33. CM_TATTOOS says:


  34. Kim Emson Animates says:

    some great tips!

  35. Christye Gibbs says:

    I want you to read books to me. I love your voice. It’s like LeVar Burton.

  36. Di W says:

    Love this Roberto. Thanks from someone working with the UK start-up community 🙂

  37. Mark Hales says:


  38. Fashion Lady says:

    Business owners need more promotion alternatives. The market is so saturated. Don't you think?

  39. xJustGame says:

    I wonder if this guy surfs..

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  41. Quora Promotion says:

    "Work hard until you no longer need to introduce yourself"

  42. Mark Moore says:

    Awesome tips ty

  43. Oliver Diongzon says:

    I just started my own apparel business today and I went here for that

  44. Mark Hales says:

    Thank you my brother as usual you bring value and I thank you for all of your knowledge may YAHUAH CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  45. Deberina Emelander says:

    I sell kratom. Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook will not allow me to promote my kratom business…I've been thinking about the library thing…what else could I do? I don't have an email list … 🙁

  46. Virginia Stockwell says:

    Great video! I agree. There is sooo much free marketing and advertising available, even outside social media like networking for example.

  47. Milan Thakkar says:

    I want to hire you. Please get in touch with me. Lets talk.

  48. :/::: says:

    Why does he talk like that?

  49. :/::: says:

    Cringe worthy

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    Killer video

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  53. KrystleMJ says:

    Very helpful thank you!!!

  54. Aisha McBride says:

    Thank you

  55. The LoganStew says:

    Step one: find you white person voice

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