నీ Business Ideas ను Success చేయడానికి కావల్సిన 4 పాఠాలు | Rakesh Munnanooru | Josh Talks Telugu

నీ  Business Ideas ను Success చేయడానికి కావల్సిన 4 పాఠాలు  | Rakesh Munnanooru | Josh Talks Telugu


  1. swaraj yadav says:

    Awesome bro u have a clarity in what you are doing and that's enough to get what you want.

  2. boni aditya says:

    Business has almost nothing to do with Education.I know of people who haven't graduated but run million dollar companies! Don't tie business to education.

  3. Murali Krishna says:

    Local TEDx, it's a great thing

  4. Naveen Medikurthi says:

    Excellent program really helpful for youngers

  5. Mahesh PM says:

    Anna Nijaga cheptunaa nee kalumukalanii vundii osm speech i learn lot of things love you bro

  6. fakruddin ali says:

    Hi bro I have business development call me 9390068899

  7. naveen siddamsetty says:

    I'm interested to join in your company I have experience in driving pls send your contract number

  8. Bunny Vinod says:

    Liked your focus on goals and you never quit.. okati kakapote inkokati try chestu you had a success.

  9. bhargavkumar muram says:

    Anna! Is it better to get into stock market.?

  10. Vempalle Shahinabanu says:

    Very well spoken.. very inspiring…

  11. Mudavath Venugopal says:

    Hii bro iam studying BBA. Actually I have a interesting to do business I searching for startup videos suddenly found your video bro😊. I really really inspired a lot bro after watching u r video. Thankyou!!!!!..

  12. Learn TheNew says:

    nice and thanks to sharing your experience really the true life different. No one will expect their true life until they come out as a graduate without a JOB. @LearnTheNew

  13. saritha jella says:

    Hai bro am also from karimnagar..am pursuing btech final year in iiit basar.

  14. Shankeryadav Polaveni says:

    Plz your contact number… Or visiting cards bro


    Bro u r awesome.u made my day🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Sreeja Thota says:

    Awesome man inspired by ur story 🤗

  17. Shiva Kumar Gundlapally says:

    Ndhi ta ayyahhh ni nasa nakuuu sava minguthunnavvv

  18. praveen kumar says:


  19. gayathri devi says:

    I like it…u r very daring…& Good confidence level you have…,😊

  20. Sriharsha B says:

    Ur speech superb bro…

  21. Red apple rahul says:

    Hi bro
    I am studying cse data science 1st year. I interested in making websites. Ping me some suggestions bro plz

  22. naveen krishna says:

    Curiosity is only to get success..

  23. Bharath Pisay says:

    try to make the video's short

  24. KIRAN KUMAR says:

    Parents govt teacher and looking for scholarships 👏

  25. Sai Charan says:

    Bro can I have a chance to talk with you ??

  26. Dilip Kumar says:

    Hello Rakesh Garu very impressed with your talk,having great interest in entrepreneurship.need to communicate with you .please send me mail id or contact number

  27. Master Jhony DREAM11 HALAPLAY says:

    Father is government teacher still saying we r poor😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Master Jhony DREAM11 HALAPLAY says:

    Then what about people of labour

  29. kalyan chakravarthi says:



    Super ga chepinav Anna I impress

  31. sandeepmusicallyaddicted says:

    So Ted talk's laga annamata.. good idea..

  32. PRASAD MARIDU says:

    Finally Ted talks in Telugu…. great keep go on

  33. Shaik Shareef says:

    Really Josh talks is Crazy idea..I Appreciate.

  34. Travel Blog99 says:

    Make in hindi

  35. tharun goud says:

    inspiring bro… 👏👏👏👏

  36. MS via TECH says:

    Guruji inspiring…

  37. M Prudhvinadh says:

    Very inspirational bro

  38. Pawan Kalayan says:

    Congratulations dear I hopefully you will reach more success thank you so much for your speech bro if you don't mind I want meet you

    Thank you

  39. lakshmi prasanna says:

    Hi, I started a e-commerce startup, we done testing pilot very successfully, now we are planning to expansion and investment (any one interested plz ping me)

  40. Vamsi sir says:

    Very inspiring

  41. saikiran gandham says:

    Keep going bro##dont think what world say..they change their voice depending up on situation

  42. Sateesh Kumar says:

    Your efforts are good but don't say as a government teacher son you are a poor. in Telugu speaking States government teacher job is one of the world's good job they don't have any work but good salary they are getting equal to it professionals

  43. Venkat v says:

    Tnks a lot bro I REALLY wanna give it a big thumsup
    but how do u manage to do and learn about websites while attending the clgs which has 75% attendance mandatory rule and the continuous


  44. Manisha Purushotham says:

    Good one ..👍🏼 best words at end.

  45. Dear Dont Fear says:

    Brother Meelo Vijay Devarakonda kanpinchadu

    Chances evaru ivvaru, Chinna gap Ayna chalu Express la Duskellali

  46. Durga Prasad says:

    Superb speech but telugu lo chepputhe almost telugu candidates ki ardam avuthadi.. But superb speech 😍😍😍

  47. Rise Your self says:

    Hello rakesh you are really inspiration to the present youth, India need more entrepreneurs like you… all the best, josh talk is doing great job 👍

  48. subbu reddy says:

    Thanks Bro ….Very Well Said

  49. kovvuri ayyappa says:

    Hi Rakesh bro Ur inspired me a lot but i don't know what can i do on my carrer plz help me bro ….

  50. ChoTu Gadu Mass says:

    anna ne .whstapp no. send cheyu

  51. RAHUL KAVALI says:

    Dammm.. Good

  52. manisha machineni says:

    Hello rakesh garu.You are really inspiration to me. Rakesh garu can you say the tips for web development, please.

  53. santhosh mahendra says:

    bro i want to meet u once nd am.also frm karimnagar located at kapuwadaa near kaman bro
    wn u return to karimnagar lets inform to us broo, share ur contact number bro

  54. Ajatha Indira says:

    I love telangana Telugu…. though I am from Andhra I started admiring the Telugu he is speaking!

  55. sree thirumala says:

    finally age does not matter to start a business

  56. srilakshmy sri says:

    Telugu raadhu ante inka AP lo enduku untunaru veli abroad lo undi pondi me dhesani tamiloduki icheyandi pls.

  57. MAHESH A says:

    excellent entrepreneur

  58. Meghana shekar says:

    Hello sir! I am studying degree 1 year (computer science coruse (CME )computer, maths electronic, in CHRIST UNIVERSITY, in am interested in doing online business creating an app but I don't know how to learn….what all to learn to creat app and all the stuff in side that app …but I have a business plane please suggest me…to reach my passion ….



  60. V'vek Vicky says:

    Am much inspired from uh broh tnx for sharing!! Well done josh talks

  61. mamidi srinivascharan says:


  62. mamidi srinivascharan says:

    Expecting more and more talks like this from Josh talks.

  63. Telugu Madhu says:

    Sorry nenu ela cheputunna ani amanu kokandi
    1 ) Sir miru first background cotton color change cheyandi baga reflection ga vundhi
    2 ) oka background music ni add cheyandi sir .
    * Sir nenu e roje mi channel ni chusa andhulo 3 successfully stories kuda chusa . Sir mi alochana chala bavundhi sir successful person ni introduce chesi valla stories chupinchadam really great idea sir .
    NOTE : sir miru nenu cheppina
    2 poins modified chestharu ani bavistunnanu sir
    Please rectification the two points
    < background color
    < adding to the background music
    Thank you
    ( I'm saying about all the matter Josh talk team )
    # I'M TELUGU MADHU from India


    Thank you sar good insurance

  65. Murali Krishna says:

    What your Ananth Garu doing

  66. Chandra Roy says:

    What a mind blowing talk it is !!!
    Best talk ever I have gone through…..

  67. be good do good says:

    Brother your words are very nice
    "On that point of time we are not good enough" nice statement

  68. pawan says:

    Good inspiration

  69. Dharmik Sukumar says:

    I have got inspired very much from this speech that there is nothing to worry I have a goal and I want become that so I wanna make it clear to my family that I wanna become my goal not yours thanks boss for u r inspiration

  70. Pabbathineni Mamatha says:


  71. mahender mahankali says:

    Nice 👍

  72. Itsallabtthepassions says:

    Wonderful..all the best ..loved the idea ..we are waiting for ur business extend to Vizag ..

  73. pavan sri says:

    It's better to give a chance to meet these entrepreneurs so that we can take suggestions or if possible we can ask some sort of help from these young CEO'S

  74. venkat reddy says:

    telugu lo cheppandi plzzz

  75. Charitesh ISR says:

    Super bro

  76. Charitesh ISR says:

    You r able to explain Ur feelings so nicely bro

  77. Charitesh ISR says:


  78. Revive says:

    Get Right inspiration, rightly said- if you can’t convince your parents you can’t convince the society. Educate your parents, in this process you both will get clarity and your confidence.

  79. Abhilash B says:

    Bro your attitude is awesome just like ur success story.

  80. MART CONNECT says:


    Whatsapp 8499044966.

  81. Arun Kumar says:

    Tqs brooo

  82. singireddy mahipal says:


  83. narasimha chary says:

    If your professor gave you 2 marks u wouldn't be here bro .

  84. siddhu lingani says:

    Excellent bro

  85. Anudeep reddy says:

    Bro super kani websites create ela cheyyali

  86. Vestige Global says:

    If you any want Entrepreneur to reach ur dreams. We have business opportunity. Call me Narayana 7795816422

  87. Prudhvi Raaj says:


  88. Rakesh Boragani says:

    I want to meet Rakesh can say his address

  89. Hari Krishna says:

    He is very clear and intelligent

  90. prasad dappu says:

    Brother…. I need a suggestion..! How to start a start-up. Plzz help me i have a though to start this

    My number is 9398322710

  91. allari pilla vlogs says:

    Hlo Sirr Josh talks channel head… Mee channel Josh talks lo valla valla success stories ni chepthunnaru, it's very good thing actually Chala mandiki inspression.. but oka doubt vellandarini meeru find out chesthunnaru..!!!!???? Wru from..!? Meeku e thought ela & enduku vachindi..!??? Ilanti channels naaku telisi idhokkate👌 & Please clear my doubts..!!

  92. Sowmya Myana says:

    Rakesh seriously ur amazing ..have inspired a lot .. especially the 1 thing which u said …evaro mana CTC confirm chesedi nti?be the CEO of your own company..I just loved it …I wish you all the good luck

  93. sankella pawan says:



    suprb Anna …inspirational spech

  95. Gownipuram ESWAR VARMA says:

    same to same brooooo

  96. Ganesh P says:

    Bro nice talking 🥰and both languages useing talking very Impressively ☺

  97. guna guna says:

    Knr kaka

  98. bathula ganesh says:

    Dear brother••meeru nak baga nacchirru°°°singer, enterpreneur,. Super

  99. niha 27 says:

    Bro u added great lines thank you!

  100. Lokeshkumar Engr says:

    Awesome experience bro by listening your story

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