10 GREAT Mods for Sims 4: Live in Business, Roommates and More | LittleMsSam Mod Showcase

Happy weekend everyone! We’re doing our third modder showcase and
today I’m running a live in business that sells paintings and
fish. It’s also a day care. I’m roommates with father winter and mayor
whiskers, and I have a live in nanny. So let me explain how I got here. A friend that helps to moderate and consult
for the channel came across a Modder named LittleMsSam and recently recommended I cover
her mods, very enthusiastically. I wrote in to Sam this week, and she gave
me her blessing to make a video about her work. Sam’s been at this a couple years and has
about 150 total mods. Because of the sheer number of them, many
are small, but a few are more in-depth. Nearly all of them are desirable and make
you wonder how one person can do so much to improve the game and spot so many things that
need tweaking. She’s got both feet in the realm of improving
gameplay and fixing annoyances and after playing tonight I am now enamored. First, we’ll talk about a big one. Sam’s Live in Business mod is one that immediately
caught my eye. So, you do NOT actually need Get to Work in
order to use this. This makes it accessible, but it doesn’t have
the depth with things like perks that come with the retail in Get to Work. However this isn’t all bad. We all know there’s this repetitive talking
you have to do to schmooze with customers in get to work that can be kind of annoying
after a time. In order to get a customer to be more likely
to purchase in retail, I’ve gotta talk up this cupcake and sell them on the idea then
ring them up on the spot. It’s not at all like this with Live in Business. Well, it’s not really just live in retail
at all but rather a collection of mods that includes… *deep breath* Live in bar, live in club, cafe, day care,
pet day care, store, and vet clinic. This is why it’s called Live in Business. This all works with you setting one of the
appropriate lot traits on your Sim’s home lot, then you can simply click the door to
open and close your business and control relevant settings. Sims will show up with either an interest
in buying from you, using your gym equipment, or maybe ditching their kid so they can afford
your services. They simply pay if they buy something. The item disappears, and you get the money. Sometimes they buy nothing, and sometimes
they buy more than one thing. I gave both live in store and live in day
care a shot. I found that a few Sims at a time would show
up and consider buying the artwork I hung on the wall. Just as in get to work, you’ve got to tag
it as for sale. By clicking the door to my home, I could choose
from standard sell price – the default – all the way up to 100% markup. Sam has also put in advertising campaigns
so that you can attract more customers for a time. These are a little on the cheap side though. A little tip from me is that you probably
don’t want to copy high value paintings like masterpieces because the copies come out normal. Just keep that in mind. There’s more to Live in Business – a lot more
we’ll get to but now something ilies, but also nice for me because sometimes I want
my Sim to prep meals for later. You can use No Auto Food Grab After Cooking
and it’ll do exactly as it says, meaning it’s much easier to get your Sims to eat as a family
without wrangling the chef to get them to wait on everyone else. Let’s look at another thing. Live in Day Care comes in the Live in Business
package. Compared to Live in Store this one is a little
more simple, but if you take it seriously and try to care for the kids and keep them
happy you’ll have a better time. You can make like $600 a day or $1200 because
a couple kids will get dropped off, like $300 a piece and you’re…. meant to care for them. In my case, they decided to walk down the
block and I had to chase them down. My house was too bare bones to keep them entertained
so they were looking for something to do I think! I didn’t realize their parents were actually
watching this incident. Incidents… I got my money anyway. I continued to sell paintings and had a good
bit of fun pulling in $10k in my tiny little one room house. I’d installed a bunch of Sam’s Mods and I
loved something about it. See, you can get this No Strangers Knocking
At Your Door mod, and I realized that it apparently took care of the welcome wagon, something
I deeply dislike at this point. I don’t know that for sure, but the point
of the mod is random Sims won’t just show up knocking at your door and I noticed I didn’t
miss it. It does what it says. If you know them, and have a positive relationship
they can visit, but only in that case. It’s good stuff. This is a life Sim not a random dollhouse,
so why would complete strangers want to come in and enter my home. It does not, however, take care of Vlad but
it didn’t aim to because he doesn’t knock. At this point, I have a diabolical realization
that I can take advantage of one of Sam’s mods with the daycare. Since I have Send Sims to Bed installed, I
can just tell these NPC kids to go straight to bed when they get here. Now they’ll be ready to go home full of energy
and ready to party all night when their parents pick them up, which is exactly what is expected
of day care services. While you can’t sell any little thing you
want with Sam’s Live in Business, you can sell Easels. I set up a row of them since I’m always running
out of paintings, and set them all for sale. I make a nice discovery here. She’s thorough as changing the markup will
effect every single item on the lot, meaning you don’t have to toggle the items back to
not for sale to change the price. Because I have plenty of cash on hand at this
point, I decide to take advantage of another one of Sam’s mods. I want a PC, but I don’t want anyone to use
it. I use her Personal Objects mod to buy a computer
and set it such that only my Sim is allowed to use it, even if he invites a friend over. You can toggle permissions for objects as
well, so you have a lot of control over who uses it. This is sorely needed for everyone in my opinion. The only thing you can claim is a bed and
it’s just not very realistic. It’d be great if Sims actually knew which
stuff belonged to whom, in particular when we’re talking about bedrooms, you know? But thank goodness for modders right. If the Retail isn’t your thing, you can sell
craftable objects from your inventory on Simbay. This just adds a little touch of realism I
guess, because you can already sell things instantly but it will increase the price of
masterpieces by about 25% meaning you get more for them. You can sell a few items a day this way. Simbay will accept about a dozen types of
collectible along with mounted fish, woodworks and paintings. Sam seems to have a good understanding of
things that annoy people. See, Outdoor Retreat comes with a Herbalism
skill. But it’s entirely contained to the wilderness,
which you can’t visit without paying for a vacation. So in order to make the potions you have to
go there to collect insects, and it means that.. few people actually use herbalism. She’s got a mod that replaces the insects
for other more accessible collectibles, meaning you can actually use herbalism in day to day
life. You still need the herbs, and other items
but the insects specifically are the problematic and annoying part. Now let’s talk about Live in Services. This is another one of Sam’s big mods. If you want, you can hire live in services
such as nannies, maids, and gardeners. You can’t get all 3 in one, but these NPCs
only require a bed and will not count toward your household max size. So you can setup a farm and have your live
in gardener take care of all that, while your nanny raises the kids and you can lounge in
the kiddie pool or play blickblock till your eyes bleed. This is part of Live in Business, but I think
it’s just awesome and shows how inclusive one of Sam’s coolest mods is. See , you can stock your aquarium and set
those fish for sale.. so you can kind of run a fresh fish shop. You can also sell the fish that the aquarium
will stock, but the markup’s not great on them. You’ll only make a few bucks a piece. Get up a good stock of fresh fish, then sell
them to customers all at once. Yeah you have to drag em to the aquarium and
all that, but it adds a touch of realism instead of dragging them to the sell button. I love it. Many of Sam’s Mods come with optional addons. For instance her Better Nannies mod will let
you choose whether the nanny wears a uniform or everyday clothes, or maybe she’s not live
in but a regular service that comes daily at set times depending on which part you install. That is, which files are in your mods folder. It’s important to read instructions and put
in only what parts you need, as her packages come with all the options. It’s as simple as deleting the files you don’t
want and they’re all clearly named. So, Sam has this mod that is really niche
but a good example of how her mods improve the game. No Restaurant Bill When Being Invited does
exactly what it sounds like. Some Sim calls you, invites you out to eat…
then you foot the bill. It makes a lot more sense they’d pay since
they invited you, instead of you always paying. There’s also faster restaurant cooking, which
speeds up the time it takes for Sims to get their meal. These compliment each other nicely. Players who own Cats and Dogs may have noticed
at times sick pets wandering Brindleton Bay. She has a mod to take care of them and make
it so that strays are not nasty and ill, which greatly improves the atmosphere in that town
and makes it a little less depressing. Sam has a mod that lets you select other Sims
on the lot, and have them age up with your Sim… If you play with aging off but want all your
buddies to have the same age, you can invite them over for a party and select their age
group and bam. You can even do the children all at once as
well, just bake a birthday cake like you normally do and select all of the ones that you want
to age up. Here I age up 5 toddlers at once. LittleMsSam also offers a Roommates mod. Using the LMS roommates service you can invite
Sims to live with you, and they’ll live their own lives outside your control. You simply head to the phone, pick the roommates
service and get tons of options. Roommates will pay $500 a week rent, but you’ll
need a special lot trait to help them to come back home due to some game limitation. She worked around this the best way she knew
how I guess, as otherwise you have to call them home after their work. As you can see, you can actually have pets
as roommates too which is quite cool. I am guessing Mayor Whiskers can make rent. If Father Winter starts stinking, I can complain
and he’ll actually attempt to take care of himself at my direction. So you can boss your roommate around to a
degree. I feel like this is really interesting and
different, as I have about 20 of her mods installed at once and it changes the game
for the better. I’ve actually had a good time tonight. Having Father Winter and Mayor Whiskers as
roommates is a unique situation created by this modder and I appreciate her letting me
do this. She has so much more to offer. There’s a mod that lets you upgrade the thermostat
to be automatic, something of an oversight obviously. Also, Celebs Undercover lets you block paparazzi
and fans from certain lots if you like – simply put the lot trait there and those types of
Sims won’t be able to visit. They’ll spawn in and right back out. Some Mod creators are heavily active and have
a big selection of mods that offer quality of life improvements to The Sims 4 and LittleMsSam
is one of them. I’m linking to both her Patreon and Tumblr
mod list page, so you can see everything all at once. Browse through, but in order to not cause
her a flood of questions please do read the instructions. You will also have a good understanding of
how the mod is meant to work. Some of them are unique and have optional
addons and it’s actually pretty entertaining just to shop for them. If you find you’re a big fan, give her your
support by pledging a buck or something. It’s hard to maintain so many mods and it
surely must take up a lot of her time. As always I’d ask you to share my work if
you found it helpful, or like it if you liked it and from the bottom of my heart thanks
for all the support. The channel had a record-setting September
and I have you to thank for that. I definitely mean that because you’ve actually
listened until the end, so I do mean you. Well, thanks a lot for watching and have a
fantastic week.

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